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Can i get some help with the slider? i posted in the support forum, but no help, maybe your busy?

Sorry. I didnt see it because you post it not in a new category. I replied to it in the forum.

No, Rad, It didn’t work.

Send me your ftp login via mail, then I can check it by myself.

Hi mate,

After loving your other theme so much I decided to purchase your word press version. Only problem is when I go to upload the theme it says “The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet. Theme install failed.”

Should there be a style.css stylesheet in there because I can’t find one anywhere in there??

If it helps I am using wordpress 3.3 and have tried it 2 times now with the same issues.


first unzip the zip file and inside the unzipped folder upload the stylico zip/folder to your theme directory.

Thanks must have put the theme folder in instead :)

Seems like a pretty cool theme, however it has a “pet peeve” issue we see with some themes that prevents us from considering a purchase and use: the browser goes completely white when moving to a new page. We have several examples of themes done correctly so that only the parts of a page that are different from the previous page are loaded, the fixed content remains fixed during transition and so you are never thrown out into the dreaded white “blank page” limbo when navigating. This is not the user’s problem or a browser cache issue, it has to do with the theme’s coding and CSS . If you were to recode the theme to prevent this annoying problem we would certainly buy it for development. Take care.

Hmm no….it has to do with cache, when the graphics are not in the cache, the browser needs to load them. When you know a article how to avoid that, please let me know.

Thanks for the quick response. I will do some more research. We have many site examples where the fixed content stays put upon the very first loading of additional pages/posts. In other words, the fixed content is not reloaded at all. At least, as far as we can tell. I’ll let you know if I find anything useful on this.


We are experiencing a couple of issues related to the Fancy Music Player.

1) We are unable to change the track color variables in the settings. The color can be selected from the palette however there is no way to ‘enter’ the choice. For example, a confirm button or hitting ‘return.’ Tried on Safari and Firefox on the Mac and Explorer on PC.
  • update – I figured out that changes are entered by clicking the color wheel lower right corner. Not the most intuitive but works :)

2) We’ve added a fancy player to a page followed by a handful of release short codes. However whichever the first song that is selected to play … becomes the only song not the page that will play. In other words, it seems like the player won’t empty the song cache to load another song. If we refresh and reload the page we can select a different song … but then that song becomes the song that plays regardless of which subsequent songs are clicked.

3) is there a way to adjust the thumbnail size of the releases up from the current 125×125?

Thanks much for your help!

1) Click the litte icon at the bottom right when the palette is opened. This will change the color.

2) Need to see it live.

3) Actually the thumbnail size is 90×90. You can change this in the code. Just open page-releases.php and go to line 63, there is something like this:

the_post_thumbnail( array(90, 90), array('class' => 'record-image') ); 

Change the 2 values (90,90) to sizes you would like to use.

Thanks radykal – I will email you a dev link now.

Thanks for the great support :)

This is a beautiful theme but im very i’m very disappointed I saw this theme on http://browse.deviantart.com/?qh=&section=&q=dj+template+wp#/d4ejrsb

I click the link at the bottom to buy the theme: but is not working like on the demo site the image slider is not working the instruction on for the theme is missing the plugin for the radikal gallery is not orking this theme is also missing the player at the top of the header is not there I lask for support and I also send u a email like 4 days ago and still no respond from u I thing i’m going to report this to paypal and themeforest

Ähm….I replied to your mail and thats what I wrote:

Hi, this is not possible. The designer include the player there, but I decide not to add it there. You can only add into posts/pages or in any widget area. I dont know whats the problem with the slider. You need to show me your page and the best would be to send me your wp login. Rafael

Once again, it does not count what you see on deviantart, it counts what you see in the preview on tf and I explain in the description. When you are unsure, if this is possible, you can always ask me that.

Well I buy the theme because when I saw the theme on deviantart the screenshot show u what the theme bring

Yes the designer put his ideas in that design, but I decide how to develop it….so this is not possible to put the player at the top and to your other problems I need your wp login to check them out.

Which file do i upload after unzip? the one named Theme? its full of psd’s tho ? keep getting faild over style sheet?

Upload the stylico folder with a ftp tool or stylico.zip via the wp admin. Both are in the theme folder.

Perfect…Thanks…i prosuim with the plug ins i just upload them one by one?

Yes you need to upload them by yourself. They are not in the theme

It appears that wordpress.com does not support your template. If this is true, can Network Solutions host the template?

Unless we are doing something wrong, or you know how to install it, I request my money back.

First unzip it and inside you find the styico.zip and folder which needs to be uploaded to your wp theme directory.

Wordpress.com can not upload custom themes. We are looking into other hosting options..if anyone on here knows of any that work, please reply!

I dont know what you are trying, but you can upload any themes in your wp site you would like.

I think the problem is that I’m hosted on wordpress.com and it doesn’t support custom uploads. However, I think If I change the hosting site, I should be able to as long as they support custom theme upload.

Yes if you cant do that on wordpress.com, you need to change it. Otherwise you are not able to upload any theme from here.

Awesome, thank you so much! I’l make sure to contact you with any other questions.

Hi If I buy this theme and then at some point decide to use another theme, will I be able to use the Fancy Gallery and DJ Manager while using the other theme? I’m new to this WP thing. I bought one theme but decided to try yours (the other wasn’t easy to manage).

So I would like to know, if I end up using someone else’s theme, will I be able still to use the Gallery and DJ Manager that I’m buying with this one. Thanks!


Yes you can use these Plugins for other Themes too, when you decide not to use my theme. The plugins are standalone applications and not built in the theme.


Yes you can use these Plugins for other Themes too, when you decide not to use my theme. The plugins are standalone applications and not built in the theme.

hey guy, i’m interested in purchasing your theme, but i want to use it for promoting events vs a djing site, so i’m probably gonna need some customization. I want the flyers to be featured in the slider on the home page something similiar to this website. www.thesocialpulse.com is this possible? and what are your rates?


You can manage all slides for the slider very easily. I add a custom post type for it.

Where can I change the language of “Calendar” on the main page in the “next gigs”? The months are in English and must leave them in Portuguese.

This is a little bit tricky, I would leave it in english or use numbers instead of letters. Let me know and I will tell you how to change it.