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demo is not working ;(

problem resolved ;)

Its this a Premium version from the site5 simplo free theme?

no, it’s not….but I took inspiration from there (some kind of an example theme) and I did almost the same menu (ddsmoothmenu), hope this isn’t a crime))

No its not :D

Looks cool, i like it, simple and stylish ;)

Wow, this theme is just superb :) Well done!

Would like to see more of those backround options shown in the little preview pictures though!

Are the different backround pictures (landscape, flames, etc.) included?

All the best and good sales!


Hi Sebastian! visit for example http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cW5bGyYH6bg if you want to see how this feature works. Superb theme comes with landscape background as default bg. With WP custom background feature you can upload any image, wallpaper, tile texture etc. as your site background. Unfortunately, I can’t put other images in .zip archive, because I didn’t find any copyrights of them.

Just bought the theme. Every time I create a new post, add new plugins or add new pages and it save/publish the theme breaks and it just goes to a blank white page. Is there a fix for this?

Hi Voasi, It can be a wide range of problems, associated with this wp “screen of death”. I recommend you first to check for example this article: http://silentbits.com/wordpress/blank-page-with-wordpress-howto-fix-that/ I used 3 servers to test superb theme, all worked fine as superb demo site. If your problem is related with incompatibility of superb theme, please feel free to write me, use email form in my profile here or write me on email, which is indicated in theme documentation. I’ll try to answer as soon as I can ;)

Hello, nice theme. I’m completely new to wordpress and have a few questions about this theme:

- Is it possible o add a poll where recent post are placed? (with a plugin?) - Is it possible to add a picture that opens a popup where recent post are placed? I’m thinking about a video embeded into a popup. (with a plugin?)

-About the background: I can create my own background image right?, does the theme resize the picture by itself or do I have to upload a few sizes of the picture. I would prefer to make a few background for dieferents screen size so the picture does not change proportion.

- Can I change color of the buttons bars? (I mean the black with darker dots) So it matches the background image.

- Would it be possible to add some advertising banner manually?

That’s all by now. thanks you.

1) Yes to all of your questions about sidebar))) 2) Custom background feature gives you a possibility to change css background property of html body tag. That means you can use only one image as background. You can use small image which will be tiled to fit any screen size (superb demo site has a small tiled texture now). By default, this theme uses one big image with landscape (you can see it in screenshots section). Watch for example video about this feature: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cW5bGyYH6bg 3) If you want to change menu bar image, just go to superb theme image folder and change there appropriate image. If you want that menu background will be matched with background image, you can just change menu bar’s css property for example. This is not a problem) 4) Sure, you can use a advertising plugin or just put an image wherever you want ;)

Hi Sir. My slide from superb don´t works and the menu to.

Why it,s don´t work???

And in your demo don´t work to,see. http://themeforest.net/item/suberb-blogmagazine-wordpress-theme/full_screen_preview/802838

Hi lazarotalaya! Actually, on my demo site, sliders work well :) 30 minutes ago, specially for you, I asked 10 of my friends all over the world, they don’t have any problem with slider displaying. I think the problem related to your pc))) I am not an expert in this specific question, but try to clean your browser’s cookies and restart your pc. If this problem remain, please feel free to write me, use email form in my profile here or write me on email, which is indicated in theme documentation.

Hello, first nice theme. Now to problems - 1) For me both (Main Menu and Top menu) are the same, not sure why, but when I add one menu to main menu and other to top menu, it only takes for both the one which is in top menu. For what is Main menu then? 2) What permalinks is this theme using?

Hi patisss! 2) You can choose your own format for your site, it’s not depends on active theme. For example, superb demo site has custom structured permalinks – / postname /. 1) I don’t understood your question. Read theme documentation, where you can find information about theme menus, where each is located and how to work with it))) If you still will not understand how menus work, please feel free to write me, use email form in my profile here or write me on email, which is indicated in theme documentation.

is it possible to remove the top nav and put a category widget on the right below the search box?

Hi niksoftware! 1) you can remove top nav manually, you just should open header.php file and remove code between html comments – <!- BEGIN TOP MENU ->, all important parts of this theme marked like this, so everyone can easily find what they want! 2) Sure! You can put there any widget you want)))

since ill be removing the top nav, is there a one tier category listing widget i can put at the right side? also does the theme have a thumbnail uploader for the posts?

1) go to wp admin -> appearance -> widgets …there will be “Categories” widget, just drag it into “sidebar” area on the right))) 2) theme has function which already makes resized thumbnails, if your image is big, wordpress will do it for you automatically)))

A few questions:

1. how do i add a custom logo?

2. can i add advertisement spots?

