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I need some help with the Portfolio! I created a portfolio with 4 products. So far, ok.

http://www.islandtools.com/clara/maria/ But when i select the Products, i got this error: No page Found!!!! :-(

For example: http://www.islandtools.com/clara/portfolio/producto4/ Product 4= I GOT A ERROR. I DONT UNDERSTANT WHY!

Please i need help can you help me? clarasolerd@gmail.com

Warm regards from BCN! Clara

PM? What is?

Click in my profile and send a private message.

I already did! I wait for you mail! :-)

Sorry, I’m sure there are basic instructions for manipulating this pretty cool WP Theme but I’m new to WP and am trying to set up a landing page for an app that is similar to the one that I purchased yet after install I get a very complicated, garbled component view that I can’t figure out how to manipulate. I did some research on this page and the Web and still can’t figure it out. Have I done something wrong?

Here’s a quick video of what I’m seeing: http://goo.gl/Y07BII.

Any quick helpful pointers? Sorry if this is an obvious question that I’m somehow overlooking.

Thanks, James

If you go to appearance/customize and click on the ‘pages’ tab you can upload an image to the header. it may take a few seconds to upload. Once it appears in the preview box – hit save. That image will fill the header and the front page parallax section. The other block you referred to is the ‘recent posts’ block. – Hope that helps

Thanks for the response. I’m not that it’s working, however. I’m trying to use the same image that is on the Homepage Revolution Slider - just like the demo version on Themeforest. I selected a different image and waited for it to upload but still don’t see it. It’s not showing up for either the Pricing page or on the homepage in the middle - again, just like the version on Themeforest. Any additional guidance?


Could you PM me a login and I’ll give you a hand. – Cheers

I purchased Sublime and had created a template for home page with Stretch Banner, Portfolio, Twitter Banner & Client option. The Header, Footer & Slider are coming the widget and plugin respectively.

But there are empty space coming between the Slider and the Stretch Banner, Twitter & Client and Client &Footer div.

I did inspect element and there are some blocks added automatically which I didn’t find anywhere in CSS.

Please help me how to fix them.

I am using Latest Wordpress version I guess 3.8.1 and Sublime version 1.1

Could you send me a PM with a link so I can take a look? – thanks

Whenever I create a portfolio item, the URL created generates a 404 error?

still doesnt work

If you PM me a login I will take a look – thanks

Thanks! for awesome customer support!

Can’t get 3 menus in the footer like you have on the demo (or even two). In the widgets section I have Sidebar, Footer-left and Footer. Then I have another Sidebar and footer, not sure why these are there? Anyhow, I cannot get more than the left footer and 1 footer column to work. When I attempt to add another widget in the footer (for a total of 2 or 3), only one will show up.

Footer left is one half-page column. – so one widget. The regular footer has 3 columns and can accept 3 widgets.

Thanks! That worked

My logo does not resize when viewed on a mobile device

Can you PM me a link. Thanks


Please help me to fix the alignment of http://likestagram.com/blog/ I didn’t change anything in the code. It came with that alignment. I don’t know if someone else having the same problem.

I only changed it to decrease the size of the logo in the mobile version. I returned everything to normal, as it was, and still the same problem occurred. I will send you the login

In settings/reading you don’t need to set the post page to blog. Should be good now. – Cheers

Thanks for your help!

Morning Sir!

I am also having the same issue with portfolio pages. Any help would be great!

Did you try resaving your permalinks settings? If so PM me a link and I can take a look.

Thanks – just sent an email.

Site is working perfectly now. Thanks!

I have asked for support 1 week ago and didn’t received any anwser Can you help please see site http://escreen.fr

I have to click at least one time on an image so it appears back normally

jquery or something?

The blog images aren’t included in demo content so they will show a placeholder. Is that what you mean?

Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.

Need help ASAP!

If you download the Themeforest ‘main files’ you need to unzip it on your local computer first. It contains docs and demo content. The theme zip is located in the theme folder. That is the one you want. – Cheers


My stretch banner format is not right. The title is showing up underneath the body text and the body text is not going to the left. Can you please help. Here is a link to my site: http://expressionpalette.com


Hi. I haven’t seen that before. Can I login and take a look? Please PM me. – Thanks

Im new to theme forest, how do I pm you?

Click on my profile and use the contact form. – thanks

We just installed this Theme on a fresh WordPress 3.8.1 installation (@localhost). We followed the instructions in ./documentation/sublime.doc.pdf but the Theme looks totally broken.

Also we imported the demo.xml.

This is how it looks like: http://s1.directupload.net/images/140226/y2meynt4.png

What’s the problem and how to fix it?

Chrome’s Developer console just shows this error message: “GET http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Default+Font&ver=3.8.1 400 (Bad Request) “

Thanks for helping.

