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My header shows 38 little ‘tiles’ of one by one centimers across in my syandard colour. On all pages. Coincidentially, 38 is the same number of pages I have created. I submitted an support request, but got no reply on this question (did on other one).

I’ve looked in headers, customize settings, pages (especially) etc, but to no unveil. Here’s a screenshot: http://nl.tinypic.com/view.php?pic=vnkmpy&s=5#.Uo9xLmRdZqk Thnx! Jeroen

Hi Eggbit, Thanks, for your swift reply. I can see what it does, but is not working. If I set/assign the sub menu only for the main menu, it shows the wrong menu with 38 dots vertically below each other: http://nl.tinypic.com/r/20f3g3k/5 If I set/assign the main menu only for the main menu, the menu is what I want, but it shows the 38 tiles as mentioned earlier: http://nl.tinypic.com/r/121rjwn/5 If I set/assign both, both tiles and dots are gone, but obviously two menu’s appear which is not what I want: http://nl.tinypic.com/view.php?pic=11udg1d&s=5#.Uo-fP2RdZqk Can you help me to just get the sub menu without 38 dots or 38 tiles? Appreciate your help! Best, Jeroen

The last version is right. Just create a blank menu and assign that as the sub-menu. Or delete the items in the menu you have assigned as your submenu if they are not required.

Thanks, that did it!

Template looks awesome. I need some urgent help. I’m having issues customizing all colors and subheaders on inside pages. It shows the change on live preview under appearance customize, but the live site never changes.

I tried re-installing the theme a couple of time and nothing. Please help me. I opened a ticket but no replies yet.

Thank you so much!

Can you private message me a link. It sound like your server isn’t reading style.php as css. I can check. – Thanks

Hi, I’v installed WPML, but it cannot seem to find the .MO file for Dutch, I can not figure out how to get this started. I know Sublime comes as you mentioned ‘Translation Ready – Includes .mo and .po language files.’ Thnx http://www.picmonkey.com/p/tVFwZZBn5W6

Yes, it was me who triggered your update to the translation file, pls see earlier in this question. So yeah, we installed the new one;-) Looks more and more that the theme, and especially the pagebuilder blocks are not translateble. As this is key for me and you feature multi-langual, I really would appreciate a response. I’ll mail for support as well, but welcome an open answer.

It’s difficult for me to answer without seeing your translation setup. Can you open a support request and include a link/login. – Thanks

Just DM-ed, looking forward to your reply.

I just bought the Theme, I have the following problem;

While editing the header I can untick the ‘Show header text with your image’ but then when I click SAVE CHANGES , the tick comes back and stays there, so I can’t visualize the Image.

Okay, I have updated. I have the same problem, and now I can´t even change the logo image.

Can you private message me a login. I’ll check it out. Thanks

Normally, you go to appearance/customize and click on the ‘logo/favicon’ tab and you can upload a logo. All the customization for this theme is done in the ‘customize’ menu item. I got your email but no login. – Cheers

Great template!

How do I add a solid color down the middle of all the pages behind the modules with a fixed width because I’m using a background image that’s competing with the text. I would have thought that it would be a “container” class but I can’t find it. Any help would be appreciated.

Also, do you have .psd files for the demo? It would be helpful to use for offline design ideas before using the page builder.

Thank you

Please re-send the email, I did not receive it. Thank you

Hello again, I still have not received the email you said you sent and would appreciate it if you would resend it.

Hi. Sorry, I’m on the road at the moment and don’t have the email to resend. Basically, it said as you know there is no boxed version and because of the full-width slider, footer and some page builder elements, it’s not a single container. If you still need a quote you can get one here: http://pixelgrapes.com/customization-request/ But it sounds like you’ve got most of it figured out. – Cheers


What is the properly resolution of images to have a correct display of the stretch banner with parallax effect?


Hi. You want an image that is 1920px + wide to maintain the aspect ratio at full resolution. Otherwise it will be stretched to fill the space. The height is less important and will depend on the content. – Cheers

Thanks! I love your quick answers Pixel ;).


I just purchased your theme. Upon downloading the theme, I found out that the PSD files are missing.

I need them to be able to customize the design and show it to my client.

I’d appreciate it if you could get back to me as soon as possible.

Thank you, Zee

PS: I am also going to send you a private message.

I tried using your support- and it wont accept any of the varification codes.

So hear is my problem: When I first uploaded the theme there was a blank space under the header about an inch and a half tall. Suddenly for no reason, it turned light blue and showed the name of the page that I was on… Now it’s gone again and I have just blank space.

