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Nice looking theme, good luck with sales!

Thank you JOGJAfile…:-)

Beautifully, clean and well executed dude.

thanksss vickystudio ..:-)

thankss tranmautritam..:)

thankuuuuuu daveeeo..:-)

Congratulations! I see you made it :)

Thankuuu bianca. :-) Don’t forget to buy and rate the template. :)

Great Design! Made my client very happy! However is anyone else having trouble with the Portfolio thumbnails? On several devices now I’ve noticed they tend to stack on top of each other like a deck of cards when the page loads. After refreshing it a few times and clicking on the different portfolios it corrects itself, but not on it’s own. Help?

Great thanks! Can you tell me more specifically what has changed in the style.css file? I have a lot of custonization in mine so would be so helpful to know which lines to replace!

Hello wildjay,
Please only update the “portfolio” ( .item class ) section from the “style.css” file.
Thanks & Regards,


Very beautiful template. I want to buy it, but I should know if it’s possible to enlarge the header : I don’t want to see the beginning of the page ABOUT. Sorry for my poor english ! It’s very urgent !!! Thank you.

Yes ofcourse aimssi. You can increase the header length very easily. Just open the style.css file located in “css” folder. And find ”.welcome-note” and change its margin from 80 to 100px. And you are done. Its very easy. Buy and enjoy the full customization. :-)

I do not manage to place the icon in the map.

Can you help me?

the map is ok, but the pointers does not appear, you can see in


Hello hippoi. Its only due to that you are not adding your address in the "custom.js" located in the “js” folder.
Follow the instructions given below:-
1) Open the "JS" folder.
2) Open the "custom.js" file in any file editor (like notepad++ etc.)
3) Find the // Google-Map .
4) In the second line remove the dummy address and add your owns.
5) Also add your address in the 2nd last line by removing the dummy address.
And you are done. :-)


Hi Again, Another glitch I noticed… when you send an email from the contact form I believe it is supposed to let the sender know that a message was sent. Although the message does actually send it does not notify the sender. Can this be corrected?

That worked! Thank you so much for your help and support!

always here to help our customers,,,,,,,,,,,

Hey, noticed one more little glitch… on Safari the social media icons go crazy when you roll over them. Is there a fix for this?


Thanks for this beautiful theme. But I have a problem, I can’t install it on Wordpress because “Theme is missing the style.css stylesheet”. Can you help me please ?

Hello leofee, Its not wordpress theme, its just html template. You can buy wordpress themes from wordpress category. :)