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What links are broken in this second to last release mentioned in the comments above? If it is the custom navigation, that seems to be working for me.

There was a problem with post views other than default ‘fadeout’ animation type. It is fixed now.

Can you specify the actual files changes so I don’t have to update all files?

Hmm, there was some changes, it could be hard.. Can you read from raw git commit changes file (git diff)? I could send you that kind of data. Send me an email through my contact form.

You add the tags in the markdown (edit section) or as a tag post?

where do you establish the tag for the animation? where you write your content or in the post’s tag like “music, lifestyle”

You need to add special tags when you are editing your post (standard procedure). Logic is done in JavaScript and in Ghost templates (.hbs files).

I’ve noticed a strange behavior on my site (and summer.pxt.be as well) when viewing the site using Chrome on iPhone 6 & iPad. On the home page, only the first post loads. You have to scroll down to the bottom of the page and then back up to the top for them to display properly (most of the time).

Hi, I will try to test it soon. Thanks.

Hello. Love the theme – but just a few questions. First – I seem to have an issue with header images on posts. They are only showing at the top 50% of the screen, the rest remains white. I have a feeling it’s due to the fact I’ve changed the default animation type to intro-effect-sliced in post.hbs, but not sure. Any ideas?

Also, the first line of any post is standard text. All subsequent lines are bold, with the code suggesting that each paragraph is wrapped in quotations (they’re not in the editor). Is this something by your design, or a Ghost bug/feature? Many thanks for your help.

Both can be seen on this page

Hi, your ‘summer-post-header’ html structure is different, compare it with: http://summer.pxt.be/sliced-animation-type/ there is one ‘bg-img’ tag missing. Also the first paragraph has ‘font-weight: 300’, you can change it to ‘font-weight: normal’

Absolutely perfect. Thank you! Apologies – I hadn’t noticed the structure of the post.hbs file and had simply edited the first {{has}} block. I understand now and have restructured. All problems solved. Many thanks!

Any chance for adding some graceful degradation so that the theme has some basic navigation with JS disabled?

Hi, I will try to improve it somehow. Adding it to my todo list.

I have the theme installed on https://ghost.org/ and everything is working great. I just need to edit the social icons in the footer…how can i do this?

Hi, you can do this in the ‘partials/footer.hbs’ file

I liked the Demo Contact page (Profile pic aside thet Text). I tried to mimic that one from Markdown editor but not sure how to get something similar… any clue how did you reach that? Thx

Hey you have an example of code used for this. You need to use html and Foundation 5 classes to achieve this. You can paste it in the Markdown editor input. Here is the example code: http://summer.pxt.be/contact-with-us/#codeusedintheghostmarkdowneditor

Lol, I tought that code was part of the example, I meant, example you could show code as well… thanks a lot


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Hi! I am a complete newbie on any coding process so please, be patient with me. I installed the theme just fine, but I encountered a problem right away: I can’t make any posts to show on home. Not even the default post that Ghost’s setup already makes. Should I be doing something after copypasting the theme’s folder? I read all the theme’s doc and found nothing. Thanks in advance!

This is probably a problem with jQuery. You can follow these instructions: http://support.ghost.org/use-code-injection/ and in the ‘Blog footer’ section you need to paste this code:

<script type="text/javascript"> if (typeof jQuery == 'undefined') { document.write('<script type="text/javascript" src="http://ajax.aspnetcdn.com/ajax/jQuery/jquery-1.7.1.min.js"></'+'script>'); } </script>

Very soon there will be an update with included jQuery. This is because in Ghost 0.7 jQuery was removed. There should be an automatic fallback, but it seems it sometimes doesn’t work :/

Anyway try to paste this code and let me know if this works. You should also have internet connection when testing locally.


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I made it work on OpenShift so we can sort this thing out. Here is the direct link post: http://blog-maisjovens.rhcloud.com/testing-post/ Here is the home: http://blog-maisjovens.rhcloud.com/

I’ll try to put that code and see if it works.


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It worked! Thank you so much!

Hi, How do I edit the favicon? I’ve changed the file in summer/assets/img to my own file. The name is still favicon.png. However it still shows the default summer “s” icon. What am I missing? Thanks, Jonny.

Never mind. Fixed it. My constant delivery wasn’t working and the file wasn’t getting updated. Silly me.

yeah, sometimes favicons needs time to refresh. It is good to test it on differrent not used browser.

I have a new question. This one is about Disqus. I’ve created a Disqus account and it’s all verified and working. Next I edited the disqus.hbs and added my shortname where indicated.

After re-building my site I have found it simply says: We were unable to load Disqus. If you are a moderator please see our troubleshooting guide.

Now I’ve looked through the troubleshooting guide for Disqus and it lists a few reasons for what might cause this, but isn’t very helpful on how to resolve it.

Any ideas?

Hard to say because I don’t know exactly what you have configured on the Disqus side. You can also try to clear browser cache or test it on some not used before browser/computer.

Have you got some kind of demo website? You can send it trough profile contact form. I’ll see what is there. Basically the short name change should be sufficient and should work.

Another one I’ve self fixed. I swear I search for ages, then as soon as I ask for help I find the answer. It turns out I had to visit the admin section in my Disqus account and add my domain to the trusted domains list. You might consider mentioning this in the setup docs. Thanks.

ok, thanks for the info :)

Hi again. Could you please give me some info on how the Progress/Wordcount widget is positioned? I have a long post at jonisykes.co.uk/the-best-way-to-blog/ and I’ve noticed that the widget is not disappearing at the correct place. It seems to stay on the side for too long, incorrectly thinking there is more content than there is. It’s hard to describe but you will see what I mean straight away if you scroll to the bottom of the link above. Thanks, Jonny.

