Discussion on Sundak - Blog and Magazine Theme

Discussion on Sundak - Blog and Magazine Theme

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Can you please tell us if mobile menu can be somehow improved through some theme settings for this site: http://eurolitnetwork.com ?

If You check desktop version, everything is ordered. In mobile, menus are super long because we also use submenus. Is there a setting that doesen t cause sub menus automatically open up on mobile și they seem shorter, same as in desktop? Or any other suggestion?

I tried to contact you two times but no reply. Menu option is not working on mobile. What’s the solution?

Can you please check why the top navigation is not working on mobile – https://www.krwebmaster.com – would be great if you can reply!!


One of my clients is interested in purchasing this theme for a project but I would like a few questions answered before purchasing. 1. Selling items in the future is a requirement, is this theme compatible with woo commerce and does it come bundled?

2. Is it possible to provide premium content based on paid subscriptions, or is that the job of a premium plugin. (Which plugin do you recommend to accomplish this for this theme?)


Hi ,

I’m having a problem with my blog www.vrijmibro.nl. If I publish a new post and try to add a embedded Instagram post. The embedded pictures overlap each other and aren’t displayed properly. For example, this one:


I’ve contacted my hosting provider to see if it’s a problem on their side, but that seems just fine. Therefore, I’m reaching out to the author of Sundak to see if he or she can fix this problem.

I hope someone here knows how to fix this problem,

Kind regards,


Hey ThemeDsgn, I wanted to know how I can remove the author part in the metadata of a post. I want to keep the Comments and the time of the post creation. I tried using a plugin but the “By” part is still remaining.

Hello there! Been using the theme for the past week, extremely user friendly really loving it. One quick question: what should I do to have a menu inside the headline header on the right just like you guys did in the live test version?


Yep I absolutely love it!! I have another question: where are the settings to define how the featured image shows on the home page feed? I want them to be all the same size but right now it shows in masonry style which I’m not a fan of. Thanks!

Hello there, can you please tell your website and give us login credentials? let me check it. You can send us private message through our profile page.

Hey! I actually figured it out, I found several people had already asked you. Sorry for searching AFTER I asked my question, ehm…

When I change the logo or any item in the Theme Options the following message appears There was a problem with your action. Please try again or reload the page. How can I solve ?

Youtube Header Icon – is there any chance that you can add this ability within the admin, so we can have the Youtube icon at the top of the site with FB, Instagram, Twitter & G+ please & thank you!

Hi there!
Please update the theme, in the latest update we have add instagram, pinterest, and youtube options on header. We also make sure that the theme fully compatible with latest WP 4.7

Hi, Like @jihadalrazqi I have the same concerns. Do you plan to update/upgrade it in the future, maybe to add some new improvements (AMP support, WP Compatibility, etc) in trend with the new technologies ?

I want to install it on WP 4.7, is there a possibility to work (properly) ?

Thank you and I hope this words didn’t offend you, Daniel.

Hi there

This theme is compatible with latest WordPress (4.7). Demo site is using WordPress 4.7.
We plan to update the theme next week to make sure that the theme is 100% compatible with latest WP. Thank you.


hello, i love how your theme looks but what is holding me back from purchasing it is that you have not updated the theme since April 2015. do you think you will update it soon or have you stopped updating it completely?

Hi there

This theme is compatible with latest WordPress (4.7). Demo site is using WordPress 4.7. We plan to update the theme next week. Thank you.


Pre-sale question: I’m looking to use the full width grid layout. Is it possible to have each category listed as separate pages in the navigation bar instead of a drop down menu? The navigation menu for the categories on the side bar is exactly what i’m looking to have in the header.

Hi there!
Fullwidth Grid: http://themes.themedsgn.com/sundak/?page_id=67

Yes of course. Category pages can be both as separate list or dropdown.


I have another question. Is it possible to insert “read more” buttons onto the posts on the home page – similar to the buttons on your ReadMagazine layout homepage?

