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hello, i subscribed to the support but no one is answering. The template has a problem with icon. Can you help me?

Hi GioGrand, please note that supports is offered in order received, requests are processed between 24 to 48 hours and we are all in different countries, so please be patient when ask for assistence. Have you read our docs, watched our video tutorials or at least search the forum first? You need to install the iconic font as you can read all about.

I’m looking at purchasing this theme and I have a presale question.

For the FLUID SIDEBAR WITH GALLERY, I can have a different gallery for each individual project correct? Basically I need only additional photos for each project to be displayed underneath in the thumbnail section.


Yes, that’s correct.

good Your template allows you install your translation plugin WPML?

Yes, many have already use it.

I would like to acquire this theme but I have three questions: 1) in the home page, does the HTML description space above the grid option is completelly customizable? If I want, for example, to insert a custom slider or a video there, is it possible? 2) I need a slider with video inside – but the examples in the demo open a video over the slider, instead of in the slider. Do you have a shortcode or plugin for that? 3) Is the template compatible with some other sliders plugins that offer layers with movement control?

Hi karencb and thank you for interest! 1) The free HTML is a blank HTML area, you can do inside what you need! 2) Yes for sure you can also play video inside the slider without open them in a lightbox, 3) I really dont know, there are a lot of sliders by now, sorry. I see some users have installed other sliders too but I cant tell you more about that.

Great theme! I’m interested in maybe purchasing, but have one quick question first. Does Studiofolio support infinite scrolling? Would be great to use that on the blog layout. Thanks!

Hi and thank you for interest! Yes for sure, you can chose to have items manually loading or infinite scrolling loading!

Hi, I ‘m intersted by your fine theme. I have a question : can I have a homepage with grid blog + sidebar or can I have widgets in the left menu sidebar with the left menu layout ? Thanks

Hi and thank you for interest! By now you can have the sidebar only with the classic blog layout. Yes you can insert up to 6 widgets in the menu area. Let me know if you need more infos.

Great theme! I’m interested in buying, but would like to know if I could use the grid blog on the homepage with different size boxes. Also, is there a way to display the date in each grid box…say in the upper or lower corner? Lastly, on the scroll-over of boxes, is it possible to adjust the zoom-in or eliminate it all together? Let’s just say a zoom-in that focuses on the crotch shot might not be the direction I wanna go with a photo. Thanks!

Hi and thank you for interest! Yes you can chose up to 4 differents thumbnails width size. You can show the date with a very little modification, we can suggest how to change once purchased in our forum. You can remove the zoom with a very little css modification, we have suggested other users how to do :)

1. The theme is amazing. 2. These guys are great. 3. Their service is top line. 4. 100% recommended.

Hi diecastle, thank you so much for your feedback, really appreciated!

Hi I have a question before purchasing this theme. Is there a maximum size for the logo by the menu bar?

Hi parishouse and thank you for interest! No you can insert what size you want.

Hello, I am having a really hard time getting the portfolio to load on the homepage. I have the Home page set correctly, but nothing loads up on the home page.

Anyone got any tips out there? Thank you!

Hi Jonnysods, please note that support is offered only via our support forum and this wall is dedicated to pre-sale or general comments. Please register here http://www.undsgn.com/support/ and we take care to support the solution.

Okay I will, thanks.

hello, i am considering purchasing your template. i wanted to know if the interaction could behave like this site: http://cargocollective.com/montessori . if it can, then i will be purchasing!

Hi addamtron and thank you for interest, if you refer to the overlay effect with contents by now this is not an option of our theme, sorry.

Hi Undsgn, I really like this theme! Very amazing :)

Just a few pre-purchase questions if you don’t mind:

1. Is it possible to resize the vertical left menu bar? Because it is quite wide for me and I might want to narrow it.

2. Can we remove the zoom feature on thumbnail?

3. Is the thumbnail preview automatically set or can we edit which part from the image we would like to display on thumbnail?

4. In the image gallery, is the pan feature the default setting or can we choose the full size image to be automatically resized depending on the window size (like the usual lightbox image) ?

Thanks in advance :)

Hi foxthirteen and thank you for interest! 1.Yes you can with just one line of custom CSS code, we help you in our forum. 2.This is not an admin option, but you can read how to hack it easly in our forum (we have helped other users a few time on that). 3.For pages, posts, galleries or portfolio you can upload a different image (only for the gallery image is automatic). 4.For every image you have options checkbox. Let me know if you need more infos.

Hi, Can you please have a look at this plugin: http://codecanyon.net/item/responsive-images-generator-loader/4663723 and tell us if you think it’s compatible and useful with your theme to load lighter images for small screens ? Thanks !

Hi CMJN, please note that support is offered only via our support forum and this wall is dedicated to pre-sale or general comments. Please register here http://www.undsgn.com/support/ and we take care to support the solution.

Yes I’m already registered, but I’m not asking for support here, just your opinion. I thought the answer would be useful to others especially those who plan to purchase.

Studiofolio already working well for most users without the need for any type of plugins, as you know it is optimized for retina display, but if want to customize your installation you can try, unfortunately this is a paid plugin and we have no chance of tell you in advance if all goes well.