Hi. Go to settings/reading and set your static homepage. And once you go into appearance/customize/typography and save a font, that error should be gone. – Cheers

Search feature is totally broken: http://s14.directupload.net/images/140303/bdwskwzw.png

What’s happening there? How to fix it?

It’s also broken when entering a search text: http://pixelgrapes.com/demo/sublime/?s=gallery+&lang=en

k – I’ll upload a fix

The search results fix is avail. now. – Cheers

Hovering a sub item in the main menu on small devices only displays correctly after the main menu is closed and re-opened.

First open: http://s7.directupload.net/images/140303/vdja7oq9.png

Second open: http://s1.directupload.net/images/140303/kg6fwgya.png

I can’t reproduce this – can you PM me a link please.

Hi I also have an issue with portfolio item leading to 404 pages.

Any hint or help would be greatly appreciated. Already tried reverting url’s to default but it doesn’t solve the issue.


Also I have a blank page on appearance->customize beside left bar menu, so I can’t see any update live

Hi. I haven’t seen that before. Sounds like it may be related to the 404 issue. Does your server have mod rewrite enabled? If so, maybe PM me a login and I’ll take a look for you. – Thanks


we were trying to push the wordpress site we tested on our test system to the live site.

(Test system’s wordpress installation can be accessed via http://localhost:8888/wordpress/, live system’s wordpress installation can be accessed via http://www.OURDOMAINNAME.test/)

To do so we did the following:

1.) Dumped the complete wordpress database and replaced every “localhost:8888” with “www.OURDOMAINNAME.test” (when we search for “localhost” there are no finds in the SQL dump)

2.) Imported the SQL dump on the live system & changed wp-config.php to connect to the live site DB.

3.) Copied the /wordpress/wp-content/themes/sublime folder to live system (/wp-content/themes/sublime), the /wordpress/wp-content/uploads folder to live system (/wp-content/uploads) and the /wordpress/wp-content/plugins folder to the live system (/wordpress/wp-content/plugins).

Now – when opening the site on the live system – the site looks like this: http://s1.directupload.net/images/140305/5b54rozy.png

What’s happening there? Why does the live system not use the “Theme Customize” settings as expected? If we open /wp-admin/customize.php on the live system, some settings are reverted to default, e.g. the “Footer Copyright text”, the “Logo and Favicon” settings and the “Navigation” settings.

Would be awesome if you could help again :)

Your customization settings aren’t set in your new db. Hard for me to say why – that’s a db transfer question. Have you gone into appearance/customize and tried hitting save to commit the settings? That should at least make the slider appear.

Hi. We found out why we coulnd’t replace all “localhost:8888” with “www.OUTDOMAINNAME.test” in the SQL dump: Wordpress saves some options in a format like this: (137, ‘theme_mods_sublime’, ‘a:23:{i:0;b:0;s:18:”nav_menu_locations”;a:2:{s:9:”menu-main”;i:24;s:8:”menu-sub”;i:25;}s:10:”logo_image”;s:67:”http://localhost:8888/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/logo.png”;...

Where s:67 is the length of the next string (“http://localhost:8888/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/logo.png”)

That’s why we coulnd’t only replace “localhost:8888” with “www.OUTDOMAINNAME.test” (because the new domain name is longer, thus invalids the s:67)

Sorry – we thought it was a problem with the Theme, but in fact it’s an wordpress related “issue”.

Hi, yesterday I sent an email to the support with serveral problems that I’ve with this template….but until now no one answered.


The ticket has been replied to. Please allow up to 24hrs. – Cheers

Thanks, unfortunally until now I’ve not received the reply. Thanks

Hi, I have two questions:

1. How do I change the background/header image that has been uploaded in appearance/customize under the pages tab to make it so I can use a different background/header image for different pages? I saw that victor47005 was able to do it on his website: http://gravedad-cero.com/

2. How do I change the text that appears in the background/header image when I am working with pre-set pages like ‘pricing’ and ‘faq’.

Thanks, Jon

Hi Jon,

1- The user has added some custom css. So normally the header background is retrieved like this:

.bgimage {}
They have added page ids like this:
.page-id-76 .bgimage {}
2- Those page headings aren’t preset. The heading is your page title and the subheading is entered into the sub-heading field (in the right margin). Hope that helps

Hi i just purchase the theme. I do the installation on my wordpress and activate it. but when i try to upload the demo.xml. it shows nothing. could you help me on this? I need to get this urgent. thanks

there is no error message. i try to upload it in my localhost, it work just fine, but when i try to upload in the real server it does not work. I notice the file upload in my real server max is up to 2MB where as in my localhost is 64MB. that is the only different i could detect. Im not sure why is it like that. any suggestion? Thanks in advance

Hmm, that isn’t enough. You can get your host to increase it or take a look here: http://goo.gl/gqH9A – Cheers

thanks for your reply. I already inform the hosting company regarding this. I think i would work just fine later. Thanks so much. I love this theme. Great work :)