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Good luck to you too Drupalet:)

Great work, GLWS! :)

Thanks match :)

Good luck, wish you a lot of sales.
Kind Regards,

Thanks for the wishes Bedros :)

Very clean—I dig it! GLWS!

Thanks vegan or meatless ;)

looking sugar and sweet ;)

Hopefully sweet in sales too :D

Congratulations on your theme! Wonderful template;)

Thanks Rex :)

When we download you have a demo content to install. Thankss

Hi there, Do you mean importing the demo contents? if it is, yes it does have a demo contents ready to be imported :)

great work.. icon included in theme??

Yes, it use fontawesome as the icon

Hi . How can I active Style Switcher?

Hi there, apparently the style switcher is only available for Demo only, you can set up the style from theme options. hope this helps and thanks for the 5 star ratings, much appreciated :)

I need this. Can u help me ?

Please send the details to us at then we’ll get back to you.



On the homepage slider, can you seamlessly (meaning, keep the design, e.g) install a contact form within the slider to request about 5-6 lines of information right away? If so, do you have any clients that have already completed this? Thank you!

Hi there,

In theory you can use the slider text slide to embed html tags as documented :!/text_layers thus a simple form html markup can be inserted there.

or for more advanced way, you can create a post template as documented in!/post_templates and embed the html markup or shortcodes there.


I have purchased the Sugar theme and seems to be excellent. I have few queries- 1. How can I create complete homepage? I can’t see any short codes on page. I just able to configured a slider only. I want to add ‘Customer feedback’, ‘Client logos’ and ‘Portfolio’. and wants to use many theme features. 2. In the same way, want to create ‘About us’ and ‘Portfolio’, but can’t find short codes. I’m using Wordpress V 3.8.1 Can you please help me on prior basis. Thanks in advance.

Hi there, you can contact our support at or you can let us know your email so then we can send you our feedback in details.




pre-sale qeustion: footer work with widget or it just text?

Hi There,

The 4 footer region can accept any valid wordpress widget and the copyright + logo footer is only for logo and copyright text

The recent work widget in the footer displays the oldest work instead of the newest… any suggestion to fix?

nevermind found it. In case anyone else has this issue, I updated line 46 of class.widgets_portfolio_recent.php to be ‘published’ instead of ‘modified’.

Thank you for sharing this.


I love your theme but I have pre-sale question, I know this part( is only for portfolio,

1. Can I use this function for latest posts ? 2. And can I use Visual Composer plugin with this theme ? 3. Also where can I find any shortcodes ?

Looking forward to hearing from you ASAP so I can buy your theme. Igor


Thanks for your response,

So we can integrate the function for the latest blogs ?

I am not sure but can you tell me more detail ?


Please more detail me so I can buy your theme on my wordpress site,

Hi, Ok it means that it can’t be change and if you want to change them you need to change on the hard codes. hope you understand.



my client bought your theme, I sent you an email asking for support. Is there a way to disable animations, as title appearing from the top and similars?’


You’ll need to remove the css class animated from markup or remove the animation.css or comment out all the content in the animated.css

hi . I have a problem with homepage slider. only slide 1 appear and other are blank view. Please Help ! Thanks

Do you have any url that I can examine? you can use for support ticket.

Hello there i can’t log into the support forum anymore. please i need help: How can i change the number of MEET OUR TEAM and make it: 3 columns in 2 rows >>>> how can i establish this

(total number of MEET OUR TEAM items is 6 - 3 columns - 2 rows) ..


Hi, Please don’t submit multiple tickets, as we’ve stated that we’ll try to get back to you within 24hrs. Please check your ticket as we’ve sent our feedback, Cheers!

Hello, I can see on some printscreens & on the live preview, that there is multilangage option for this template. But I can not find it in any settings. Could You tell me is it included in theme pack or is it some external plugin?

Thank You!

Hi there, thank you for the purchase, the demo uses WPML plugin Regards, Victheme

The bad support for Theme

I believe you can enable it via slider revolution interface.

It’s enable via slider but not working correctly. In you demo website is disable.. Please help me

you must use the revolution slider mobile visibility settings and remove all the “hide” settings