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This might be a great feature to add to your template – and that is to be able to add YouTube video to the portfolio_page.php gallery and even on the portfolio_big.php where the images gallery currently resides.


How can I place this embedded YouTube video into the place holder where the images display?

Try to replace this:
<div class="thumbnail gallery">
      <img src="content/big/p3/a.jpg" alt="" />
      <img src="content/big/p3/b.jpg" alt="" />
      <img src="content/big/p3/c.jpg" alt="" />
      <img src="content/big/p3/d.jpg" alt="" />
with this:
<div class="thumbnail"> 
  [ youtube code embeded ] 

Make sure embed video has the same size as images.

Hope this works, but I haven’t tested this, though.

Really cool template! Great work buddy!

This is pretty incredible – great work and good luck with sales kubasto!!

This is pretty frckn’ innovative. Love it. Awesome job. And I love all the little jQuery enhancements around with different links and things. Really nice touches and attention to detail.


cudazi Envato Team

Very unique – best of luck on sales!

Thanks a lot guys for kind words.
BTW – new version with some back-end improvements is on.

WOW ! I totally LOVE IT ! Very Unique…..Bookmarked.

Wow really love this layout, any chance of a WordPress version?

WordPress version should be this month, so stay tuned.

Hi kubasto

Great work..just wondering if the site has print-friendly version?

Cheers P

Thanks, and no :) I’ll think about it, but can’t promise.

Do you have any recommendations for a good CMS to use with your website? I’m interested in buying, but my experience in managing content has always been limited to Wordpress.

Looks extremely impressive and might just be suitable to what we’re after.

In that situation I recommend you to wait for WordPress version, which should be ready this month.

Okay doky, thanks!

What about RTL sites, I need this for a hebrew site, Will it be hard to convert it ? can you do the work ?

Unfortunately I don’t think it’s possible.

Hot stuff!! Waitin’ for wordpress version ;)

Just finished converting to WordPress… went pretty smoothly.


Thats interesting, Terrence :) Would you mind showing me your version?

kubasto, how far are we from a wordpress version? :) I only ask cause your theme is super legit and I can’t wait to use it!

Probably next week. It’s almost done, I’m doing final touches.

hi Kubasto thank you very much for your answer…..i have sent you an email already….please read it when you will be available. regards

I think it’s best minimalist theme in the themeforest. So easy work on the stuff. I love page splitting system. I’ll using for a magazine site. I can’t wait for new version. Thank you for your genius Kuba.

Hi Kubasto,

The site is almost complete and I am very happy with it. Your online support has been awesome too! Thank you for that.

I have one more issue. I have added addiional contact information to the contact page. Looks good, but when the form is pushed down it doesn’t follow the structure and push onto a second page. So the form is cut off for some users.

Is there a shortcode to call the form so that I could put content below it?

I need some way to allow the form to stay at the top of the page so that the content can be below to be pushed to a second page if necessary.



I’m afraid, the contact page template doesn’t allow such modification. I’m going to change it in the next Stuff version.

BTW , I think you have made a mistake while editing the form – you have changed value of the hidden action field to “stuff_testdrive” and your form doesn’t work. The filed must have name : “stuff_contact”.

And you wrote your comment on the wrong page – it’s the template’s page, not WordPress version.


oh ya I see that…thanks…i was trying to add a form into the template..any suggestions?


I have created a new tpl-testdrive.php, and now have changed the templae name.

How do I validate this form through the template and WP?

Thanks Kelsey

I’m sorry, it’s a wide subject and it’s beyond theme support. I encourage you to check this site.

And once more – if you’ve bought WordPress theme, please write comment on the proper page. It’s a template’s page.