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Hi Still loving the theme, but i love to work in it so much i can’t get our site finish :-D

in the live preview you have icons with a picture background the icons appear on sight, the are right above the footer.

How the heck did you do this ?

Also i got to say i haven’t notice any errors on this theme, only with outdated plugins.

It uses the background/header image that has been uploaded in appearance/customize under the pages tab.

what is the optimal size for the background/header image.

Since it’s full width you’ll want an image that is about 1920px + wide. Otherwise it will appear zoomed in.

Great theme eggbit!

Just thought I’d share a site I created using your theme.



looks good. nice job ;)

Quick question, eggbit.

How do I slow down the Testimonial switch time? It currently switches through too quick without time to read.


Open js/plugins.js and find the testimonial slider settings around line 153. Add a speed setting like this:

slideshowSpeed: 7000,

Hi i am looking to purchase this theme but i have a few questions if you don’t mind.

1. can i use this as an entertainment blog?

2. does it support ads? if so which ones?

Hi. Sure you could use it as an entertainment blog. You can add a WP plugin to support ads – depending on what you need – http://wordpress.org/plugins/search.php?q=ads


Hi, ive just installed your theme, now im installing your demo content and it has promted me to install:

Installing and Activating Plugin Revolution Slider Plugin (1/1)

But its just hanging…... not sure what to do now.

Kind regards, Jamba

that worked great, Thanks

Hi Eggbit, im using Polylang to make the site multi-language. The only trouble im having is the slider, where does the slider ID get assigned to a home page?

Hi. You can set the slider alias in appearance/customize under the ‘pages’ tab. It’s the added to the theme in header-homepage.php

<?php putRevSlider($slider) ?>
– Cheers

Hi, Great template, installing it now… but cannot seem to find the demo.xml in the zipfile I downloaded. Checked twice, pls advice. Thnx! Best, Jeroen

Hi. Make sure you download the ‘main files’ option. There is a folder inside called ‘demo content’ which holds the demo.xml file.



I’m planning to open soon a blog about programming. I was thinking is this theme good for it? Most important things in my blog would be tutorials, images, videos and perhaps later membership area.

Hi. It will support the tutorials, images and videos. You could then add a membership plugin when needed. – Cheers

How do I see what version of “Font Awesome” is included in the theme? Also, how do I upgrade the version?

Awesome. Thanks!!

The theme version available for download now has the font awesome update. Now instead of ‘icon-phone’ for example you will use ‘fa-phone’. Cheers

Thanks! :-)


I’ve just noticed a section of my website doesn’t work all of a sudden…the portfolio bits just aren’t linking to the films. Can you help me please?

the website is: www.humbledinger.co.uk. If you go to ‘portfolio’ and then try to click on the films it just takes you to an image- which doesn’t make sense as it was working fine yesterday and the settings haven’t been changed?

Thank you in advance!

It hasn’t worked I’m afraid :(

Ok can you private message me your login and I’ll check it out.

I’ve sent you a private message, thanks!

Hi, First of all, Great theme!!! And now my little problem: i try to create items for a portfolio but no data is showing on the right area of the image. The custom fields are filled and the extract too. Could you help me with it????


Hi. I’m sorry, that was my mistake. I see all theme comments together at this end and had gotten yours mixed up with another user with a similar username and issue on a different theme. Thanks for the link. It looks like you don’t have a recent theme update. Can you download the theme again and replace it. All your settings and content will remain. It should fix the nav icon issue – and we’ll see if it also fixes the other issues. – Cheers

I’ve the latest version of the template, althrought, i download and install again the template but the problem still, any ideas???

Can you private message me a WP login so I can take a better look for you? Thanks

Hi there, Still like the template but really cannot seem to find how to make the footer similar to your demo page. All I can edit in appearrance/customize is ‘Copyright’ and whether to show social media icons. And there is no Footer block. How can I edit/add page links like your ‘support’, ‘other stuf’ and ‘how to buy’

Thnx! Jeroen

The footer area is widgets. Go to appearance/widgets and you can drag widgets over to the footer and wide left footer. You can make a custom menu in appearance/menus and then add the custom menu widget to the footer sidebar if you want it like the demo. – Cheers

Thanks, that helps. Now only I have the menu (2 pages) in two places: in the footer below and as in the top-right corner as two tabs (for each page). I have tried every setting, to no unvail. How can I only show the menu in the footer below? Thnx!

Solved it! In menu’s you’ll need to uncheck ‘submenu’ (leave all unselected). Works fine now.

Hi, I just purshased your theme and i like it so much, and i have a little problem:. Firstly the background does not appear below the header on each page (pricing, blog, about, ..). It does not appear either on the home page behind the iphone. How can I bring up the background and change the picture? Thank you very much for your help.

Thank’s for relpy. I’m trying but it doesn’t work. I think it’s the same problem for “client box” , the background is the main color selected in customizer. I would like a background as your demo. how can i do thank please ?

