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been waiting for this one ;)

Hehe…finally…I hope you like it?! :)

I wish if you used some better pictures instead of half nacked ladies with boobs, blah blah. I am sitting around my team, and cant show such nacked theme.

Wish if TF starts mark such theme as X Rated!!!!

P.S : Just noticed that this theme was listed under nightlife category! So I guess, such images go with this category! But Maybe, TF mark such them as X rated theme!!! So I do not open them around my team, when I am checking new themes on TF!

Anyway! Good luck with your sales!

Haha…you are from american, you always see girls like that in commercial for magazines and TVs. That are sexy photos and no porn, so why should they X Rated them!

Dont be so prude ;)

Hey Rafael awesome work on this. Never mind about Gopals comment about the pictures being X-rated. They are not. Anyway Gopal you are not going to use these images on your site when you purchase the theme right so why you even worrying about it.

The theme is nicely done with some tasteful images that spice up the theme a bit but this is only for preview purposes.

Anyhow, nicely done dude and wish you lots of sales.



Thx Les!

Love it, I can easy see this theme used more than just music site.


Thx…..yes you can use it for what u want.

Nice work! Geile videos :)

Thanks, danke.

I purchased the non-WP version of this theme in August for a client – I really liked the layout and over feel of the theme. Was really looking forward to the WP release, but I must say I’m a bit let down by it. What happened to the left vertical nav for starters?

Sorry. I choice a typical layout for WP. The AJAX functionalitiy making work in in WP is quite difficult!

Nice Theme… No worries about the images mate. Its just images and project the best use of the site. thought the site can be used by different business but it is for sure one of the best of entertainment agency, portfolio.

Best of luck with the sale…. not clients at the moment for entertainment industry, but if i came accross any, i will definitely download it.


Thy for the kind words. I really appreciate it and I hope you need it one day!

hei en dis web page can use dj ultimate manager

Its included in this theme!! You dont need to purchase the Ultimate Dj Manager!

Nice theme…can you provide an xml file of the template (posts, pages and etc..) to import? It will work as a guide map for those who are not familiar with the template…



You need some dummy content? Sorry…at the momentI dont have anything like that..

eii ai have this error way Fatal error: Call to undefined function get_header() in C:\xampp\htdocs\deejaylex\index.php on line 6

Seems something is wrong with your local wp installation because this method is a typical wp function.

Actaully I would say now, give me your wp login, but that you are working on your local machine, I can not help you with that.

Try the theme online with the latest wp version 3.2.1

ok tanks now it works

eii wai I can not see the Background

eii in Fancy Gallery – Upload media i tray to update a image and hi taught me this error “Could not upload image. Check permission of your upload folder!”

Send me your wp loign via mail, I will take a look on it.

Hi, I would do something like this: http://lashoppe.ca/pubsphi.php As you can see, there are 4 rows below the video when you mouseover I tried to use the html br code but it doesn’t work for description. If I use it in Title box, it works when the lightbox opens but I see the br code under the thumbnail (which is not good) (http://lashoppe.ca/wordpress/videos/) How could I proceed?

I dont see any buyers badge, that you purchase this product. Please use the account that you used to purchase this product, then you will get help!

I’m already under this account…

And you bought the Stylico Wordpress Theme??

My question is about the fancy gallery plugin! (I followed you link)

Yes when you purchase the fancy gallery plugin and not this theme, then put your question there, so I can see that you are really a buyer!

Ok so Ill post in fancy gallery

What are the proper dimensions for the logo?

When you upload the logo, you find a little text next to it, there I explain the max. dimension of the logo!

Ok a couple more questions:

1) is there a way to get rid of the “ribbons” where it shows next gig, recent posts etc?

2) how can i change colors of those widgets?

You find the ribbon.psd in the assets folder, then you can create your own colorized ribbon. Then you can replace them in images/stylico folder.

Another possibiliy would be to add no title in the widget, then they will not be displayed.