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sublime indeed! Good luck with the sales, a!

Congratulations Great work.

I cannot see the demo using Chrome. Just white space at the top and some images load as I scroll down. No menu or anything.

Do you have JavaScript disabled in the chrome browser?

Yes JavaScript is enabled, I use it on all my websites but for some reason the site is not displaying in my Chrome. Works in all other browsers though. It is strange I have never seen a Chrome issue like this, I do not think it is my computer as I have over 200 websites online that use JavaScript and are working on my Chrome.

Has to be local. Had it tested now on chrome from at least 10 locations and on chrome mobile browser. Maybe an extension you have installed is conflicting. Thanks for letting me know. – cheers

Looks nice, good luck!

Exceptional work. Good luck. :)

Hello Eggbit,

like the clean touch of theme.

Presale questions: Question, do you think is it possible to use FooBox op the big image at the blog page. So when visitor clicks om the single image of the blog a lightbox opens with multiple images ?

Second question. Is the template flexible to put the buttons Next and Previous Item on the blog page, under the image, instead as it is now under the blog text ?

Kind regards MarzJ

Hi. I haven’t tested it with FooBox, but it looks like FooBox uses the built in WordPress gallery which the theme supports as you can see here: http://goo.gl/CT2OSi Moving the next/previous buttons is easy to do. – Cheers

This is so cool! Best of luck

Thank you ;)

Very nice theme, are slider images included (.psd)

Yes, the slider images are included with the demo content. Cheers

Just got your theme…thanks so much. Look forward to using it.

Great. If you have any questions, there is post-sales support here: http://goo.gl/01ET8 – Cheers

Hi, i want to put my logo on the top. But how do that ?

it’s good sorry :)

The menu appears as wierd characters in my Chrome browser :(

Great Looking Theme! But having troubles, opened a ticket in your support site, I hope to get it resolved. But great work so far!

Thanks. Please see the ticket reply. – Cheers

hello! awesome theme! i’m trying to put a logo on the header but it keeps appearing in text the name of the website. how can this me customized? thanks!

i would need to have multiple header images. should i contact you privately then?

We have a customization request form here: http://goo.gl/WEQpHc

no problem! finally managed how to really easy make it in CSS:

.page-id-32 .bgimage { background: url(“home.jpg”) repeat #000000; }

.page-id-103 .bgimage { background: url(“about.jpg”) repeat #000000; }

.page-id-116 .bgimage { background: url(“contact.jpg”) repeat #000000; }

edit: founded!

hello again! i need to replace this image from the main slider: http://pixelgrapes.com/demo/sublime/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/bg.jpg but i don’t see where. can you help? thanks!

hello! it seems something happens in chrome (and safari) because the parallax effect on images after the header when you use the PARALLAX in Stretch Banner do not work. here’s a screenshot of how is it viewed in your demo site http://s7.postimg.org/wo80z2izv/Captura_de_pantalla_2013_08_05_a_la_s_22_02_02.png any solution?

I will take a look at that too. Thanks

Thanks for the update! How can i install it without loosing my stuff and CSS?

No child theme? If you’ve modified the core theme files you can open a ticket here: http://pixelgrapes.ticksy.com and I’ll get you the exact files to update. – Cheers

Great theme!

Unfortunately, it shows up messed up even though I followed your documentation thoroughly.

I have filed a support ticket and you offered to set it up for me. I have not hearrd from you since.

I am looking forward to experiencing the working theme on my site and will be sure to vote! :)

Best regards,



Hi Mads. We got your ticket yesterday. Long weekend here so we had some catchup. Will get it taken care of today. Cheers

Thank you! What a great service. Thanks for fixing everything.

You get the price of a template and the service of a web-bureau!

Hi, great template! but the button link in the slider not work in ie and firefox… please can you review it? my page is http://upadvisor.es and the button is called “Acceso a Demo”


Hi any news about my support ticket? I posted about 2 days ago…

Answered it 2 days ago. Perhaps it went to your junk mail?

Thanks, you are right!