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HELP PLEASE! google analytic were I insert the code???

Hello, i still waiting that you fix the permanelinks problems. When portfolio works doesnt work the blog. Please this must fix ASAP!

Please see email.

Hi, How can I set number of column in portfolio page like your demo site?


I flushed the permalinks settings and forced them to reset.

Hi. I don’t know why but this error happen again

You can’t use the custom structure you had entered. Should be ok now. – Cheers

Hi. I also downloaded the latest version of the functions.php, replaced it, but permalinks still aren’t working. Error 404, page not found!

Please do advice.

Have you resaved your permalinks settings? If so, send me a PM with login and I can take a look. – Cheers

Hi PixelGrapes,

If I purchase a theme of yours, am I allowed to remove (if it has) the credits notation in the footer and / or elsewhere?


Yes you can. The theme is pretty much unbranded. The footer copyright/credit is entered in the settings. – Cheers

Please add Woocommerce support.. Any date on this update?

Hey there, thanks for a truly GREAT theme!! one question: how do i change the arrow character for the read more in the blog post preview on homepage?(class: more-arrow) *i need it to be the other way around..

Hi. In functions.php around line 424. &arr is right arrow. Left arrow would be &larr

Thanks a lot!!

OK, second question : Is it possible to have the blog page without a sidebar?

I’ll upload an update to make it possible. – Cheers

Hi! Im having problems uploading the demo to the theme, when uploading there are no errors, but the site looks like this: http://assuranceit.ca/

There is clearly something missing. No errors were produced on importing the demo.xml file. I followed the sublime.doc.pdf and im using the latest version of wordpress.

Please help!

You need to go into appearance/menus and assign the main menu and submenu. You will also need to go into appearance/customizer and set a static homepage. If you’re using the demo content set it to the page called ‘homepage’. You can read more about it in the docs: http://pixelgrapes.com/docs/sublime/sublime.doc.pdf -Cheers

thanks alot for the help! One last question, the footer is not showing up? Is this normal behavior? Shouldn’t it look like the footer in the demo? http://assuranceit.ca/

Go to appearance/widgets and drag and drop some widgets to the ‘footer’ and ‘footer-left’ sidebars.

In the demo the footer left sidebar is a ‘text’ widget. The footer sidebar is 3 ‘custom menu’ widgets. -Cheers

Hi there,

Great theme, but I need some help with the portfolio please! I actually just used one of the pages that were part of the demo content and added in my own portfolio items with images etc under the portfolio section in the admin. That all worked fine, I got the 4 columns and when clicked on image got a page. Now, all of a sudden the portfolio items are displayed as posts and when I click one I get a page not found 404 error. Help please! I have already re-saved the permalinks as suggested before, but that doesn’t help.

Cheers, Carin

Many thanks for that! But I’m afraid now I have another problem… When clicking on one of the porfoliio items I get page not found 404 error… help? Have also sent this via the support system.

Should be good now. Might need to re-save your posts to show all content. – Cheers

All good now thanks, I re-saved the posts and now it all displays correctly. Many thanks!

Please find a proper solution to the permalinks issue. We cannot publish our websites. The theme, especially functions.php, have been updated to the latest.

Please do advice. I have sent you 2 pm with credentials to check. Thanks.

Thanks, it seems to be working fine.

Question: Can I sort the portfolio based on categories? [template id=”2” cat=”1”] something like that? Hence, it will sort ONLY the portfolio on that category. The sorting menu, above portfolio, contains all the available categories. Can it be more category specific?

Depends how you need to use it. You could link directly to the portfolio category urls via the menu. Or you could edit the query in page-portfolio and add a category arg to this line:

$args = array('post_type' => 'portfolio', 'posts_per_page' => 15, 'paged' => $paged );


What’s the current version of this theme? Is it V 1.1?

Yes v1.1

Hi, I got this error when check with W3C Validator:

Error Line 43, Column 233: Bad value font_”Helvetica Neue”, Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif-css for attribute id on element link: An ID must not contain whitespace. …Helvetica%2C+Arial%2C+sans-serif&ver=3.8.2’ type=’text/css’ media=’all’ /> Syntax of id: An ID consists of at least one character but must not contain any whitespace.

It is because you don’t have a font selected. The theme is designed to use a google font. In appearance/customize you can choose from over 100 fonts.

Should we update to Wordpress 3.9 or will that break the template in any way?

I don’t see a timing value in the Testimonial code. Any way to slow them down?

In js/plugins under the testimonial section you can add a speed variable:

slideshowSpeed: 7000,

Thanks again! Best support I’ve dealt with in a long time.

Hi, thanks for the theme. I’ve made some changes to my theme, but I would like to start from the default. Also I cannot seem to download version 1.1 of the theme. Everytime I download it shows up as 1.0. Is there a way I can download a new fresh folder with all the content (including demo content, etc.) Thanks and sorry, I’m not the best at this website building. Cheers, Riley

Hi Riley. Yes, from your downloads section make sure you select the ‘all files & documentation’ option. That will include version 1.1 and the demo content. – Cheers

Hi again. I have the same issue as Talklaunch. At the blog section the sidebar works ok, but when viewing a single post of the blog the sidebar drops into the footer.

Is that a common/known issue? Is there a workaround?

Hi. I didn’t get anything yet? You clicked on my profile and sent a message?

Yes, 4 days ago. I will resend the login info now.

Hmm, still didn’t come through. Can you send it to jeff (at) pixelgrapes.com – Thanks

Hi there, I want to add a youtube link/icon to the social icons in the settings. How can I do that please?

Great, thank you!! Waiting for you to let me know when can I download the updated theme.

You should have received an email by now. It is available for download. – Cheers

didnt get the email, but thanks. working perfectly.

I have one quick bug I found and can not seem to fix. The sidebar on the blog roll page shows up either at the bottom, or not at all. It does work fine on the post page though.

PM sent

Any luck with this?

Hi. I didn’t get a message from TF. You can also submit a ticket at http://support.pixelgrapes.com attn:Jeff – Thanks

Thanks for the great theme and quick customer support

Hi, Thanks for the great theme. I’m having issues with “Banners” (Page Builder) when users have Ad Block installed on their browsers. Even though I’m just using them to encourage users to click Contact button, the banners are blocked and don’t appear. Also I’d like to know if would be possible to have “Clients” (Page Builder) clickable to their URL, I reckon makes sense. Many thanks, David

Hey David. If you open js/plugins.js (around line 321) you’ll see this:

if ($('.stretch-banner').length){ ... }
You can comment or delete that section. And you’re right the client logos should have the option to add a link. I will update the theme with that in the next couple days. – Cheers