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Congratulations, you have some great work! :)

Does your theme support DMS? Like Pagelines?

Hi. The theme supports drag & drop and includes custom blocks for the aqua page builder plugin. http://goo.gl/gjWguD But it is not built on any existing DMS (framework). – Cheers

Hi, this is my first time using wordpress. I just purchase your sublime theme but after install it and import the demo, how come I cannot get the same template as in your demo?http://pixelgrapes.com/demo/sublime/

You will need to set the homepage and assign the menus. There is documentation included that will walk you through the steps. If you have a problem open a ticket here http://pixelgrapes.ticksy.com – cheers

hello again! when used accordion the module does not open on mobile phones :( can you help?

i men the one you hace 2 hours ago on: http://pixelgrapes.com/demo/sublime/faq/ i tried it on ios and works ok! :(

You may have seen it when we were testing a solution. But it didn’t work consistently. The plugin needs to be updated.

ok!. can you at least recommend me a plugin that works with your template?

Hi, the theme looks great! Good work.

Quick questions: how did you build the animation (laptop, clouds, etc) on the homepage? Was it easy to add into the template? I am pretty new at wordpress but would like to achieve a similar feel as you created with this animation.


You could also download the theme again and reinstall or just upload style.css – should do it. -cheers

Thanks eggbit. I reinstalled the file and now the client block displays my highlight colour, however it does not display the parallax bg that I have uploaded. A step in the right direction however. Also, can you please tell me how to update the Revolution Slider as the version installed is not working with WP 3.6 (i cannot edit in the admin panel). Thanks.

The slider should work with 3.6 The demo is using WP 3.6.1 – Can you open a ticket: http://support.pixelgrapes.com If you include a login we can take a better look for you. – Cheers


This is a prepurchase question. I love the theme, it is really great. I am trying to build a membership based site using the plugin wishlist, will wishlist be compatible with this theme and will there be any problems with a shopping cart integration. Any help you could offer would be great. Thanks heaps :-)

Hi. The plugin looks like it just adds certain permissions on pages. It should work. They claim to work with and wordpress site ;) You could use a simple cart plugin if you’re selling a few items. If you want a full-blown store you may want to use an ecommerce theme. – Cheers

there is another BIG problem with the 1.1 updtate: when responsive menu is enabled on iOS if you scroll down on home the menu and header appear some times in the middle of the page like “flashes” http://pixelgrapes.com/demo/sublime/ the 1.0 did not have this problem…

You may be seeing a cached version from when we had some test files up earlier. Clear your browser cache. If you have a problem on your site – please open a ticket http://pixelgrapes.ticksy.com

Hi there,

The theme looks great, quick question though, is there a feature to change skins / colours of different elements within the site such as header colour, main body, background etc.?

Many thanks,


Hi Steve. There is a theme customizer to change the main highlight colour, header colour and menu background/font colour. - cheers

Thx Eggbit, think that tips it for me… in the right direction..


Hola. Love the theme, I’m having some bug issues with the widgets in the blog. Will you take a look please? talklaunch.net

Any recommendations to how I can fix?


Looks like the sidebar pops in at mobile, and then drops into the footer on a browser? http://www.talklaunch.net/2013/08/30/love-hate-colorados-new-logo/

Looks like the sidebar is empty? Please open a ticket here: http://support@pixelgrapes.com If you include a login I’ll check it out for you. – Cheers

Thanks buddy – I’ll email.


why my top menu is not working



great…thanks eggbit for great support!

how do i insert slider on other pages? it seems blank on others. only left with white space.

Only the homepage template has the built in slider. You can go to appearance/customize and select the pages tab. You can upload a header image to appear on the subpages. Or you can use the slider shortcode to add sliders to other pages. – Cheers

Hello nice theme :-)

But i need to make 4 columns on the homepage i can’t use any of the functions in the page builder, any suggestion for a short code plugin that will work with this theme ?

for some reason the zopim chat plugin mess up the header…

Can you open a ticket and include a link to the page. http://support.pixelgrapes.com

Will do when the site is complete and open :-)

Hi, this theme seems to be good for what I want to do. I have one question : is it fully compatible with WPML for translations ?

Hi. Yes, it includes language files. – cheers

I filled out a ticket and am awaiting response, my sidebars have disappeared from my individual blog postings. Any ideas?

I see a ticket submitted 1 hr ago? Looks like you’ve edited css. Please see the ticket. – Cheers

ok a few questions, how do i set the banners? none of them appear and i cant figure it out?

Also my footer spitfiredev.com the counter is on a few lines unlike yours.

logged a ticket at http://pixelgrapes.ticksy.com/ but doesnt seem to be working.

Hi. That is the old support area. The new one is at http://support.pixelgrapes.com

Put the counter in the ‘footer left’ sidebar. It is wider.

Are you using the regular banner? It will display when you scroll down. The ‘stretch banner’ is the fullscreen width banner. If you open a support request with a link to the page where you have it we will take a look. – Cheers

I love your theme.. is it possible to change EVERY colours ? :-)

Hi. You can change the highlight colour across the site, so everything you see that is green. You can also change the menu bar colour and subpage header colour plus the menu font colour. – Cheers


I just want to say if you’re theme have a .pot or .mo in French


Hi. It includes .po for translation. You can translate it using a plugin. But it doesn’t include any pre-translated languages. – Cheers

HI. How can i use this image http://pixelgrapes.com/demo/sublime/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/bg.jpg as background on header in others pages different at home?

This is what i want



Hi. Go to appearance/customize and click on the ‘pages’ tab. You can upload a header image. Make sure you give it enough time to upload – it will appear in the preview screen when the upload is complete. – Cheers

Thanks, it´s ok

Hi, I’ve got problems setting up the demo site. After installing the theme, importing the content (demo.xml), configuring menus, setting home page, and creating slider1 and importing it, the issues are:

- home page includes template id=”8” which is not defined in page builder

- some images are missing, including post images and the image in every header except the one in the home page

- slider images are missing

- the footer just contains ‘Copyright 2013’

- some content from the demo at


is missing, including: the top left block ‘even more features’ in the about us page and template; and a number of features in the Feature menu

Any help welcome

Hi. You can delete template id=”8” and select the correct one from the template drop down. The post images are not included. You can upload a ‘header’ image in appearance/customize under the ‘pages’ tab. You will need to add widgets to the footer. The widgets aren’t imported with demo content. I can’t tell from the above link what is missing. The features blocks are just examples. There is some documentation to check out if you haven’t. If you need assistance please open a support request here: http://support.pixelgrapes.com – cheers

We are having problems installing the theme. The error message is “This does not appear to be a WXR file, missing/invalid WXR version number”

Please let me know how to correct this with out needing to et in to FTP

Thank you

Would you able to provide me with a working zip file?

It’s in the download. All I did was download and install it. I used the version on ThemeForest. sublime.zip – cheers