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Very nice – would like it for wordpress if possible. Especially like the gallery feature and lightbox – could I get just the lightbox code/files?

Does the gallery automatically make thumbnails that size?

Thanks, Wordpress version is currently in the works its about 50% complete. There’s no auto resize on the gallery thumbs for this version, however the WP version does.

as usual great stuff!!

Thanks guys!

can we use multiple images for each thumbnail we click?... i d like to use multiple images for each product i sell, for instance..

thanks, very nice template…

PrettyPhoto has the option for gallery sets, but I would recommend making the thumb click through to another gallery set page

Great template to work with. Love all the cool features. Keep up the good work.

hey i just download it and its not letting me open it, it says that theirs an error

Odd, I would recommend redownloading and you should be good to go.

it work now i try it two time before asking you but everything is good now thank you great product

Thanks for your purchase!

Any word on the Summerlin Word Press theme

Should be released shortly, its about 75% complete.

Great template, but how do you make the ‘Search…’ field actually search for things?

When I enter a search term and hit enter, or ‘Search’, nothing happens, and I couldn’t find anything in the help HTML file.


Thanks for your purchase, you would need to integrate the template into a CMS in order for the search to work. Or you can purchase the Wordpress version here, just upload it to your Wordpress installation, configure and you’re good to go.

What font is used for the Summerlin logo/name?

Its Gotham Light by H&FJ

Just purchased, really nice theme!

Hey Chris,

this Template is just great and I like your design styles very much. I bought your template and created a Website for a small dog school for my friend – it looks cool!

I have just one problem, its about the contact form. I used the help information which was included – but I still get no mails with the contact form. My provider supports PHP4 and PHP5 … and I didn´t found any connection between the contact.html and the ajaxsubmit.php – what do I do wrong? Please help!

Thanks for your purchase, all you need to do for the Contact form is create a new page > Select the Contact page template > And fill out all the appropriate info in the Summerlin Options panel and you’ll be good to go.

If you’re experiencing any issues I would suggest deactivating any plugins you might have installed as there might be some script conflicts.

Having a problem with IE the slider is fading to white and then to the next image it is moving very slow.

For anyone that is seeing the “Malicious Site Warning” when viewing the Live Preview, I apologize my site got hacked however I’ve since remedied the situation, removed the code and put in a request for review with Google to remove the Warning.

Again I apologize for any inconvenience.

Site’s been cleared and the Live Preview is back up

Great job !

Question : how set the contact form ?

I put my email adresse in the file : “ajaxSubmit.php” on line 31.

In the contact.html I set like this :

<form action=”../includes/ajaxSubmit.php” method=”post” id=”contactform”>

But nothing happens ? why ?

Thank you ! :)

You should be setting your contact form up via Admin > WP Summerlin Options > Contact

hum, Admin ??? where is it ? I just buy the template… I don’t get a back-office, I’m not using a CMS .

I apologize I thought you were using the HTML version, without jumping into your code where you made the changes I can’t really say what could be causing the issue.

Sorry, it was my mistake, I launching the index from my computer. It wasn’t online on my server :p