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My Studio Zen main site features are broken.

The full screen slideshow features are none existent on my site. All that appears is a blank page for all my slide shows created. They all worked fine and then stopped working many, many months ago. I have been very patient for over 12months expecting a fix release that has never been released to resolve this issue.

I click on the live preview on the StudioZen purchase and they work, however this feature does not work any more on my site.

I have purchased the Studio Zen template for this very awesome feature.

My wordpress version is 3.8.1

Please help!!

Hi, I couldn’t vertify purchase from your username. Could you post to support forum. You’ll need purchase code to register.


How about new update for wordpress 3.9?

Hi, I’ll be issuing an update to correct shortcode generators for WP 3.9 as the latest WordPress has renewed the TinyMCE panel.


Hi again

I have a studiozen site:

How do I make this mobile-friendly? Is there an easy way?


Hi Giles, The theme isn’t responsive currently. You’ll need to add some media query CSS codes for it to be responsive.


Hi again, Thanks, I’ll add a plugin for mobile. I’m a little rusty, it’s been a while since I edited this site. Anyway I cannot seem to insert a picture into a page. I uploaded image into media library, selected insert picture button, inputed image URL etc and then insert shortcode and nothing happens. What am I doing wrong please? Thanks, Giles

don’t worry I think I figured it out :)

Just received an email from Themeforest- “An update to your purchase of Studio Zen Fullscreen Portfolio WordPress Theme by imaginem is now available in your downloads.”

Can it be? I was so hoping that you had finally upgraded the theme to responsive but, it was not to be :(

Hi Kaga, Sorry about that. Responsive features aren’t in theme update queue. I’ve made fixes to shortcode generator for WP 3.9 in this update. WP latest uses new tinyMCE which requires different functions to operate. I’ll keep the request in notes.


Hey there,

I’m having trouble embedding a video into my post.

This is what I tried doing: 1. place cursor where I want video to be placed 2. click on insert videos icon (box appears) 3. select video type (you tube) 4. insert video ID e.g. 4. insert height 854 5. insert width 510 6. insert shortcode

Nothing happens! Please tell me what I am doing wrong, thanks!


Hi Giles,

Please post to support forum.


Hi, I have a pre-sales question. Does the theme option have a slider transition option? I would like to see a fade in fade out instead slide in.

Thanks, Shiran


Fade in/out transitions are supported in fullscreen slideshows. The choice can be set from theme options.


Hello, yesterday I have acquired your Wordpress Themes studio Zen. To me likes einm other Themes I with pleasure would like to have. It is from Readactor. Is there a possibility I the Theme studio Zen can return?

Yours sincerely

Andreas Querengässer

Hi, Please contact themeforest support on returns.


Hi there.

I updated my website and most settings are lost, now I have the following problem: I want to select a source in the section “Heading font” and see that the letters are pronounced (a language I use is Spanish, and carries accents) disappear, so that the text is unreadable. See if that fixes disable the “Cufon”, but the source is not if I select the browser that has as default. How can I do to fix it? Here I leave an example: ‘ll Read “Fabricacin” and should be read “Fabricación”, as in the Main Menu


Could you post to support forum. I can provide info on generating a cufon font with the full character set.

Also please provide details on lost settings you’ve referred to.


Does this work with WordPress 4?

Hi, Yes all good. Make sure you’ve updated to latest version of theme before upgrading.


Hello, thank you for programming this amazing template.

I have a question:

I have made a Fullscreen page for the first site. You can see it here:

Now I want to make a change with other images but I can´t find were i can make the modification. Must I make a new page i I want to make changes? I have tried to make the changes in the texteditor but they don´t appear in the frontend?

Can you help me?

Thank you!

and one more question: how can i make a social button bar like yours in the preview of the template in the main navigation?


Yes i can help. Great if you can post to support forum with both questions. Please provide more details on the change you require for question one so i can give an accurate solution.


1. Is it possible to get this theme without GRID?

2. Is it possible to disable white menu line, social logos and main logo? I still want the text on photo.

3. I also want a bar og circle that tell me how long slide stay on screen.

Is all this possible?


1. I didn’t understand the question. Do you mean without the thumbnails?

2. Yes, i can provide code to remove the logo and social icons.

3. Sorry this functions isn’t there in the theme.


1. I want pictures without GRID?? 2. I want to remove the white menu also 3. Can i add it anyway?

Hi, Sorry those aren’t functions of the theme. All available features of theme can be seen form demo.


Hi pre-purchase question here:

I have about 30 different images of different dimensions – some are landscape, some are portrait some are square etc…

With the ‘slideshow portfolio’ feature be able to work with images of differing dimensions?


also is there a limit to how many images can be in one ‘slideshow’? Thanks!


1. You can use following shortcode to get varying slide sizes.

[galleria width="920" height="550" type="Normal-plus-Lightbox"]

Without the type property it’ll fill the image to the defined area in width and height.

2. There’s no limit to the number of images set from theme but you’ll need to test this to have a realistic number of images since it’ll be streamed through web.



is it possible to exclude one work type section on the filterable page of your template? on this site:

here i just need to exclude only one section, for example “videos”

thanks for your help…

greetings from berlin


Yes, it is possible to exclude categories in filterables. You’ll need to isolate the categories using parent work types. Once a worktype category with child categories is selected , it’ll only list those child cartegories excluding ones in other parent categories.

I can provide more info and structures if you can post to support forum.


I cannot seem to find a way to edit my fullscreen homepage. When I go to edit the fullscreen page, the fields are all blank. Where do I go to edit the fullscreen pages?

It’s been a few years since I created it, and I’m running version 1.8 on Wordpress version 4.2.2.

Hi, Is it possible to post to support forum. Could you provide a link to the fullscreen post if there are any issues displaying them.


OK, I will post in support forum.

Hi there, is there any way to delete TimThumb from the theme? TimThumb has a security bug. Do you think to update it?

Hi, The one bundled with theme is secure. It doesn’t have the security issue and by default it has the ‘WEBSHOT_ENABLED’ set to false.

In any case you can update to latest version of timthumb by over-writing /timthumb.php with the one at

I’ll make notes to remove it as an update.


is its possible to get the social icons that are used in the demo

also i have set up a Portfolio list as my home page but when i click on the Portfolios i dont get any photos

Hi, Great if you can create a ticket to support forum with url to check on this. The social links seems to have gone through a makeover during time. I’ll recommend you some links that looks similar to the one used in theme.