Yes, readmore button can be added. Just drop me private message and give me login credentials. I will help adding readmore button. ;)


HI, I Just purchased the Sundak theme, and I am trying to set the fullwidth grid for the front page which displays latest posts, so it is not a static page. Please help! Thanks

Hi there!
I am really sorry for the very late reply. Please tell me your website and give me login credentials. I will setting up the fullwidth grid layout. You can send me private message through my profile page here: https://themeforest.net/user/themedsgn

Hi there, great theme! Question, I’ve created static front page and posts page and set them both to Masonry layout and then set them in the Reading pane. Homepage works great, but posts pages (Categories, I have many) is still laying out like a grid. Am I doing something wrong, or is this actually not possible? Thanks in advance!

I would like to use your blog boxes on the home page, but have the ability to link to not just blog posts, but categories, as well as determine the order. Is this possible? Basically, I want to use the metro tiles to link to whatever content I want, whether a blog post, category, or page. If not this, is there a way to display categories with the blog post snippet in the box somewhere?

I love this theme and will be buying it when I start my next project. I think it would be better and more appealing if it used schema.org microdata.

Do you have plans to add that in the code?

The background color around the word “Headline” at the top flickers every time it changes, but the ReadMagazine theme has the same changing headline, but with no flicker.

Can you fix that?

hi, good theme so far, but i have a few issues: In version 1.5, I dont see a Custom CSS box in styling. how do I: Completely remove the grey Topbar? Reduce padding around Header? Reduce padding of navigation bar? Reduce padding around page/post title? Reduce Title Font size to less than 36? (styling only allows to reduce down to 36, for some reason). Reduce or remove padding around the post? (the grey container) thank you!

Hi there! I am sorry for the very late answer.

To add custom css, please navigate to Appearance – Editor. There is a file called custom.css, please add your css code into this file.

1. To remove grey topbar. Please add this into custom css.
.site-topbar{ display:none; }
2. To reduce header padding. Please add this into custom css.
.site-header { padding: 10px 0 10px 0; }
3. To change the post title size, please add this into custom css.
.post-single .post-title { font-size: 32px; }

Hope this helps. Regards,

Thank you very much! I still have some issues though:

1. your tip for changing the post title size does not work: .post-single .post-title { font-size: 32px; } . At least it does not work for me. Can you think of another solution? This is quite important, as the title and padding take up too much space above the fold, for my purposes. 2. i also need to reduce the PADDING around the post title. How can this be done? 3. How can i reduce the space between the items on the navigation menu (below header), so more menu items can be squeezed i on 1 line? 4. When i add a facebook url to the social media Facebook button in header, the Facebook button image dissappears (though the link is there.) im browsers at just shows a tine little blue arrow.

Again, great theme for speed and mobile responsiveness, but i really need these issues sorted. Thank you in advance! kas

Hi there!

Can you please tell me your website? Please let me check it. And if it is possible, please give me login credentials. You can send me private message from my profile page.


Hello. Pre-purchase question here. Is it possible to have both left & right sidebars on the home page and post page?

Hi there.

No, it doesn’t have both sidebar. There is only left-sidebar or right-sidebar, not both.

Thank you.

Hi there ! Thank you very much for this excellent wordpress theme ! I use it for month now and I really enjoy it. I am looking for little changes, but if I may, I would like to ask for your help. On the homepage, I currently display my posts as blocks. I wish I could display categories of my post instead. Do you think there is a way with your theme ? Thank you very much !

Can you please give me login credentials? let me check it. You can send me private message from my profile.


Please try to deactivate TotalPoll plugin.

As you said, it was because of the CONTACT FORM 7 pluggin. As soon as it was desactivated, the carousels worked just fine ! Thank you so much for your help !

This theme supports posts with videos?

I would like to see some examples of such posts

Thank you

Hi there!
Yes, it supports video embed. http://themes.themedsgn.com/sundak/?p=28


Thank you for answering me!

I have another question:

I already have the theme installed, but has no page created and a standard post only.

Is there a way to upload a demo? In other words, leave the site with with all these posts, images and pages that you show us?

After I change all content by putting my content.

Thank you

Hi there!

Please download sample demo content here: http://themedsgn.com/assets/sundak-demo-data.xml

You can import the demo content from Tools > Import


Hello! I would like to remove the Facebook icon and add a LinkedIn icon. I’d like the order of the social icons to be: Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, RSS. How do I do this?

Thank you!

Hi there!

It needs little code edit.
Please tell me your website and give me login credentials. You can drop me private message from my profile page http://themeforest.net/user/themedsgn



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