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posido Purchased

hi… i’ve been using this them for quite sometime and have loved it!... i want to change the font-color for the filter menu… i can’t seem to target the correct css class or id to do it. the font is always grey. where or what line of css code would help me target the navigation filter items for portfolios?

Hi Posido adn thank you for appreciate! Support is offered only in our support forum, so please drop a few lines and we care to support the solution!


I am trying to figure out why this template claims it’s responsive, but when I look at my recent blog post http://blog.yogogirls.com/yogogirls-get-knotty-and-high/ on my iPhone 6, it doesn’t respond at all. It is off the page to the right? Please let Michelle Thomas (my business partner who purchased this template) or myself know how to fix this.

Hi DebbyS, support is offered only in our support forum, so please drop a few lines and we care to support the solution!

I have installed a great theme . Do I can I’d like to install the demo page ? http://demo.undsgn.com/studiofolio/

Hi TSUGEAI, what do you mean? Do you have issues with our demo? Let us know.

I’m traing to load images in the page MARCHI but there is a hole between the last two. This is the link http://www.stileoriginaldesign.it/marchi/. My version is 319 (the last one) and I used the usual dimension for the images. Thank

Hi morenapiace, support is offered only in our support forum, so please drop a few lines and we care to support the solution!


Hi, my portfolio items suddenly are not working anymore. If i open the page it displays “file not found”, even though the url is right. The only way to make it work is to set the permalink options to “default” which i don’t want to use. I tried to modify the htaccess file also but nothing. Any solutions to this? Thank you

Hi experimento, support is offered only in our support forum, so please drop a few lines and we care to support the solution!


Kunga Purchased

Hi, is for this template WPML Plugin suitable?


yes it is, we are also gonna get shortly the official certification for it.

hi there. Is it possible to change the way the slideshow works for iPads/iPhones?

On the desktop version of the gallery, you have single images visible at a time with left /right arrows to navigate. The problem for me is the smartphone/tablet version shows the previous and next image as well. This doesn’t work for us and the images we use, and it’s inconsistent with the desktop version. Is there a way to only show the 1 image at a time. Thanks in advance.

Hi jonnypron and sorry for delay! I think we have just replied you yesterday on the official support forum! :)

I’m an idiot and have no idea what I’m doing. I’ve requested a refund through Envato but am hoping for your support. I thought I could use this theme on my site but I can’t and would really appreciate a refund. I know I’m an idiot. Please help! Thanks.

Hi kproud, what problem you exactly have with using this theme on your site? We cannot offer refund to customers since every economic negotiations is with Envato itself. You need to ask Envato to refund as for ThemeForest policy. ps: when you have purchased Studiofolio? It seem you have buy this theme long time ago.

There is some problem with add multiply images feature in portfolio. I met this issue, I read the forum and found this opened topic about the same problem: http://www.undsgn.com/discussion/4056/impossible-to-add-a-new-slide-into-a-portfolio Could you kindly to advice, how is it possible to repair? (as the topic was opened in november, 2015, I rise it here too)

Also I have read this topic (the day of topic: oct 2015) http://www.undsgn.com/discussion/3946/you-don039t-have-permission-to-attach-files-to-this-post- I’ll try to do this, but please, you said in that topic: “For all of you that are experiencing this issue here is the fix until new updates.” Guys, when the new update with bugfixing will be ready for downloading (with the last version of revolution slider and other theme plugings)? I still think to update the Studiofolio template to your new power Uncode, but I’m afraid, you will stop the updating of the Uncode as well as you stop updating of the Studiofolio (the last updating was in Nov 2014). Guys, this is a matter of trust.

This theme is due an update do you not think? sort it out please

Hi johnrainey, do you have some errors or problems? Actually we dont have any bugs open that require a theme update.

Hi the links on your demo are not working – 404. Im trying to view the classic business layout.. http://demo.undsgn.com/uncode/

Hi pusscatandportia and sorry for delay! Here you are http://www.undsgn.com/uncode/http://demo.undsgn.com/studiofolio/.

Hello, I really like the theme, but had a question. It seems like most of the examples have one large tile, and the rest are pretty uniform size. Can you choose what size each tile is, or is just the first one large, and the rest small? I’d like to be able to set the dimensions for each home page tile (example – nerdist.com)

I’d really like to know an answer to this. Last time I’m asking, or I’m not buying. Can you choose each individual thumbnail’s size, or is the first one big, and the rest small like the demo?

Hi shaneknuth and sorry for delay! We missed the notification! Yes you can set individual thumbnails size (not only the first), you have control for all the thumbnails. If you like Studiofolio maybe you like also our new theme Uncode that have more and more control for thumbnails too!

Hi, I have 3 questions about this theme if you could help me please:

1. Can fonts be changed easily? we use specific google fonts and need to be flexible on that

2. We need to alternate links (in the masonry section) with plane text blocks (only information that doesn’t link anywhere)

3. Does it use cookies?


Hi mkainsworth and sorry for delay! 1. Yes for sure this is not difficult. 2. Dont understand exactly what you need sorry. 3. No if you dont use any extra plugins. Maybe you can find interesting our latest theme Uncode that have more and more options to work with grid and thumbnails system.


I’d like to buy this theme however it’s not been updated since Nov 2014 and is therefore not tested with the latest version of WP.

Are there any plans in the near future to update?

Thanks in advance

Hi goodaa1, we suggest to go with Uncode. Top seller theme with great documentation and advanced features. We dont have any layouts that mimic Studiofolio exactly but it’s not easy to create thanks to the page builder. For example here and there you can see some Studiofolio style demos: http://www.undsgn.com/uncode/homepages/portfolio-photo/http://www.undsgn.com/uncode/homepages/blog-masonry/

Thanks, I’ll advise client as per your feedback.

Great response time on getting back to me, appreciate it.

Hi goodaa1 and thank you for confirm, I hope your client will appreciate.
ps: If you need to know more about Uncode to evaluate your purchase, this is the theme documentation, as you can see you have really more freedom: http://www.undsgn.com/uncode/documentation/


quentro Purchased

Hi, is it compatible with WP 4.5?

Hi quentro, replied on the support forum.

Hi I’m trying to create an about page similar to the demo. My ‘text’ box is appearing in the middle of the background picture. How can I move it to be like the demo? http://fusionmodels.net/index.php/about/

Hi rkmedia525! It seems you need to set the full-width template, now your template is boxed. If you need dedicated support is offered in our forum, please drop a few lines and we care to support the solution soon! Thank you! :)

is it rtl supported?

Hi ahshelor and thank you for interest! No sorry this is not fully supported, a few users have created their workaround but we cannot tell you it’s supported sorry.

Hi there, is it possible to filter images in certain categories? For example: to tag a photo under “nature” and then by clicking nature in the navigation and it shows me all photos which are tagged? Or do I have to make it manually an create a new portfolio?

Hi clickr and sorry for delay, we totally missed the notification. No sorry this is not an option of Studiofolio, we have categories filtering in Uncode theme.

Is there a way to add ad blocks into the grid mix?

Hi newsobserver, no sorry this is not an option of Studiofolio.