3. can i change the text color to red instead of blue?

1) Read documentation (General setup -> logo image upload)
2) U can use all free advertisment plugins, just go to wordpress.org and find best plugin for you….installation info and description also displayed)))
3) sure, just modify style.css in theme editor)

If you need more detailed instructions, please feel free to write me, use email form in my profile here or write me on email, which is indicated in theme documentation. (only for people, who purchased superb theme)

I bought this theme thinking i could get support for it. Only to find out that the email address included in the documentation is no valid and not working. Why in the world would you include an email address that is not working for support on something that you are selling???

On the main menu, how to i get the drop down menu to work?

When using the dropcap short code, it works when you are on the main post, but not while viewing the entire category..

Hi axgillette! You need just calm dawn, because everything fine with my email! I got few messages from other buyers and now I checked it one more time, it works! You don’t have to waste your energy on anger, there is also a contact form in my profile here.

1) Hm, you have to create one parent category, and one or more sub-categories, these sub-categories will be displayed as drop down automatically.

2) if you want to use shortcode in that way, just open index.php file, find there “the_excerpt()” function between <!- BEGIN POST CONTENT -> html comment tags and replace it with “the_content()”

I send the email again, and no luck, i keep getting that there is no email address. I have bought a few themes from here only to not get the support for them. That is why i was worried the same would happen with this one.

1) Yes i created the category and then created a sub-category. Still won’t work. 2) thanks i will give this a try. If i modify that part of the code, will the short code also work on the actual post as well like it normally should?

axgillette, I sent an answers to your mail)))

Okay, let me start by saying this. I author has been super great at helping me out with the issues i have had. Every single one has been fixed, and not because something was wrong with the theme. It was things i wanted the theme to do, but did not know how to go about and get it done.

If you are buying a simple to use theme for your blog, or site, then this is the one. It works, the documentation is really far and beyond. It’s clear, and accurate.

The problem with many people downloading a theme is that they don’t know how to go about editing things and getting things to work. I will say that i am one of those, but with the authors help, and the documentation, i am pleased to say that my site is coming together rather quickly and just like i want it. I still have plenty of work ahead before my launch date, but i know that the theme is performing to it’s highest standards.

Is there any demo with a landscape picture as background available somewhere to see how it looks on diferents screen sizes before buying?

there is an image with 1600px width. I changed background to landscape for couple of days, just watch demo again ;)

Thanks, I’ve just seen it. The BG picture isn’t tiled to fit screens larger than 1600px and there’s black on both side, that’s why you made the BG picture fade to black on each side, am I understanding correctly? I was worried about making a nice BG and that it get ugly after being tiled.

Landscape background is not tile, so it just centered and body has black background. Dark leather texture is tile, it has a size 300px x 300px and repeat css property. I made them just for preview, but you can make your own big tile picture with similiar left and right sides))

Hello! First of all, I bought this theme and I’m loving it! (Website: gadgetimate.com).

When the Cufon font is enabled, it omits certain characters from the post titles, for example if my post was called “Callum’s day — it was cool!”, it would render as “Callums day it was cool”. What’s with that?!

And is there any way to make the Cufon font render as soon as the page renders, instead of “popping” into view?

Thank you!

Hi gadgetimate!
Sorry for late reply and thank you for using superb theme!
I put an answers to your questions into FAQ sections, because it may be usefull for other theme buyers

Hi there, Can you please advice me if this theme fits my needs? I want to use the theme for a magazine/news website. Here we go: 1) Slider and blog on homepage, with right sidebar next to slider or under slider 2) 728×90 ad in header or above header 3) 300×250 adsense ad (inframe banner) in right sidebar on every page. Width should be slight more than 300 pixels to fit ad. 4) portfolio feature 5) facebook comments 6) SEO plugin 7) WPTouch plugin replace logo, but that’s standard right… 9) video gallery Thanks in advance!

Hmm, strange question. All what this theme have are demonstrated in theme’s demo site. You can make all what you want with this theme, but some stuff you should do by yourself. For example, if you need to put a 728×90 ad somewhere to the right of the logo, you should register additional sidebar and add few lines of code in header php file and so on. I mean for some point not enough just click a button)))

I’ve bought this theme for a magazine project and I’m very happy with it. It matches perfectly with the idea I had in mind. I was new to wordpress so I stressed a little bit at the begining but the author kindly answered to all my newbie questions by email. This theme has the advantage to be very easy tu customize by changing tha background and reading the documentation, that was a BIG advantage for me & my project. I will be looking for new themes from this author. Buy with confidence. Take a look to what can a newbie do with this theme: www.diostesalve.cl