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sorry for the question, but I’m not exactly clear on what this template will work for. i see you have a version for wordpress but what is the foundation and database for this html5 version?

I see you make this template for wordpress where i would drop it in as wordpress template. but for this template, what cms can i use or is it all static data. what doe the blog connect to? thanks.

equiet, do you offer your services for any customization work?

Sorry, no, I am not currently available for hire.

Im having a problem were the pictures page the images are getting bunched together ( they are not loading correctly) so I will have like 10 images stacked on top of each other.

you can kinda of it here


email sent.. thank you.

did you get my email?

3 days ago? I already replied.

Got it.. Working great.. THANK YOU .. love you design / web site and love your support. I would highly recommend your template to anyone.


Great template for the web. Any news as to improvements for viewing on the IPAD ?


unfortunately this is not planned in the soon future.


Hi there. I’m having the issue were the images in the Portfolio section are getting bunched together.

¿What’s the fix?

Hi again. Is there a way to clear the form fields after submit?


in js/script.js add this block of code between lines 115 and 116:
$('#contact_form input#name').val(''),
$("#contact_form input#email").val(''),
$("#contact_form textarea").val('')

It sets the values of inputs to empty string after the form has been successfully submitted.




Just bought your theme, it is gorgeous. I am very happy. Could you tell me please how to remove the dark overlay on the homepage, so the slideshow gallery large pictures does not have a black shadow over it, and just presents a large full res image of the thumbnail on the bottom.


Hello. Can I disable the carousel with the thumbs?

Hello, Can I add a code search engine to your template? Is that possible? Thank you.


I’m sorry, I have not implemented this.


Hi Etiquet, thanks for your answer. It is possible to add a code where it goes text..? I mean, that would work…?


I’m not sure what do you mean. Just try it out and see if it works. ;)


hi, please can you tell me how to remove the ‘settings’ side bar on the left which switches the theme from white to black. I want to keep it black and not allow the user to be able to switch.


hi, site has been reverted to Subspace – you can see the colour switcher on this page – http://www.victoria-flowers.com/?page_id=13

I downloaded the theme again tonight and reloaded it so I have no idea why this is appearing.

Also, the images I’ve added in the slideshow for the homepage do not work well responsively. They stretch disproportionately and sometimes leave the background colour showing when scaling the browser window. I’ve just noticed this is the same with the live demo of the Subspace Portfolio Wordpress theme which I wish I’d spotted before buying it.

The images are not really responsive until they reload in the slidwshow which isn’t great. Are they any fixes for this?


I’m sorry. Looks like I have forgotten to remove this customization toolbar from the theme. Could you please send me an email so I can reply back with updated version?

Unfortunately, I can’t do much about image scaling. But I believe it’s not a big issue, though. Background images get resized when the slide is changed, so it corrects itself in few seconds. Also it’s not very common for users to resize their browsers.

Hi, thanks for the reply. I’ve emailed you.

Hi, I love your theme, I’ve just a question before buying it. Is it possible to remove the thumbnails in the home page, so to have a totally fullscreen image?

Thank u in advance.


Yes, you can simply hide thumbnails. There is a checkbox for that in the administration.


I have a few questions. I am editing this in Dreamweaver. 1) How can I hide the thumnails? 2) When I click on the navigation links, the home screen slides away as it should; however, the page is then blank 3) My other pages are not linking to the style sheet and do no look right. Can you hrlp me with that? Thanks!

I’m sorry, I don’t know. It is possible to get the website online so I can take a look?

Here is the portion of the js dealing with links, do you see where anything might be wrong…I did not change it after downloading?

/* Navigation / function scrollToContent (file) { if (file == ’’) { $(’#slideshow’).animate({‘top’: ‘0%’}, 1500); $(’#content’).fadeOut(function () { $(this).empty(); }); intervalFunction(false); return; } ytplayer = document.getElementById(‘myytplayer’); if (ytplayer) ytplayer.stopVideo(); $(’#slideshow’).animate({‘top’: ‘-100%’}, 1500); $.ajax({ url: ‘pages/’ + file + ’.html’, type: ‘GET’, success: function (data) { $(’#content’).fadeOut(function () { $(‘header nav .selected’).removeClass(‘selected’); $(‘header nav a[href=”#!’ + file + ’.html’).addClass(‘selected’); $(this).html(data).fadeIn(); $(’#content header’).html($(’#slideshow header’).html()); clearTimeout(interval); setTimeout(function () { refreshScripts(); }, 100); }); }, error: function (xhr) { alert(‘Error: ’ + xhr.status); } }); }

/ Internal links /
$('a').live('click', function () {
    if (unescape($(this).attr('href')).match(/^#!/)) scrollToContent(unescape($(this).attr('href')).replace('#!', ''));
/ Handle URL address links */
scrollToContent(location.hash.replace('#!', ''));
function refreshScripts () {

Unfortunately, this doesn’t help. Please take a look into the console for JavaScript errors. Here is a little info: https://developers.google.com/chrome-developer-tools/docs/console

In Network tab you can also see AJAX request and its URL. Check if it is correct.

Any plan to make it responsive like wordpress one ?

Sorry, no plans for this.

Hello. My contact form does not work. In the “Action” part of the form there is ”#” and I’m not sure what to replace it with in order to send the contact form responses to my email. In the overall website folder there is a contact.php and I’m not sure if it should be in the pages folder with the contact.html page or elsewhere. Any help is much appreciated!