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Hi there! I wold like to but this theme but i am not sure if i going to use prestashop 1.6 for 1.5 is it included both?

No, its for prestashop 1.6 only.

so i cant get one for 1.5?

Please mail via profile if we can do something, one of team member support you,

Hi. How can i translate theme? I need to translate everthing to Turkish. Thanks.

Got your mail get back to asap.

I sent you a mail 30 mins ago. Was mail delivered to you?

Got it, get back to your soon, and you do not need to send new mail each time, you may reply on preview mail too with details.


I writed you but I havent get any answer. Please ask me asap.


Please mail via provide or support system of themeforest, do not sent direct mail or forward any communication.

I sent some messages and I do not answer … please contact me!!!

We will not provide support on direct mail, you have to reply on themeforest support mail or send new from from support contact form.

Hi! I have sent many days ago, and I hope answer … You can check your emails ?

is there any support for RTL?

Hello, When i deactivate responsive mode, the mobile menu shows with original menu. What is wrong?

Hi, I have contacted you but I have no answer. I do not work things of your pattern. Please contact me.

We do not have any mail from your account, this is first comment which we can see here, there is no mail from this account in our inbox.

Excuse me mister, I want to ask about the edit styleshop responsive theme, like where I display sub-category on the theme? Please help her master, thank you

Please mail via profile if you have purchased this theme.

My submenu does not work. Where I can set submenu ? (Dropdown at custom menu)

Please, how to edit menu on the top ?

Please mail via profile and more details with purchase so that we can help you?

Hi, I’m experiencing some trouble updating the template. I’ve tried to change the colors on the WD Content Slider Style 01 many times even using different browsers but the colors are still the same. I have the same problem updating the text in the field “About Information”, the text remain the same! What could be the issue? Thanks in advance for your answer

Got your mail.

i have some problems with the slider, it`s not loading the imagines. but everything is set like in the documentation. can you help me?

Please mail via support or profile.

Hi, I still cannot update the text on WD StyleShop Theme Settings, the button “change update” is not working.

Please mail via profile if you are looking for support.

Hello. This template is available for the latest version of PS?

No visible demo :(

Demo is not available !!