Hi, I’d like to use this theme for specifically audio portfolios (mainly soundcloud embeds / self hosted audio). Would this theme work well with just those requirements?

Hi BanksMedia and thank you for interest! You can create how many portfolios you need with Soundcloud embeds.

Unfortunately there are some style bugs in ie8 in the navi dropdown… could you fix that? :)

Ok, we are going to fix soon. Thank you for point that out.

cool, thank you :)

btw. awesome work – will buy it now.

I would like to purchae the theme but I got the follwing questions:

I need a 2 languages website and would like to place a flag according to the laguange in the header. Is it possible? If not what would be the best option?


Hi frabo80, this is not an option of our theme, but a lot of users have done it with some language plugins easily.

thanks. Last question…sorry but I am not very familiar with wp. I found out that the multilingual-press will be ok. Can the language flag will be shonw on the widget on the top right just next to social icon?

Hi frabo80, that depends on the plugin you choose, by now there are more than 23.000 plugins on wordpress website, some have flags other dropdown menus. You just need to follow the plugins documentation and paste the plugin code in the header, where you need it.

Could you provide dummy images with your dummy content xml? I uploaded the import.xml and this is a huge mess here… :/

Hi CreativeRain, please note that support is offered only via our support forum and this wall is dedicated to pre-sale or general comments. Please register here http://www.undsgn.com/support/ and we take care to support the solution. Sorry we cannot re-distribute those images, there are a lot of copyright issue related, anyway dummy contents only serve as starting point to give users the same technical structure they see in our demo.

Hi, undsgn I can not find the css file ? when I uploaded the theme , I can not continue with the error ( css file does not exist )

Hi NabilMoqbel, maybe you have uploaded the download package, the theme itself is inside the download package, please follow the documentation. Please note that support is offered only via our support forum and this wall is dedicated to pre-sale or general comments. Please register here http://www.undsgn.com/support/ and we take care to support the solution!

Hello again, and thanks for uploading the showcase section on demosite, I have already checked it more times. Now I understand, at last, that the “fluid sidebar” is the content section for the page/portfolio in Studiofolio :), and the theme has only one sidebar. A few pre-purchased questions still remain, please, answer:

1. The fluid sidebar with-slideshow and custom background is exactly what I need! Is there the “fit to screen” (no crop) option for the full-screen view of this slideshow? I like, when the visitors can open the slideshow as full-screen view, but I would like be sure about “no image crop” possibility for this mode.

2. Is the Studiofolio theme compatible with Visual composter premium plugin (maybe you team or your customers already checked this point)?

3. In case I need unlimited sidebars (mainly for blog section), can you offer some compatible plugin for this feature?

Thank you for answers in advance! Actually, if it is interesting for you, I have already tested the Pexeto “Expression” phototeme, but I have found the Studiofolio theme is better for me owing to greate content section for portfolio/page isotope view (like this), which allows me to place the well-looking detail descriptions for all my portfolio-items (photosets). I didn’t find this way in “Expression” theme (need to create some additional page or blog-item for this, and it isn’t well for me).

Hmm.. Concerning of the first question, I just need this kind of view (fit to screen with no crop), when I open the images as full-screen view. Also I need this “fit to screen with no crop” mode for post with images. I have checked a few showcased “studiofolio” sites, and all of them introduce only full-view mode (images with crop). The main advance for “fit to screen with no crop” mode is – no dependence on kinds of screens/monitors, it is important for most of photogs. By the way, I told to Pexeto about of this feature within two months after the Photolux theme was born. Unfortunately for me, he did it only 6 monts after, but he did, and his Photolux theme is still very well for sale even today.

So, if I inderstand you right, the Studiofolio hasn’t the “fit to screen no crop” feature? If yes, is it possible to get it with help of custom CSS, can you kindly provide this for me after purchase of theme?

You can find this feature enabled in our gallery, please check.

I have already checked this. I guess, it is not “fit-to-screen with no crop” view, this is the “16×9” view with 1920×1080 pixels images (btw, this version doesn’t work well with iPhone: please, see the screen-shot). I can prepare the video in order to show you, how work the gallery demo-slideshow in 4×3 monitor, for example. Please, check the real “no-crop” full-screen slideshow in my photosite – i just want to know before purchasing, can I prepare the same working slideshow with Studiofolio theme too?

Also I need this feature for blog-post slideshow: when the visitors click-on the slideshow icon (in the upper right corner there), they are able to see the pictures without any crop in full-screen. Is it possible to get after purchasing too?

(as I can see, it is cheaper for me to buy the Studiofolio theme instead of writing the tons of questions here. But I’m afraid, I will not get easily the needed me “no-crop” full-screen slideshow for galleries and for images-posts. Please, understand this point of view. Is it so difficult to implement this option?)

Hi Lovely design, can it support a translation module of some sort? I need to be able to translate the site into German/Russian/Spanish/Portuguese.

Also what is li like for SEO? does it index well?

Hi ttfx, no sorry we have no time for custom modifications, but there are a lot of good freelance developers out there!

I understand, can you recommend any in particular please?

You can google about ‘Werkpress’, search for generic wordpress services or ask some wordpress forum.