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I do see a demo of a password protected page in your live demo. Does that mean that I can at least put a password on pages I want to keep private?

Hi rubenevocati! Yes you can protect some pages, confirmed. Anyway please note that Uncode (our latest theme) offers more than Studiofolio that is now discontinued. Please have a check maybe you find this interesting for your project.

Hi. I’m moving a client’s website that uses a purchased version of the StudioFolio theme but I’m getting an error message when I try to open the new site: syntax error, unexpected ‘new’ (T_NEW) at line 207 of studiofolio/lib/envato/index.php Can you help me understand why please?

Hi johnatmywpva! Please verify with your host the PHP version, this can be the only different setting from the 2 domains. Otherwise ask them to verify.

Thanks so much for your fast reply. The existing site is on 5.6, the new site was on 7.0, I’ve changed it to 5.6 and the error has now gone and all well. Will the theme not work with 7.0?


lrjlrj Purchased

Hi. I have a website that uses a purchased version of the StudioFolio theme. Its on an old version of wordpress 4.4 and I am getting a google indexing error (server error (5xx) on http://www.kidsnaturally.co.uk/blog/wp-content/themes/studiofolio.) I’m scared of updating wordpress in case the theme stops working! Can I explore the cost of hiring you to re-make the site (or similar) in uncode? Is this something you do? The site is http://www.kidsnaturally.co.uk. Thanks Laurence

Hi! Studiofolio is an old project and was discontinued some years ago. Unfortunately this is not a service we offer but if you need extra help (we remind that in our Help Center we offer free support for all infos about native theme features), you can follow this article: https://support.undsgn.com/hc/en-us/articles/115000555209-Extra-Customisations

In the licence description there is a note “Future updates” – but the theme was not updated since 2014. A customer of mine bought the theme in 2014 and runs it on his webpage. He is complaining about the theme loading mixed content (API’s via http: Google Webfont, Google Maps, Twitter). His purchase code is not recognized on the undsgn support site. The authorization via envato does not work for the same reason. No email address is provided for support issues. What is he supposed to do now? The purchase is only 4 years old and the theme seems abondend.

Hi dlsixl, there is no policy for which an author must continue to update a product, the product receives updates until the author is willing to carry out the project, as happens with a device phone model that can be discontinued to create a new product.

Hello! why did you give up such a nice theme? Can I easily transfert to uncode? Thanks, Ingo

Hi mahlwerck, not these are 2 different products and it’s not possible to transfer one to another.