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Nice, really great work! GLWS :)

Thank you, TonyBogdanov.

Great work. Good luck with the sales!

Thank you, toxydesignro.

Unique template! Should we waiting WP version?

Buy now. C:

I’ll eventually get round to putting all my themes into WP. Just time restraints.

Nice style, well done, would it be difficult to add a news/blog section using same methods as your ‘team’ popups?

nice one..

Relatively easy. All the styling is done, it’s just placing the elements on the page.

The styling of the popups will work anywhere.

Good job! Good luck :)

Thanks. :)

Good work. GLWS

Twitter functionality doesnt work

You need to change the file permission of the cache folder to 777.

your live demo site is not working…

Switching server. DNS is updating. Should be working within the next hour or so.

Hey, Can you please tell me where you got that pulsing map marker? Is it an image or code?


I want my color on the page to be universal it claims that easy to style the color of the whole site with one file? do i have to change all the colors individually? I want the baby blue color scheme

You would edit the .CSS file to change colours.

Sir I placed important questions in email, as of right now 777 on cache folder for twitter feed is not working, I need the twitter feed to be working like demo, please help as permissions didn’t.. Looks like twitter updated their API?

Hi, I would like to use any images from themplate, and do not know if they are free of rights, or where you found them. Thanks, good job!

Hi, How can I change the icons? I mean where can I find other icons-codes? Thanks Raf.

look into /font/icon.ttf for more icons

Please make a wp version of this :)

very nice:);

Broken link. No Live Preview.

Demo is dead, so are sales…