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I was making the finishing touches to this website I’m designing with your theme (i.e. adding some pages, posts, and a plugin), and immediately I noticed the accordion slider was not working.

It seems to cut off right after the 4th ‘tab’:

I would appreciate any advice on how to fix this. I did not go into any of the php or css files at all, so there is no reason I can see why this would happen.

Thanks imaginem!


Hi Meghan,

This could be a jQuery conflict.

Could you disable the plugins and enbale them one by one to see what causing the conflict.



I am getting this message when trying to upload the template:

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

what should I do?

Thanks for the help.


Hi again,

I got the template to upload, but it looks like this:

Why is the code showing up in the text?

Not sure what I did wrong.

Thanks for any help!!


Hi Jayne,

Could you edit the contents and see if the shortcode and Heading tags are in proper code in HTML mode.

Let me know if it doesn’t resolve it.



I am trying to finish up my site ( but have a few questions.

*1. Currently I have three posts that appear on the home page accordion gallery (which is how I want it to stay). However, every time I add a new post (even if it’s not the “Feature” category like I assigned to the accordion) it shows up on the home page. Is there a way to change this? I don’t want every new post to show up on the home page.

2. Is there any way to change the size/location of the text box that shows on the Accordion gallery?

Any help would be greatly appreciated (especially regarding question #1)!

Thank you very much! CF Cordis


1. You can edit /includes/home-accordion.php line 9





2. Edit /css/haccordion.css

class .hpanelcaption

You can adjust the mardin values to align it.


“Hi again Imaginem,

Thanks for the help.

You were able to solve my second question no problem, but the first one is still not solved. What I need fixed is what appears to be a glitch. I have the featured category post setup right in the plugin setting, but no matter what category I am publishing as a post on WordPress, it is still appearing in the Accordian Gallery. Even if the post is set to ‘Uncategorized’. Any idea of a fix for this to ONLY show the category I want in the Accordian Gallery?


Hi there, I have a couple of things I need answered to the themeforest studiobox 9-1 theme.

1. How can I disable the links from the accordion slide images on the HOME /FRONT page?

2. if I cannot do that, how can I redirect those links go to the GALLERY page?

3. on my GALLERY page, how do I get rid of the 4 images that reside under the thumbnails for the gallery, and under the text that reads- “19th JAN 2012 ” “POSTED IN: GALLERY ” “COMMENTS OFF ” and “Comments are closed”?

4. How do I hide the following text on the GALLERY page— “19th JAN 2012 ” “POSTED IN: GALLERY ” “COMMENTS OFF ” and “Comments are closed” text from showing up?

my development site:

I have sent you a couple emails and haven’t heard back yet. Cheers C

I am having an issue with the homepage accordion not showing the images that I upload. It appears correctly on the slide show page. I found someone that had the same error but a solution was given was regarding defining the image path or something.

Is the image path of the broken images in the footer:

and on the homepage:

“Error loading image:"

Any ideas what needs to happen here?


I’ve made an update yesterday on Studio Box. It now doesn’t use timthumb script to resize, uses wordpress inbuilt functions to do so instead.

It also uses the Wordpress Featured image section to attach images to posts. The image url isn’t required, but still is active for previous versions.

If you haven’t made much customizations to the theme files i’d recommend to download the theme again and use the new files.

Do make a backup of your current theme if you’ve made changes.

Let me know if there are any problems or need help.


Hi there, I am not sure who’s question you’ve answered?

- All I want to have happen is the link from the images in the accordion image slider on the HOME page, not to link to the post pages, that are used to populate the accordion image slider?

this is getting confusing LOL


Hi C,

:) That was another accordion question i answered.

To remove the link from the accordion

edit inlcudes/home-accordion.php

Replace both code as follows at line 16 and 23

href="<?php the_permalink() ?>" 



That will remove linking but keep the style intact.


Looks like the field you mention is deprecated is actually still in use by the portfolio unless I am missing something? Not sure how else to get it to work?


i buy this wordpress theme and i am starting to use but i have a some problem about font types and charecters because of i am turkish and some turkish charecters its not working ? for example “Ö,Ç,?,?,?,Ü” please support me about this .

Thank you so much ,


Could you generate a cufon font from the following url after downloading the font again

You can download the font from

Once the new font is created you can overwrite the new one with the same in JS/ folder called ‘TitilliumText14L_300_600.font.js’


Im having an issue with the portfolio…not sure if it has something to do with the recent update to the template that in part suggests:

“Image url for old versions: ( Discontinued ) Please do not fill following field, set featured image instead.”

This is true with the homepage gallery but not with the portfolio….when you want to add an image I found that you actually do have to add the link in the filed mentioned above.

There also seems to be a problem with the video embed code field. When clicking the smaller image a lightbox pop up does appear with vimeo page in the iframe that quickly redirects the user to vimeo instead of playing the video in the lightbox.


Can i have a link to the page please. I’ll check on both the thumbnail and the video url problem.


- Removed. Duplicate post

Yeah where do you want me to leave the link?


You can send it to me via my profile if you prefer or posting here would do too.


I’m a couple months behind in responding, but I corrected the issue and nothing worked. I had to actually go with another theme because I couldn’t get it to work. I’m now designing a new one using the same URL . I’m not sure if you have my login info, but I have fixed the permissions folder. Still nothing.

I’m using some images I got, but won’t use in the final version. I just need to test out the accordion and get it working ASAP .


Ah, saw the post where you updated the theme. I’ll start from scratch, I know the changes I made.

Ok, updated, can’t get it to work still, but at least it doesn’t show the broken image icon. I think I’m getting close.

Hi David,

Could you send me login info with links to pages i need to check, small note on the problem and login info.



Replied, and working :) I’ve sent details with the mail. In the new version you can assign images using the Featured image link in the right hand side.


Quick (I hope) question. I am using the HTML version for my wife’s portfolio site and was going to use the wordpress version just for her blog and so I installed the wordpress to a sub folder.

Her website is here with the blog being here

Now I just need to find out what I need to change so when they go to her blog page it will show the blog posts instead of the main gallery page like it does right now.

Thanks for the help, your theme has worked perfectly for her style and how she wanted it to look


Could you re-download the theme again and install. I’ve made a major update. The current theme is much more efficient and doesn’t use timthumb script to resize the image, instead uses built in wordpress functions.

It also has a blog template. To create a blog template and assign it as homepage please follow the points:

  • Create a Page
  • Enter title and Select Blog template
  • Publish
  • Goto Wp-admin > Settings > Reading
  • Front page displays > A static page > and Select the Blog Page

Let me know if you need more info.

Thanks for purchasing StudioBox WP theme :)

Alright everyone, I can’t recommend enough updating to the new version and using the “Featured Image” ability. It’s flawless now. Thanks for the emails Imaginem!

Thanks :)


I have a couple questions about gallery setup in Studiobox.

1. Is there a way to turn off auto-advance on the slideshow so that the user has to click on the each thumbnail to advance?

2. When a user clicks on a thumbnail, or the slide automatically advances, the browser scrolls to the top of the page. Is there any way to turn this function off so that the browser scroll stays static?



I haven’t been able to figure out how to make the block categories on the Main page go to the post gallery. The portfolio style on the gallery link,, also doesn’t let the images link to their posts.

My second question is how to get rid of the blog info on the bottom of the posts, such as

15th Jan 2012Posted in: Acrylic Plastic, Featured, Portfolio Comments Off
go away. My website is Here is one of the posts as an example, Thank you, Linda

Hi, I have a problem after updating wordpress. The description under the home page blocks have dissapeared. The 3 categories have titles and images. Thats it. I cannot get a description to show below them…