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How can I translate the slides text with qtranslate? I have all website translated except the slides

I want to add styles like ...

Hi, you can add your style what you want in the main style style.css

send your question about how to transfer here


I am having trouble with the social media icon selection tool. When i click the button to browse the social media icons, the pop up window is very dark and nothing is clickable. When I click anywhere in the window it closes the window without selecting an icon.

Hello, Send me a personal message with your e-mail address.

hi, I bought a theme. Immediately after the installation is the error: Fatal error: Call to undefined function wp_style_add_data () in /home/users/epicom/public_html/wp-content/themes/sumptuous/functions.php on line 277. Please help.

After updating software and plugins managed to run a theme.


This a function that will load specific stylesheet for a range of older IE versions in a properly way without to use IE conditional comments.

This a function added in WordPress 3.6.0

Obviously your version of wordpress was earlier than version 3.6.0

it was 3.6.0..

Hi. This time he has a real problem – does not work the “Background image” in the “Front-Page Options”. It does not change globally background and does not change the background at all – is there any default. However, if I turn off the “Show Front-Page content “This changes the background ..

Hi, I checked several times a variety of settings background – everything works without problems.

How can I make the main page as your example?

Please set the demo data that is included with your package.

How to add to the main page: 1. Purchase now 2. Recent news 3. Recent portfolio 4. Recent Gallery 5. What say about us Please help.

Hi, Your mistake was that you enabled “Portfolio page” on the Front-page. Be attentive to configure the site :) . I also add a shortcodes as on the demo site.

Please – see also: 1. Not displayed 2 maps in the ‘CONTACT’. 2. Background tab “Gallery” also do not see – please help. 3, What happens to these backgrounds – I do not know.

Please install demo data that is included the template package. This allows you to quickly understand how to set up your site.

OK. Thank you very much for these changes. Do not continue to operate two of the three maps on contact page. The data entered are the same for these fins. I do not know what the problem is. Please re help.

Hey man! Awesome theme, really pleased with my purchase. I have a couple of questions if you can help me…

1. How do I rename the “Shop” title when on product details page? 2. The next / Prev links show behind the product image on details page – how do I remove or fix? 3.How do I disable or remove the Sticky news post on home page?

Thank you.

Hi. Thank you, send me a personal message in which specify your email to contact you.

Is the theme still supported by the author on regular basis? If yes, them i would like to buy this theme

Hi, Yes theme still supported

Hi, thank you for the huge work you made to have this theme work smoothly! I’ve been using the 2.0 version and so far everything worked fine, however I would like to update the theme to version 3.0. Since the theme is live on the website i wouldn’t like to mess with the customization, so I’d like to know how to properly update the theme from 2.0 to 3.0 (ie. the child theme, which i haven’t use on the 2.0 version) ... can you point out a page where you explain the steps to perform? Sorry but I couldn’t find any, and I didn’t notice an automatic update on my wordpress dashboard.

Before go to login you must be registered

Yes, i’d love to, but it’s impossibile! Wherever I click on your support forum I keep receiving “error”. Actually, now I cannot open the whole website…


If you’re doing it right when you register, you should receive e-mail notification about your successful registration – only then you can go to login website. In any case, you’re doing the wrong registration because you are not in the list of registered users.

for registration http://netwp.net/register/

Hello, I bought this theme from the envato market and don’t have a log in to support. The font awesome icons are not working on my site. They are available for selection when adding an icon but do not appear on the page. is this something I can get help with? Thanks.

Style sheets are all messed up and not working properly. This is a major issue. https://rockymountainraceweek.com/

Hi, Use the support forum to solve problems. https://netwp.net/register/