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Your theme (Suave) contains outdated copies of some WooCommerce template files. These files may need updating to ensure they are compatible with the current version of WooCommerce. You can see which files are affected from the system status page. If in doubt, check with the author of the theme.-I am getting this error message .Any help ?


Please update to the latest version of the theme to resolve this. Colm

whether it is due to visual composer

Hi this error would never be due to Visual Composer – if you’re running the latest version of the theme and still seeing this message please send me a message via here

Hi, I received an error while trying to update/import demo slides in LayerSlider: An error occurred while updating LayerSlider WP: License activation is required to receive updates. Please read our online documentation to learn more. Not sure what I am doing wrong here.

Hi there

Updates to Layerslider and Visual Composer are provided as part of theme updates. We hope to have the latest version of each available in a release before Christmas. In the ‘Downloads’ section of your Themeforest account you can tick a checkbox to receive an email when it is available.



So until then, I cannot use the demo slides as part of the theme download?

Yes, you can. The plugin works perfectly and you should be already able to import the demo slider.

Ensure that you have downloaded the ‘All files and documentation’ version of the theme. The demo slider zip is within the /layerslider folder.

Go to Import/Export within the Layerslider settings and import that zip file.

If you still have an issue after this, submit a ticket via the ‘Support’ tab at the top of this page, including your site link and WP login.



nilu72 Purchased

I am getting an error. “Failed to load ressource. The server responded with a status of 500”.

Seems to be due to an external file that is not loading.

How to resolve this issue?

Hi there

It looks like you’re referencing an image from our old demo site. You’ll need to edit the page this error appears on and remove the image – it could be a standard image or a background image on a row.

Any images you use on your site should be from your own domain – not ours.



Second description for product attributes!? Hi…It is given by the theme, that the description for product attributes (product category as well) shows up in the header area…looks very cool that way but only useful for a short description of for example like “brand”. I want to have some extra content for product attributes like brand…and place it underneath the products …it should work somehow with the ACF plugin but I have no idea how to do that. Is there someone here with the same problem who could help me out!? Best Regards

Hi there

For customizations like that, these guys could give you a quote –




I’ve purchased a extended license thinking that outdated WooCommerce templates was fixed, but they are not. Any plan to update those templates files soon?

Replied via email


Hi, can you recommend a plugin for rich snippets which works with the already by theme integrated woocommerce reviews!? Best Regards

Hi there

For continuous access to support you’ll need to extend it via the ‘Downloads’ section of your Themeforest account. It expired on 29/04/2017, nearly a year ago.



Theme is producing errors in Google structured data Product (Markup: Mostly “error field name is required”. Happens on my site….my raw installation of Suave and and your Themeforest Live Preview….just check any of your products from the shop against: . Error is always the same…please update theme!

This should be actually part of your testing not mine…but ok…within my raw installation (no additional plugins or something else) changing from Suave to Storefront there´s no error detectable with the testing tool. But I´m not using Storefront…I´m using Suave. And the errors show up even in your Demo-Shop…just check for example: with the testing tool!

We’ve resolved this now, and it will be included in the next theme update.



When is the next update thanks ??

how do I make the main menu lowercase ?

Hi there – your theme support expired on 2/3/16 – over 2 years ago. For continuous access to support you’ll need to extend it via the ‘Downloads’ section of your ThemeForest account.

after last woocommerce update the pagination field on the bottom of the product list is missing, is this problem theme related? i also tried some custom code in functions.php like “add_action( ‘woocommerce_after_shop_loop’, ‘woocommerce_pagination’, 10 );” didn’t work.

Hi there – that will be resolved in the soon be released Suave theme update.

Styling of the “place order” button in checkout ist affected…..Commerceguru´s styling (CSS) is not getting used anymore. In my shop I´m still running WC 3.2.6….in my clean test-shop (no additional plug-ins) the change happens somewhere in between WC 3.1.1 and 3.3.3…means in 3.3.3 it looks strange….going back to backup 3.1.1 it looks good like always. Update to 3.3.5 without change….still looks strange. On which WC version is your preview-shop running? Best Regards

It’s 3.3.5 on the demo site. If you submit a ticket via the ‘Support’ tab above – even though yours has expired – I’ll take a quick look if you include a link.



Theme-Update from 1.8.5 to 1.8.7 brought the solution. Nevertheless I´m still waiting for the next theme update regarding….”Google structured data Product (Markup:”...I described the problem 2 months ago. When is the next update coming?


Two issues:

1 – Will you soon update theme to fix issues with wc3.4.x? I’ve updated the plugin and it’s telling to fix theme’s pages.

2 – Layer Slider can’t update: “License activation is required to receive updates. Please read our online documentation to learn more.” How to fix this? I have LS6.5.7 to update to the latest 6.7.6.

Thank you. AMP.

Re: updating plugins. This is covered in the last step of the update guide I gave you. It works as follows:

  1. Go to ‘Plugins’ and disable LayerSlider and WPBakery
  2. Go to Appearance > Install Plugins
  3. Update both and re-enable

Re: templates – this changed in the last few days. No functionality is affected. We’ll be updating these templates shortly.



Thank you Simon.

And about the update to theme? Will it became full compatible to WC3.4.x soon?

Thank you once again.


By the way the files outdated are the following: suave/woocommerce/archive-product.php ver. 3.3.0 outdated. new v. 3.4.0, suave/woocommerce/content-product.php ver. 3.3.0 outdated. new v. 3.4.0, suave/woocommerce/content-single-product.php ver. 3.3.0 outdated. new v. 3.4.0

Hello, theres a full page version? or just boxed? thank you

There’s an option for Full width within Theme Options > Global Settings – Container Layout Style. It’s literally the very first theme option.

Your support period for the theme expired on 2/3/2016 – over 2 years ago. For future support requests you’d need to renew this first via the ‘Downloads’ section of your ThemeForest account.



niro123 Purchased


I bought two copies of this theme a while back, and I have 2 questions

1. when I try to edit the commerce gurus content strip through the WP Bakery page builder, it always in a loop of reloading the page after I click edit of the element, which makes it unable to edit.

Please help me fix this issue – the theme is updated to the latest version

2. In the product category page (woocommerce) I am unable to design the layout nicely, or enter any code that was made with WP Bakery (made on a page and copied to the woocommerce category page text in body) – is there anyway to use shortcodes and other elements of styling on the category page?

Hi there, your theme support expired on 17/6/2016 – over 2 years ago. For on-going support you’d need to renew this via via the ‘Downloads’ section of your ThemeForest account.

Then submit a ticket via the ‘Support’ tab at the top of this page with your updated purchase code.



Hello, I can use this template to sell content ( videos or audios) for example? linked with paypal? thank you

Yes, WooCommerce supports digital downloads.

FYI – Your support period expired 02/03/2016.


thank you! If support period is expired, I still can use the template?

does suave and all required plugins support’s php 7.2? commercegurus-toolkit especialy?

Hi there, we’re working on 7.2 compatibility for the toolkit – we recommend 7.1 for now.



thank you Simon, advanced custom fields does not support 7.1, im running 7.0 for now.