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I’mhaving problem to install the theme… Never happened before???

We can certainly assist with theme installation if following the installation instructions is not working. Please send in a support ticket and reply back here with the support ticket ID number http://dtbaker.net/envato/support-ticket/ Thanks, dtbaker


Is this theme compatible with the latest WordPress version 3.7.1 Love the design.

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Yes it is. Thanks, dtbaker

i am trying to populate my fancy posts on the homepage but only the static page works with my widgets. I have intalled widget area manager 1.54 and it has not resolved the issue. please, could you help me? thank you very much, Sonia

Please feel free to send through a support ticket ( http://dtbaker.net/envato/support-ticket/ ) with some temporary WP login details and we can login to check it out for you.

Hi, is your Theme already WP 3.8.1 compatible? thx! stefan

Yep the live demo is running 3.8.1 so all should be good to go.

Hello, about this theme could I change the superior backgound image? thanks

Yes it is possible. Please send in a support ticket if you would like assistance. Thanks, dtbaker

Yes it is possible. Please send in a support ticket if you would like assistance. Thanks, dtbaker

I submitted a ticket exactly three weeks ago. My ticket in the support queue has moved not at all . . .

“Current ticket position is: 8th of 9. Priority Support will change this to: 1st of 9. This means your question will be answered faster. Priority Support costs $8.00 USD. To make payment please click the button below.”

Looks like a shakedown to me. Should have paid attention to ‘lou4kids’ comment from 9 months ago. No support for this theme. Buyer beware . . .


Please see this page on how to change or remove the WooCommerce breadcrumbs:


If there are further WooCommerce questions it may be better to ask on the WooCommerce support area: http://www.woothemes.com/woocommerce/


Hi there, nice design. Would like to buy it. I have written an email too, because I have some questions first. Is it compatible with: - wordpress 3.9? - wpml multilingual cms 3.1.5? Thanks! Hannes

Yes these should be fine

Hi, i could not install “Widget Area Manager” When i click on install i see that result:

Downloading install package from …/httpdocs/wp-content/themes/sunny-kids-wordpress/plugins/widget_area_manager.zip…

Download failed. A valid URL was not provided.

What can do about this?

Grab it from here for manual installation http://widget-area-manager-wordpress-plugin.dtbaker.net


Is this theme compatible with the latest WordPress version 3.9.1?

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Yes should be fine. Demo is running latest

This theme is decent for a simple site requiring few customizations, however it has weak capabilities in terms of paragraph formatting. For example it doesn’t support [column] shortcodes, doesn’t come with button shortcodes, and the banners are a bit strange looking (2 call to actions w/ button non-customizable & forced on the right side). I’d only recommend this theme if you want a website that looks VERY FAMILIAR to the demo site.

Hi again! :-)

Here my support forum question: In the Sunny Kids theme I missing the selection to change the posts template when I create a new post.

I use WordPress 3.9 and when I change the Sunny Kids theme to another theme and then I create a new post, then I get a choice to change the posts template.

Please can you say me where I have a Problem or is this a theme failure?

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I can only warn: Even in the support forum, there is no response, no help.


Hi, I have problem installing a plugin inside the theme required by you:

The installation process is starting. This process may take a while on some hosts, so please be patient.

Installing Plugin Widget Area Manager (1/1) Downloading install package from /home1/drgstr/public_lt_skhltl_wordpress/wp-content/themes/sunny-kids-child/plugins/widget_area_manager.zip… All installations have been completed.

I’ve checked the package and the plugin is not there. Please advice.

Hello, The add media button has stopped working in the admin panel on wordpress 4.0

Please advise if there is an update to the theme.


Is this theme compatible with the latest WordPress version?

Yup it works.

Can Visual Composer be used with Sunny Kids?

Yep should work fine.

I cannot install the required plugin, Widget Area Manager. It keeps failing. Please advise

We can assist if you can send through some login details: https://dtbaker.net/envato/support-ticket/

Hello, I’m receiving this error and am unable to update. Widget Area Manager You have version 1.54 installed. Update to 1.55. View version 1.55 details. Compatibility with WordPress 4.8.2: Unknown Upgrade Available!