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Problem solved. If the text from promo looks bad , in home page change in html mode and delete the “" , let just [cudazi_promo_text] and it will work just fine.

I have a problem with the template studio960, homepage set up a static page and pagination is not working properly. The solution? Thanks

Can you send me a screenshot of the settings > reading page and also the page you have set as home (the edit screen / page template) – thanks!

This is the website, there you will see the error


settings > reading:

static page:

The “custom category” page template can’t be set as the posts/blog page or it may act goofy, it’ll still behave as a blog even if not set as the posts/blog page.

I think you should convert this template to a responsive theme. This makes our theme perfect.

I’m having problems with 1.2 finding how to update the header address information in Studio360, can you please help with details on how to do this. It seems that the ability to customise the theme has been restricted since the recent versions of Wordpress. I may be wrong but I definitely can’t find where to make this change.

I forwarded that login through, I just wanted to check it was received.

Sorry James, it looks like it was marked as spam, I moved it now and will reply this evening or tomorrow as I’m away at the moment. Sorry for the delay.

That’s not a problem at all, when you can will be fine.

Hey Cudazi, Great site, purchased long ago. Im adjusting a few details and I have a question about the menus.

1. In the menus, where you have like “home”, “samples”, “portfolio” How do you make the secondary line,say like you have them for instance>: under “Home” you added with a smaller letter the “sweet home”..

How did you do that?

And: 2. How do you make the menu latter smaller!? Say a couple of points..

Please, let me know..!

Hey there – the menu setup is covered in a video from the item description I added later on,

For the menu, there’s a specific font size for .sf-menu you can modify.


Hi! Great theme but I seem to be getting a php error in the blog.

Warning: Illegal string offset ‘columns’ in /public_html/wp-content/themes/studio960/includes/admin.layout.php on line 48

That’s unusual, have you saved your theme settings at least one time? It may “kick” that error away… if not, send me a message through my profile with a temp admin user/pass and I’ll have a closer look. Thanks!

Hey Cudazi – I understand the homepage is not possible to create a full width text, is there any way modify this and make the text go wider?

Hello, you’ll probably just need to modify the home page template directly, removing the grid_4 holding the side slider and change grid_12 to grid_16 holding the main area. -C

Excellent will give it a try!

Could you share what the solution was for:

Posted by: robertminer Warning: Illegal string offset ‘columns’ in /public_html/wp-content/themes/studio960/includes/admin.layout.php on line 48


Hi, is this template responsive?

Hey! This item is a fixed with. Thank you!

Hi, Have you tried it on WP Version 4? Does it work well?

Hello! All demos I operate run on the latest stable version of WordPress. Thanks. :)

how do i update overlap theme i have downloaded from the download ?