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Great looking theme. Great work.

Hi DirkL7,

It’s taken a while to get the time however I have created a fix for the slider issue we discussed earlier (rapid clicks kill the transition).

PM me if you still want it and I’ll send it on over to you in order for it to be included in the download.

Hi mobius,

Could you mail me on the email address mentioned in the Help file of the theme? (can’t seem to find a way to PM you)

Thanks :)

There doesn’t seem to be an email option there at all, it just takes me to your profile page here…

Just tried to add the code here but it gets screwed up by the comments settings.

Download here: http://www.testclient.nextcode.com.au/sslider.js

It is the very last document script that was the culprit.

Just fixing one of the other little problems regarding going backwards in the thumbnail scroller. I will post it here once it’s fixed.

Thanks a lot mobius!

Nice design. Just bought it today. Will work on it. Thx

This comes with full css and all the html pages right???

yes it does

I’m having issues with this template, as Safari 4 on my Mac doesn’t display h2 headlines correctly, though Mobile Safari does it. Additionally, the images in the carousel aren’t loading correctly and get messed up. Is this a known issue or is it just me? Any tips on how I can solve it?

Okay, looks like sifr is the reason, because I have ClickToFlash installed on my MacBook… What do I have to change in order to completely remove sifr from the template?

Hi Dirk, Is there a blog looking page available in this theme? Thanks