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Very beautiful!;

Dear Dankov,

we bought your stunning template and when we opened the template we were surprised that there were no any picture included. We havent found them in less a folder. Question: Can we buy that pictures? If yes, where? We prefer those two picture included to the intro.

Question-2: Can we extend the 2-picture-intro to 3-4 pictures?

Thanks for your reply in advance,



Hello, Now, we just have started to personalise your template. In the feature list, you mention “Revolution Slider (14$) and Cube Portfolio (9$)”. Question-1: in the basic template these feautures are seemed to be included. Can we use these features without buying the additional features? Or the mentioned additional featerures will give some additional funkctions? Question-2: in the feature list you mention “600+ Awesome Icons”, I have not found them. I found some approximately 100pcs but not 600pcs. Would you help us?


1) I use revolution slider and cube portfolio in my template. In main archive, you can see this additional plugins.

2) You can choose a lot of icons from http://fortawesome.github.io/Font-Awesome/icons/

Regards, Egor.

Having a bit of trouble with IE6/7 – do you have any fixes?


Hello. Suzudki don’t provide IE6/7, sorry :(

hmmm anything you can help with for extra $$?

no, I don’t available for freelance now.


Just recently purchased this theme and love it one thing I would like to change though is to put the navigation bar along the bottom of the full screen image slider… (so you don’t need to scroll down to see it) how would I achieve this been trying but don’t understand where to look in the css files?


Hello. Sorry for long delay. I badly understood your problem. Provide more information with screenshot please. Thanks

In the ‘Our Works’ section the text descriptions are lost on the last line. If you only have 1 line there are no text descriptions shown. Do you have a fix for that?

http://cl.ly/image/0w3T2v3u2811 no text when 1 row. http://cl.ly/image/2H2T0k2K0D1J when 2 rows top row has text, bottom row does not http://cl.ly/image/47150h1r2l3Z when 4 rows, top 3 have text, bottom one does not.

Did this all make sense?

Hello. Sorry for long delay

Yes, it is my bug. Let me your html template, I will fix. dankov.theme@gmail.com

Regards, Egor

Hello, great template and easy to work with.

Two bugs though, in the Portfolio section:

1. 5 items are loaded but do not fit on one line. I assume 4 should be lodaing 2. The text underneath the portfolio item 5 does not show up. I assume fixing one will fix the other problem.

Please let me know where to fix it. I noticed that someone else posted it but you have not posted the solution here. I think all of us would benefit from having the solution posted here.

Thank you,


Thanks, I just sent you an email. The Subject line says: Sudzuki Portfolio plugins fix



I replied.

I was so upset that there were not pictures included. That was the main reason that I liked and bought the template.

sent e-mail but no response

sorry, I hope you got my letter.

Hi Dankov. I have written a while back regarding this but I do not see anywhere a response.

In portfolio, when all works load, the last row does not show the title and a subtitle. They only show up once you load more works. This is also showing in your Demo.

Please post a solution to fixing this here for everyone. Thank you.


Hello. Please extend you support. Thank you.

Hi, I’ve bought your Template Sudzuki and have 2 Issues: - Get Error File not found for jquery-1.10.2.min.map - On iPhone, when I click (touch :-)) “Get Started” nothing happens (on Desktop it works

Thanks for Help Godehard

ok, I’ll you reply tomorrow.

@Dankov I’m still waiting …. :-(

I can’t find solution for this bug. Sorry. I’ll try to fix in next week.