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Does this work with woocommerce?

Hi isaaclugalia and thank you for interest!
Yes for sure this is based on WooCommerce ;)

Oops sorry forgot my reply! I thought you asked for our latest theme Uncode. Studiofolio dosen’t support WooCommerce, some users have done it but we don’t support any possible issues.

I have bought Studiofolio but it seems you do not update it any more but focus on Uncode, right? So you expect me to buy another theme from you at full price in order to stay up to date, or is there a sidegrade/switch offer for existing Studiofolio clients?

Hi abstractus! Studiofolio is an old project from 2013 and it’s not said that an author must carry on all projects, there are many themes that are discharged and this is completely normal. Right now we have anyway granted that the theme still works with new WordPress version. On Envato there are not special promotions if you switch themes, in fact the cost with the theme plus the 6 free months of support is not a big deal to buy a quality product.

It seems that this theme is not php 7 compatible. Will you do anything against it, or the the theme ‘end of life’?

Forget it, we just got it to work. Bests.

Than you for confirm!

Does this work with Wordpress 4.7 ?

Hi peerf! Actually we don’t have any report for possible issues, I think you can stay pretty safe.

HI, I just bought this theme and I think’s it’s great and easy to work with. I just have a little problem, it says that is responsive design but in my cellphone the website does not addapt to the resposive design… any ideas why? Thanks!

Hi donrellez! We don’t have other similar report, have you installed some extra plugins? In case please show us the preview, it’s not easy suggest a possible fix without a check to the problem. Let us know!

I already fixed it… well… kind of… My primary domain is gtellezg.com and I bought also gtellez.mx and redirect this domain to my primary domain. When I enter gtellez.mx from my cellphone the page is NOT responsive but when I enter as gtellezg.com the page IS reponsive… Do you know how can I fix this? Thanks!

Hi, How is managed Google ads with infinite scroll?

Hi aliso, sorry you cannot infinte scroll ads.

Hi, since a while i’ve been getting:

PHP Notice: The called constructor method for WP_Widget in Studiofolio_Vcard_Widget is deprecated since version 4.3.0! Use __construct() instead. in functions.php on line 3891

Could you let me know how to fix this? Thanks!

Hi Fvanonna and sorry for delay! This is a notice and to remove the notice you should deactivate the debug mode of the WordPress installation: https://codex.wordpress.org/Debugging_in_WordPress

Is there going to be any update ? cause last one was in 2014 :/

Hi uksirina! No sorry Studiofolio is an old project and it’s discontinued.

Hello guys. 1 question. i have this theme and i was wondering is there any way to update the slider ?

Hi lucious! No sorry this is the version packed with Studiofolio. Studiofolio is an old project and it’s discontinued.

hi, is it possible to align the horizontal menu to the right? (next to the social bar) ty

Hi! This is not an option but you can paste this code in the Theme Options > CSS and adjust the 100px value to your needs:
#main-menu .container-fluid {
    text-align: right;
    padding-right: 100px;

Hello, on PAGES using the Gallery template: how to change the size and location of the CAPTION TEXT? Right now it is very big and right on the center of the image, how can I make it to be at the very bottom of the picture and small text (12px)?

Looking forward to your response. Thank you! Sama

Hi and sorry for delay! If you need support please send a pvt message form here with the same account that have bought the theme: https://themeforest.net/user/undsgn

Hey guys – Since some months, my website using this theme very randomly throws 500 errors.

I tried everything to fix it: make a new clean htaccess file, copy over files from the original wordpress zip, turn off all plugins, increase memory for wordpress, etc etc. I even moved servers, but nothing helped.

In the end, I discovered it happens when WPML’s “Different languages in directories is turned on – this is the usual, default, and best setting. And it only happens with this theme – if I switch to a default theme, the problem is gone. So it must be something in Studiofolio that’s causing it.

When I turn on “Language name added as a parameter” the website runs absolutely fine.