Hi, I’m glad you like the changes. I’ll try to add links to the homepage with another theme version.

Amazing. Like I said I don’t want you to think of it as a support request. I’ve used the theme a lot and I really like it so I wanted to give something back. If you do manage to get that functionality in place, let me know and I’ll put a link back of your choice to your theme on my site. Thanks, J.

Moved to separate comment.

I have another request! But only because this theme is awesome and I want to keep using it! I’ve noticed that a lot of the headings on my posts are using h1 tags. From what I know about SEO, it’s good to have only one heading one tag on a page which should contain the title. For example, the Author section in the footer is using h1. Is there any way to refine which tags are h1 please? I’d love it if the only h1 on a page is the title I specify. What do you think? Thanks, J.

Hi, sure it can be improved in that way, but I personally don’t think that it has a big influence on SEO. The h1 tags are in different sections and also this is a very small improvement in the context of SEO. But sure, I can take a look into it and ship it with a new theme version. Altought I don’t know exactly when it will happen.

Yeah I hear you. It is a small factor. I’m nitpicking! If it happens to ship in a month/6 months that would be amazing. I really appreciate you responding to feedback like this, it’s very reassuring! Thanks!

yeah, I need to collect more such small changes or wait for big changes in Ghost core. Then it will be a good time for updates.


I have to say this is one of the best Ghost themes out there!

But like everything, nothing is perfect but we can try to find that point together!


Well, it would be awesome to have the following characteristics:

1 – The possibility to choose two logos, one for the white version of the header bar and the other for the black version.

2 – When I share my article using the right bar options, specially Twitter, would be nice to have the photo of the article header embedded in the tweet!

3 – MailChimp integration.

4 – Google Adsense integration.

5 – (Optional) sub-menus, this would make the theme even more complete.

6 – (Optional) static right / left bar.

...when I said “integration” I mean an easy way to add embedded forms and ads code!

I’ve found this errors or misbehavior and they are really annoying:

1 – When I share one of my articles using the right bar or even the options at the bottom of the article, I’m talking about Google+ option, the article is shared using the author photo instead of the photo of the article header.

2 – My articles in Safari (last version at the moment: 9.0.3) looks a litter aligned to the right.

To see the Safari issue: http://www.kodigoswift.com/swift-protocolos/

Thanks in advance!

Hi, most of the points here are related with the Ghost itself and not the theme. Such as logo – we can upload only one logo through admin panel or Google analitics, sure you can do this in the theme, but this is just a simple javascript to add. There are people who don’t want to use GA so I decided to not include it. But there is very good documentation on Google’s websites. The same with the sharing data. This is preconfigured in the Ghost itself. Actually I don’t know why they don’t use article image when sharing :/

But of course I’ll take a closer look into these problems. Maybe with next version of the theme I’ll be able to provide some of the improvements.

Thanks for the good word and these tips!


habnai Purchased

Hi Thank you for this great theme just i want make some modification,i want logo in the big header in place title and i want the menu will be inside the big header.i was try alone but not succes. Best regards


habnai Purchased

i have other question i installed sass but when i excute your command scss—watch css:css i get eror how use sass correctly to chnage somthing in the theme. thank you


habnai Purchased

great thanks for your support :) how about my first question if you can ?

I’m quite not sure what you want to achieve. You probably need to play with the css and html code a little bit.


habnai Purchased

I find how do it Thank you so much for your support and good luck for more sale.. Best Regards

Hi, apologies if you’ve answered this before or if I am doing something stupid but in my menu I can see blog / about / contact where the blog is a link to http://summer.pxt.be/ – how do I change this? thanks! the theme is wonderful

Hi, the menu should be generated based on what you provide in the admin panel. Here is the documentation: http://support.ghost.org/add-navigation-menu-ghost-blog/

There shouldn’t be any predefined links in the menu.

Cheers…not sure what I’ve done…I’ll download a fresh theme and re-start. Thanks for you speedy response, I really appreciate it

Ok, let me know if this helps.


habnai Purchased

hi,will be update for ghost 0.8? and can you include the demo content for easy install.thank you

Hi, yes of course there will be update. I’ll try to do it asap. Unfortunatelly I can’t tell when exactly :/


habnai Purchased

no update for the theme?

Hey, I’ll try to do this asap. Anyway, I think that it should work with Ghost 0.9


habnai Purchased

when will be update ?

yeah, sorry for that. There is Ghost version after version now and I wait for more important changes in the core regarding themes. There should be version 1.0 soon too. I hope sooner than later (...after 3 years? ;))

I’ll try to update all the themes till the end of the month. Sorry for the delay.


habnai Purchased

blog posts shake and won’t scroll down when trying to view, its a bugs?

Hi, I think this is something in new Chrome (I mean it renders it in a different way than the old ones) because there wasn’t any updates which might break this. I’ll try to look into it asap.


habnai Purchased

Still no update ?the theme have problem with safari and chrome last version with ghost 0.11.3 and also the cover image of post no resized in mobile.?

hi, yes, there were some changes in newest browsers engines and animations are quite buggy at the moment. I plan to look into it this week. This time, for sure ;)

Hi, problems are much bigger than I thought. Maybe there will be needed some changes in the features provided by the theme, but I’ll try to figure it out in the next week.


habnai Purchased

thank you for your information and support,no problem i will wait because your theme is great.