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Perfect one! GLWS

Cheers rifki

Looks great. The WP version is going to kill!

Thanks AJ!

Great Job, Good luck with sales :D:)

Thank you ariprihantoro!

QuiteNice :)
Wish you the best with sales.

Cheers Bedros!

Very nice!!! Does the emaiform working?

Hi ronflash,

I’m afraid not, this is just the HTML version so no PHP stuff included.

I’ll be releasing a WordPress version in the next week or so though which will contain a fully functional email form so feel free to keep an eye out for that!


Thanks PassionThemes

hi, first of all, your template is looking pretty nice! :) if it were fully functional i would buy it without hesitation. that leads me to my question…. you have already said that you will release a wordpress version of that template. so when will it come? will it be fully functional, that it is ready to use with all functions? (backend, data bases,...)

and what is it with the menu? why is it hiding when i open it in a small window? that’s kind of annoying….

looking forward to your response.

cool! now you’ve got a client more for the wp version. ;)

maybe it’s too much to ask for…but will there be also a voting system for the blog entries? you know, that would complete the comment function just great.

hope you don’t mind my suggestions. but i really like your template. would love to see it in perfection. :)

Hi planlos,

I may consider this as a feature, although no promises at the moment ;)

If I don’t implement it though, there are quite a few free plugins out there which should be able to do this


Hi, we have bought the theme, but we didn’t notice that it wasn’t adapted to wordpress. What can we do??? Thank you!

Hi mesandmore,

It’s getting there, realistically it will probably be released next week.

It’s basically complete now, I’m just ironing out final bugs and preparing all the release stuff such as documentation etc.

If you click on my name to go to my profile, then click “Follow” on the right side of the page, when the theme is released it will display on your homepage :)


Hi quitenicestuff,

Sorry for being a little bit annoying, but need the theme in wordpress version as soon as possible. Is it availabale yet? how long do you think it will take you?

thank so much and apologize us

Hi mesandmore,

Sorry, I am indeed running a bit late with the release of this as I was unable to work on it over the weekend.

I’m aiming to upload it today or tomorrow though, then you’ll just need to wait for Themeforest to approve it (usually a couple of days).


Can you update this theme to make the contact form work? Looks like the download didn’t include any files to send the email message and no dialog box that show that the message was successfully sent.


Are you kidding me? You are selling a template but don’t include a working contact form which is essential for users? Seriously, you need to reconsider your reasoning for not including it because I am 100% certain that you will lose sales over this. Had I known this, I would not have bought it. And no, I am not going to buy a Wordpress version just because I need a working contact form. That is just plain stupid!

Having said that, will you tell me, other buyers, and any potential future buyer why you will not add a working contact form?

Just wanted to add that I’m sorry if my tone above appears harsh, as it was not meant to be. I’m just frustrated with buying templates that don’t have working contact forms. Makes no sense at all….

Hi Leyte,

Sorry to hear you’re frustrated. The reason the contact form code is not included is because products in the “Site Templates” category are generally aimed at web developers who want to integrate a ready coded design into their own system.

Even if a working contact form was included none of the other features such as the shopping cart, checkout, blog, comments etc are functional so you’d still have the issue of making these work.

To avoid this kind of situation in future I’d recommend doing the following before purchasing:

1.) Check the “Themeforest Files Included” section on the right side of the page and it will say if the product includes PHP files or not

2.) Check the comments, if you read a few comments above this one you’ll see a potential purchaser asked if the contact form was working and I responded that it wasn’t

3.) I welcome pre purchase questions, if you can’t find an answer in the comments or description it’s always a good idea to ask if something is included prior to purchasing

If you just need to contact form working I can probably knock up a basic one in a couple of minutes, just send me a support email to help@quitenicestuff.com


Hello quitenicestuff, I want to buy html template. I was just looking at the demo in my iiphone5. Whenever i change iphone’s orientation demo version does not get re-sized… If you want to see how it looks, I can send you a screenshot. is this something that can be fixed. because this templates ticks all the boxes.

Regards agnikz

Hi agnikz,

I don’t have an iPhone 5 to test on but the template displays fine on my iPhone 4.

Feel free to send images to me at help@quitenicestuff.com and I’ll take a look.


Thanks for quick reply. I have just sent you an email on given address.

Hi. This is a very basic question but I have had issues with it before. The slidder pictures, can I adjust the height? How much work do I need to achieve that? Need to buy this theme ASAP.

Hi coommark,

It’s fairly simple to do this, you just need to edit a few lines of code.

Although bear in mind this isn’t a theme it’s just a HTML template.

The WordPress theme version here adjusts to different height images automatically: http://themeforest.net/item/stylemag-responsive-magazineshop-wp-theme/3886417


Hello Guys,

Let me ask you that what is the difference between this and this (http://themeforest.net/item/stylemag-responsive-magazineshop-wp-theme/3886417) them?

Thank you! Krisztian

Hi Krisztian,

Thanks for your interest.

The WordPress version is basically a working website straight out of the box with a complete content management system, whereas the HTML version is mainly aimed at web developers who have coding experience and want to integrate it into their own system.

Kind regards

Nice Theme! Just what I’m looking for, except …

... In product.html – how easy would it be to change the 4-column product layout to 3-column, whilst still keeping it responsive? (Images are sized for a 3-column layout)

Many thanks

Hi univiz,

Thanks for your interest.

This would be a very straight forward modification if you have basic HTML/CSS knowledge.

On a side note, bear in mind this is a HTML template, not a theme. The WordPress theme version is available here: http://themeforest.net/item/stylemag-responsive-magazineshop-wp-theme/3886417

Kind regards

Thank you – it is the template that I want. Sorry for referring to it as a theme