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Hey, I bought this theme and so far I’m liking it. Thank you for that.

You have used HoverEx, LayerSlider and MateHover. If I bought them separately I guess there would be some kind of documentation that is not included in this theme. Would it be possible to get these documentations? I guess I’m allowed to use them because I bought them with your theme and now I can’t fully use them because the documentation is missing.

And I have two little suggestions. It would be very awesome if the Drupal would be more up to date. Currently its 6 versions behind the current release. And with products in the demo it seemed it was ready for commerce. But the shown products are not even commerce products but regular content types. So it would be better if you a) explain this in the product description or b) bring some commerce with the demo installation.


Thank you so much for your feedback, please send an email to support@stylemultimedia.com, we’ll send you the documentation that you want.

You can easily upgrade to the latest Drupal version by following the guide here: https://drupal.org/node/1223018

We’ll upgrade the theme later.

Thanks again for your value feedback. Have fun with the theme!

Thanks, I’m glad you like my feedback. I will upgrade with Info provided. An E-Mail is on its way.

Really really nice, hope this does well for you!;

thank you so much :) Good luck to you, too! Nice works!

Hi, there.

The menu of this theme is not working properly for me when displayed in small devices (<768px). The console is showing me this error: TypeError: $(...).mateHover is not a function error source line:209 $(‘[data-zlname = test7]’).mateHover({

Here is the link to the development site: http://turrones.web-dvl.com/

Thanks in advance!

Thanks, man. It worked like a charm!

I have another question: the round images at home don’t show the back face in FF and IE. I see that it happens too in the demo, so I guess there isn’t a way to get ride of this, am I right?

Yes, you’re right. Unfortunately, FF and IE doesn’t support that feature yet. :) We’ll let you know if there is a workaround for this issue.

Ok, thanks for the fast answer and keep the good work.


Nexus 7 in landscape doesn’t respond correct for nav!

How easy is thus to them out? I know bootstrap inside out, need to learn drupal though.

Oh and I’m considering using this for a site like netmums.com possible?

This looks dead. The preview page does not find the IP address of the website. If the preview doesn’t work, Envato should remove the theme. This is the fourth like this I’ve found in 15 minutes. What is going on at Envato???