I would be really very happy if this can be looked into… even though I know the theme is old and not supported anymore -there are still plenty of people using it.

Thanks a lot – Floris

Hi Fvanonna! We are sorry you have this error, this problem was never reported maybe there is something broken with the new WPML versions. We remind that if you have an issue with WPML you can ask their support more infos since this is a Premium plugin.

A relatively simple issue has become a major headache in your theme that I haven’t run into before. Changing the background color of the header. I’ve tried just about everything to change it including inspecting the page and make live adjustments to pinpoint where the background color is being pulled from so I can change it, doing inline styles on the “fixed-wrap”, header, and “main-menu”. I’ve also tried inputting it on the style sheets themselves. but nothing changes the background color from white. Am I missing something? I’m using the “light” style sheet if that helps.

Hi! Sorry but it’s not easy understand without a check this depends on your configuration options, please send a pvt message from here: https://themeforest.net/user/undsgn

Hi, i’m using your theme here: http://eaglesshoot.com.br/ (and btw awesome theme congratulations!) To show the videos right in the front page i’ve created simple posts and choose the type “video”. That way they load automatically on the homepage. But, if you scroll down and wait a few seconds to load more, everything that loads comes with the wrong height and this creates wrong thumbnails for the videos to show up directly. Would you please check this for me? Thank you very much!

Hi! Please send a pvt message from the form you have here so we can check what happen: https://themeforest.net/user/undsgn

Hi, i was just wondering how i fix the side bar on the left for when people scroll, it seems to be enabled on the demo but i can’t find the setting in the options

Hi! I’m still very satisfied with this theme because of its sheer simplicity! Is it compatible with the latest WordPress version? Is it ok to upgrade WordPress? Thank you in advance!

Hi megalex and sorry for delay! We have not tested yet and we have not received reports yet. I’ve alert developers to check and back to you asap. Anyway you can always downgrade your WP version, this is a tutorial but there are also dedicated plugins that make the job easy: http://dominiquej.com/how-to-downgrade-wordpress-to-previous-version/

Hi, I still haven’t heard of you. Is it ok to upgrade to the latest WordPress version?

Hi megalex! As you can check in the item description page, Studiofolio is an old project and it’s not supported anymore by our team. So far no users reported problems with latest WP version.

Hi, great theme. I have some troubles with my pictures. The thumbs are scaled up so they get unsharp. I also can´t set up the thumbnail settings on my wordpress site. Is it possible to set the thumbnailsize more than 600 px? By uploading a picture wordpress creates 6 different sizes of the picture. I just need 2. One for my thumbnail and one full size. Where to change this? Thanks in advance and cheers!

Hi! Sorry but it’s really not understand a visual issue just in words and it seems really odd anyway, you can have any size of images. Please show us the problem with a screenshot or better with a link so we can check. Thank you!

good day, please can you quote me on adding front end image and video post submissions. I would like a user to submit posts from the front end.

Hi! We are sorry but we are not open to customisations services, here you can find some of suggestions you can ask for a quote: https://support.undsgn.com/hc/en-us/articles/115000555209

My client had this theme purchased and installed on their site by another web person and it’s now throwing a parse error. I see nowhere to go for help? Your site says there is no more support for this theme? They paid $59 for it but now it’s no longer supported? Am I reading that right?

Hi tinamama! This theme is no more supported, when you buy an item on ThemeForest you have 6 months of support included. We supported this theme for all the customers with valid support period but now it’s more than 1 year that is no more supported.

Hello, I want to display for multiple clients and don’t want videos and photo of their products all on the same page. 1 Can I place them in their own page/category/password protected page and “tag” their content so their own customers can search with a reference nr/ key word or go straight to their page? (can I make multiple password-pages to use as portfolios)

I really have to seperate my clients. Thanks in advance for your answer.

Hi rubenevocati, thank you for interest but unfortunately this is not possible with Studiofolio.