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So does the portfolio section, large and small, support video? Streaming from youtube or vimeo…


Not yet.

Is the background an image?

Do you provide the CSS code which makes the various logos change colour?

Yes, background is an image. Logo is also an image – editable file included.

Hi there, just bought your theme today, installed the latest version of Wordpress and it is loading very weirdly. It also says i am using IE6 when i am actually using Chrome.

I have put your php folder in the theme section but this is not working.

Do you have a step by step guide of how to install your them for rookies like me ?

What am i doing wrong ?

the website www.incentivesfrance.com


1. are you sure you wanted to buy site template instead of WordPress theme?
2. can I see your site?

Is it hard to have a rounded corner in the excerpt area, the white bg, in main Portfolio M?

If I understand you correctly, and you want the box with excerpt text and image to have rounded corners – it’s easy. Just a small modification in the graphic file.

Hi Kubasto, the site is http://www.incentivesfrance.com

Hey Kubasto, i may have bought the site template when i should have wordpress them. Am gonna buy the Wp theme and see if this works.

Hi Kubasto, i purchased the wp theme and it works great. Just a little thing, the text for menus and buttons do not align perfectly well. Where can i change the setting ?

Great theme.

texts doesn’t align perfectly because Cufón font replacement doesn’t work on your site. It seems there is one file missing. Make sure there is stuff/js/League_Gothic_400.font.js on your server.

Actually it is there.

It is there, but has wrong filename. Pay attention to the uppercases. It should be “League_Gothic_400.font.js”

It works. Great. Many thanks.

Just purchased this template to be used as my photography portfolio. Great job on building it. Totally easy to customize. Brilliant design.

One question. Any way to have an image on the two or three column pages open in a lightbox style window? Instead of creating another page to view a single image I would prefer this flexibility. Thanks.

It doesn’t want to work. The Lightbox script seems to conflict with the autocolumn.min.js script. I almost got it to work with Colorbox when I added its .js script to your allinone.min.js script, but it didn’t align the corners or call up the image. This is where my understanding of web development fails, so troubleshooting is nearly impossible. Just was hoping that by some chance a Lightbox style viewer was embedded in your design by default. Thanks.

I think I’ll add lightbox to the new version, so stay tuned (it’s free for all previous buyers).

You are awesome! Thank you.

Great! very original

Love the layout! Is there a way to stop on page loads the FONT resizing? We’re eager to buy.

It’s an Internet Explorer issue only (it has problems with Cufón font replacing system).

upgrade this to 2.1 as wp theme, please :)

I’m working on it :)

Hey, loving the look of this site. Just one question really -

Would I be able to have both images and video in the same slider?

Thanks! kt

Nope, sorry. Its based on the Nivo slider.

Firstly, what a fantastic template, I’ve been around the net since 1995 and have rarely seen such a usable ‘out of the box’ unique template as this..

I wondered if you could help, my site is not yet live, it’s on a spare server. This page scrolls fine using FF, Chrome etc but scrolls wrong using IE9 (not sure about IE7 and IE8 ). The text under the Youtube movie scrolls under the left border and the STUFF image as it should but the movie stream scrolls over the top. I wondered if you could advise how best to rectify this?

My movie streams use the old embed code on Youtube and are sized at width=”700” height=”424”. I am using the HTML template.

Thanks again for all your hard work. ;-)

Cheers – Tim

Aaah, no need for a reply thanks I’ve sorted the problem. I was using the full code from youtube instead of the proper way (your code) as shown below.

<object data="http://www.youtube.com/v/5MtAMc4i8OA?fs=1&amp;hl=en_GB&amp;rel=0" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" height="438" width="700"> <param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/5MtAMc4i8OA?fs=1&amp;hl=en_GB&amp;rel=0" /> <param name="allowFullScreen" value="true" /> <param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always" /> <param name="wmode" value="opaque" /> </object>

Regards Tim

in the zip file the documentation.pdf don’t work….... crc error?

just purchased – great template !!!

just one question – i tried to recolor the highlight (green) color at the dark-green scheme – it works everything except the “more” buttons (see more, read more) and the send button – i changed the css for them – thought cufon would get the color from the css – do you set the color somewhere else??

thx for help!!

It’s a Cufón gradient. You can edit it in this file: schemes/dark-green/style.js

ah ok – great – thx for ya fast help!

Hi Nice template,

Bought the template, I got quick question regarding the template.

I need to keep my old data on my wordpress site and have tables. Is there a control or where can I adjust to keep it in one single content area. Instead of 2.


That page have 2 content area but I don’t need 2 I need it as exactly as I input to the page.

How can I do that?


Please write the comment from the account you’ve used to buy the theme. I provide support to direct buyers only.

First and foremost I love the template. I bought it and Ive been putting my info on it. But for some reason when I try to post comments, its doesnt show up.

I also tried to post comments on the template you have on themeforest, but that one didnt take as well. So I was curious as to what I need to do, to make this work.

are you sure you didn’t want to buy WordPress version of Stuff?

yeah Im sure, I wanted to learn how you did it. So I bought the html, php version so I could look at the codes and learn. And you have taught me a lot, so I would like to thank you for that. But now I wanna learn how to use the comments.

So if you could, that would be awesome.

PHP lessons are beyond the support, sorry :)
It’s just a template, so it doesn’t have back-end. Templates are usually bought by users with knowledge about programing and web-developing.