Please let me know where and how this is controlled- It is not in the documentation.

In appearance/customize under the ‘pages’ tab you can upload a header image. The title and subtitle can be added in individual posts/pages. – Cheers


Just a quick question, what kind of SEO Plugin would you recommend for this theme of yours? By the way this is an amazing theme.

Thanks ;) In general the all-in-one-seo plugin is a good free one. If you want a paid solution I’d check out http://www.squirrly.co Cheers

Hello, This theme is very nice Bravo! I want to buy it but i am working in joomla. Can you convert it to Joomla template? Thank you

Thanks. Unfortunately, no plans for a Joomla version. – Cheers

Hi, I need some help. The header text and the parallax image is not working when installed on my wordpress.

I think the reason the parallax background does not show is due to the css: .../wp-content/themes/sublime/css/style.php

with value: .bgimage { background:url(””) repeat; }

Not sure why the page subtitle does not show… Instead, it is showing hte post ID.

Please help!!

BTW, the demo is suffering from the same bug: http://pixelgrapes.com/demo/sublime/blog/

Also, what typography should I use to make the font the same as your demo?

It’s the default font. If you leave the font field blank it is Helvitica Neue.

Found another problem in Chrome. The FAQ section does not look right: http://pixelgrapes.com/demo/sublime/faq/

Hi. There was a problem with the language update last week. It also caused the heading issue. I just uploaded a fix. if you download the theme again you will get the correct files. – Thanks for letting us know about this. – Cheers

Love the theme. All of the blog posts seem to default to a centered orientation. Can I fix this to render all the copy on the left orientation?

Because of the meta data (date) in the left column it would require editing page-blog.php and single.php – changing span6 to span9 and modifying the css.

Hi, I don’t get responses when using the support tab, but thank you in advance for responding here….

I am using the page builder. How do I make the “image” tab link to a page. I don’t want just an image, I need it to link to a page. Seems obvious that anyone would want the image to link to something… I tried using simple html code to do so but that doesn’t seem to work.

Thank you!


Thank you for your help.

I think you’re right, there should be an option for a link – so I just added it. If you download the theme again – you can update the theme or just update the admin folder to get the change. – Cheers

Awesomeness…. Thanks!

Hey mate, is there any way to completely remove post date information from every page? i’m using a plugin called wp-client and the pages I make with it all have this post date information.



Hi. An easy way to do it (without altering code) is by adding this to your style.css

.blog.span2 {visibility:hidden;}

Hi, just checking to see if you are receiving my PM’s regards the navigation issue I was having? I got a very quick response back in early Dec thank you, but have not heard back since. Hope to hear soon, thanks in advance for your help ;)

Any updates? Really need some nav ;)

Sorry, please see email. – Cheers

Thanks, sorted. As per email reply, the client found it was ‘Compatibility View’ in IE10 that was causing the issue in their case ;)

Hi! A bit frustrated with page builder. I had the front page set up once using it, and then I went back to just change a couple of the images out and now it’s not showing the images. I tried completely starting over with a new template and for some reason only the first 2 images show and nothing else. I’ve tried re-uploading the images altogether and nothing works.

Can you email me for a quicker turn around time on this issue? I need to launch this website!!! lareemancour@comcast.net

sure, sent.

Everyone should know your service has been awesome!! Thank you for solving my issue in a timely manner!!! :)

Hey ! Loving the theme ! How do I remove the little eye AND comments bubble on the blog posts (just under the Authors name) – I would not like to display this data. Thanks !

Depending on your blog setup you may need to do the same thing in index.php

Editing the index removed it from the blog page, but the it’s still there on the posts! Would there be any other places I should look to remove that code besides blog.php or index.php? Thanks so much!

Yes, if you want to also remove it from the posts you need to edit single.php – cheers

Hi, I have 2 urgent questions which I am completely clueless on how to figure out….

1) How do I get the parallax image and with the page titles name on it as how you have in your live preview on gallery – gallery 4 col?

Right now my portfolio is fine, the blue/cyan large title I can edit the color back in css to white but I would like to have the parallax (picture) background with my title on top of the picture as how you have in your demo?

2) How come my Tags to sort the portfolio isn’t working as to how it works nicely on your live demo, here’s my website link: http://graphicteam.co.za/online-portfolio/


Hi. 1- In appearance/customize under the ‘pages’ tab you can upload a header image.

2- Try disabling any plugins to see if something is conflicting. – Cheers