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How do I completely remove the ability to leave a comment on a page? I dont even want the option to be there, and I dont want it to say ‘comments are disabled’

You can disable comments via the QuickEdit button for your page. To hide that message, open the comments.php in my theme folder and go to line 42, there you find this line, just delete it:

<p class="nocomments"><?php _e( 'Comments are closed.', 'stylico'); ?></p>

Is it possible to add gigs you ever had? I can only add gigs in the future? but i want to add my passed gigs also!

Yes there is a checkbox for it to display also past gigs.

I see what you mean with the checkbox, but i can’t add a gig i had last month! I can only add gigs in the future, and if the date is passed, then it shows up as a past gig. But i started DJ’ing in 2008, and want to add the gigs i had that year also, and thats not possible

(sorry for bad english ;))

Ah ok, open this js file: stylico/admin/js/gigs.js

There you find this line of code:

jQuery("#gig-datepicker").datepicker({minDate: -1, dateFormat: 'yy-mm-dd'});

Replace -1 with null:

jQuery("#gig-datepicker").datepicker({minDate: null, dateFormat: 'yy-mm-dd'});

Now you can also select past dates.

I am having a hard time downloading this file template to my wordpress. I keep getting this error message.: Are you sure you want to do this?

Please try again.


You don’t have permission to access /wp1/wp-admin/update.php on this server.

I need to know how to upload this template theme.

You have to unzip it first and inside of the unzipped folder, you find the stylico folder/zip to upload.


I am using your Stylico wordpress layout and I want to remove the 3 Widget Boxes from under the Slider. How Can I Do This… Thank you, Michael


open index.php and remove this element (line 70-106):
<section id="home-widget-areas" class="clearfix">
  <div id="home-widget-area-left" class="grid_4 alpha">

I recieve the following message when I try to upload the template. “The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.”

Why is it missing?

First unzip and upload the stylico zip/folder.

Thank you! Nice work on the template design!


I have installed this theme and plugin fancygallery on one server and then moved it – since the move the slider and gallery is not working properly – thumnails are not showing in the gallery and I cannot upload images to albums.

On the slider the slides are not showing up it is just showing as blank…

Please have a look and let me know what needs to be done.


Could this be an issue with my host & timthumb?


Would it be hard work to display recurring gigs? For example… if there is a gig at the same time and at the same venue every week of the year, I’d prefer not to input it 52 times.

Thanks, James

No sorry, at the moment you have to recreate every gig.

How do I remove the “Leave a Reply” section from a page? I don’t want this section to be displayed on all my pages.


As I can place the images?


ugust 16 Permalink Edit On the startup page, “No Page found!” appears. How do I fix this? I want to add text.

This image has been resized to fit in the page. Click to enlarge.


The thumbnails no longer work and my three widgets on the home page are being cut off short. Radykal I know you are on a ‘break’, but your help is really needed.

It is about CableDJ Multimedia Website. The whole site crashed when I updated to the latest WordPress version. I uploaded an back up and the problem still existed please Radykal.

I dont see the purchased ribbon, please drop your question from the account that you used for purchasing this item.

http://codecanyon.net/item/ultimate-dj-manager-wordpress-plugin/discussion/241072?page=12&filter=All%20Discussion#comment_2516078 SM2 failed to start. Flash missing, blocked or security error? Status: INIT _TIMEOUT

I keep getting this error and I am a purchaser (Stylco) :)

How to fix this?

I dont see the purchased ribbon, please drop your question from the account that you used for purchasing this item.

Could you post the link of your site, then I will take a look by myself.

error = SM2 failed to start. Flash missing, blocked or security error? Status: INIT _TIMEOUT

The site is in dev mode:


That pages uses: [dj_manager_mp id=”MusicMagic(fancyplaylisttry)”]


Testing the playlist

[dj_manager_playlist id=”MusicMagic(fancyplaylisttry)”]


Sound cloud


Download it again. The soundmanager.js is an older one, just replace the whole ultimate-dj-manager folder with yours. If its still not working, let me know.

Hello I am considering buying your theme. Can you tell me if it is compatible with version 3.4.2 of wordpress ?


Yes, just test it.

Is this theme compatible with wordpress 3.4.2?

Hi I have purchased your theme, its great! however could you please tell me how to edit the main page slider to show images and thumbnails below it like you have on the original template? where do i upload, what dimensions how do i point images to slider. i am not wordpress savvy at all so please bear with me. Regards

i am assuming on the template its flyers* follow up to above comment

I’m using the Ultimate DJ Manager plugin on the stylico theme and would like to show the address and google map. Is this possible? I was able to do it with the gigs that came with the theme but can’t see how to do it with the Ultimate DJ Manager gig.

Thanks, Anne

In the UDM plugin you can only write an own text. Its not possible in the moment to have that in the UDM .

I was wondering for the event and new release widgets, is it possible to make the actual new release headings and the event postings clickable from the homepage?

Also, when I upload videos in the fancy gallery section, beneath the title for the videos there is a ”?” like a broken link showing up in some browsers, although I have not inserted any broken link. How can I fix this.

http://www.theurbanfrequency.com (see videos section-in safari and firefox… it doesn’t seem to show up in chrome)

Please advise.


sorry this is not possible to make the headinds clickable, only in a custom job!

Send me a mail and I will send you the latest version of fancy gallery.

Hi. I am having trouble displaying my slider images on the home page. Also I can’t set the 3 boxes in the center. The only thing showing is my footer. Can you please help.

The link takes me still to a page not found site.

Hi sorry. I was able to get some help and got it fixed. It was a problem on the host site. Are the widget boxes on the home page a fixed size? Can I make them a bit longer in length?

Yes the height of these boxes are calculated with jquery, all of them are getting the height of the highest boxes, so they look same. You can set an own height with height: 300px !important; for the #home-widget-areas .widget selector.