They all use the header image. Depending on your server and size of the image it can take some time to upload. You need to wait for it to appear in the preview screen before hitting save. If you have a problem private message me a login and I’ll check it out. – Cheers

I sent you a pm. Thank’s

Nice clean work boys and girls! I discovered this theme after finding your latest Shopsy theme http://pixelgrapes.com/demo/shopsy/ How does woocommerce work with Sublime theme? Are you planning integration with WC?

It’s not currently setup for WC. I’ll look at making it more WC friendly for the next release. – Cheers

Hi, I just bought this theme and I really love it. However, when I change the highlight color and click save&publish it doesn’t change on the website.

I tried refreshing and using different browser with no luck. So cache isn’t the problem.

Please help me out.

Can you private message me a link/login and I’ll check it out. – Thanks

Love your theme! But im having trouble imorting the demo content.

Im having trouble importing the media files i get loads of errors when i run the importer. My indexpage doesnt look anything like the demo.

Got any advice?

Under appearance/reading set the static home page to your homepage. And in appearance menus assign the menus. If you private message me with a link to the site I can help more. – Thanks

Thanks, but i found the error. The demo xml tries to get the images from http://pixelgrapes.com/demo/testtheme/... but the correct url is http://pixelgrapes.com/demo/sublime/... you might want to update your bundle.

That isn’t an error. Not all the images on the demo are included for copyright reasons. The demo.xml grabs the setup and included images from /testtheme

Hi, not sure if I should post this on Item Support but anyway:

Installed theme. All ok. Impressive.

But some demo data does not seem to be there (source: pixelgrapes.com)

Example that works: iphone picture on HomePage (http://pixelgrapes.com/demo/sublime/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/iphone7.png)

Example that does not work: client logos on Homepage (http://pixelgrapes.com/demo/sublime/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/logo8.png)

UPDATE: file exists but does not upload apparently. I will investigate further.

UPDATE: the client logos (like logo8.png) are visible as unattached items in Media Library ut cannot be selected.

UPDATE: ignore my text above. Most works. My issue boiled down to the fact that I cant figure out how to get a background behind the blocks “A Rockin Theme with lots of extras!” and the block with the client logos. Please advise. Thanks.

UPDATE: eggbit already answered this issue in one of these posts. He says: “It uses the background/header image that has been uploaded in appearance/customize under the pages tab” and indeed it does (surprise, surprise). Don’t forget to tick “Parallax Background Effect?” in the Stretch Banner block, otherwise it does not show the background on that block.

Issue closed ;-)

Hi I’m still doing great with your theme. Really like it! Good work.

But I discovered a small compatibility issue with the Multilanguage Plugin WPML (www.wmpl.org).

“WMPL Language Selector does not show correct in Menu of Sublime theme”

I reported it at: http://wpml.org/forums/topic/language-selector-does-not-show-correct-in-menu-of-sublime-theme/

I will update this post if it is fixed.

I just checked out the WPML link – it looks like they’ve posted a good answer.

Indeed. Works. But flags show both in main and sub menu. Even when sub menu is empty. Probably this is logical but a way to prevent this would be nice. I’ll post this question at the WPML site.

WPML solved the double displaying of their flags in this Theme. You should add 1 CSS line in a specific field in their Wordpress plugin.

See the WPML link above.

Issue closed :-)

Eggbit, on the Portfolio page (detail) the Social Media icons on the right of the word “Share” are white on a white background. Maybe something to change?

P.S. Just created Portfolios and all works fine :)

Hi, how do I make the “Gallery” sub menu item? To display Portfolio items? Like the demo site does…

I cannot find any Gallery items in WP-admin…

Please advise. Thnx.

Solved with help of Eggbit:

- It’s called ‘portfolio’ in WP admin.

- Add posts with featured images to the portfolio section.

- Then create a page using the ‘portfolio’ template. When you create a page, there is the standard templates (right column) to select from. That is where you need to select ‘portfolio’. NOT from the page builder BLOCKS (the page builder portfolio BLOCK is just to insert a small portfolio carousel within a page, that’s something else…)

- In appearance/customize under the ‘pages’ tab you can set the number of gallery columns to be displayed.

Issue closed :-)

Hi, I know this theme is Translation Ready (as mentioned it – Includes .mo and .po language files.), one of the reasons for buying. But … can you help me with the steps how to add or activate a second language (Dutch, next to English which is current)? Thnx! Jeroen

Hi Jeroen. The easiest way is to use a translation plugin. WPML is a popular one. There are some other mentioned here: http://goo.gl/0NdfyH

Thanks, I’ll check it out

Hi, I’ve added a new revolutions slides for (e.g.) the about us-page. I can add all kinds of things, but somehow I cannot edit of change the default text it shows: About Us {the page name, logical} All elements built with page builder { where/how can I edit/delete this?} Thnx! Jeroen

Solved it=> It’s in edit/page, subtitle