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It appears that the days in the countdown timer truncate if greater than 3 positions. Can you tell me how to increase to 4 positions.

Thanks in Advance.



Wow, so much? Write to me on the email ( and I will try to help you with it.

Hi Roman, I bought this template but I have question. Is it possible to bring to front the subscribe button and e-mail text box instead of clicking “stay in touch” link? Thank you

Hi, just bought your product. It’s a very good product i like it. I only have one problem, i can’t have the background random automatically, it changes when i refresh only. I test it on Chrome 27, IE 10, Firefox 21. You can see mu test on Regards, Olivier

Hi, Sorry for a long response.

This theme just shows random image by each refresh of page. But if it’s disadvantages for you write me on email.

bookMarked. im certain a client of mine could use something like this.

Having trouble increasing the number of rotations beyond “4”. After a few refresh then the background turns gray like it’s trying to find an image that doesn’t exist. This would work well for me if I can create an unlimited amount of random ads to appear upon each refresh… Please advise… Thanks (4 images) (12 images)


I’ve checked your site and I’ve not seen any problems. All images are showing correctly.

Also, second link ( contains only 4 images. Try to change in the “custom.js” n_backs on 12. And add each new background in the “devices.css”.

Example code:
.bg5 { background-image: url(../img/bg/bg5@2880.jpg) }

/* For wide-screen */
.bg5 { background-image: url(../img/bg/bg5@1680.jpg) }      

/* For iPad */
.bg5 { background-image: url(../img/bg/bg5@768.jpg) }


Sorry, I uploaded the 4-count last and it over wrote the 12 count. Please check again now… Thx for the speedy response… Also, I noticed that it looks for a specific file name: bg1@1440.jpg. Can I change them all to:bg1.jpg, bg2.jpg, bg3.jpg etc?

Hi again,

I’ve made a special version of “devices.css” Just upload it into ”/css” folder.

Now, you can rename all your images to bg1, bg2, bg3, etc.

Also, if I re-size my laptop browser slowly with my mouse then a different background appears outside of the “4” selected images from the “custom.js” wierd… I still like it tho…

Hi, thanks for the nice template. I have my site up and running, but I noticed that the site wont show correctly on ipad 2, not to mention on ipad 3…(similar problem as someone had here before)

I added In the ”/js/custom.js” (on 23 line): this code:

$(function(){ $(window).resize();

but it doesn’t seem to solve the problem. Could you please help with this?

Can you send me the url of your site? It will help me to solve the problem.

it works for wordpress? i already download and cant install

“The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.”

Are the pretty different backgrounds included?

Hi. I really like your theme although I would like to make one change. Is it possible to change the count down timer section to COMING SOON?

Thanks for your help and a simple but elegant theme.


I can’t install it. It says “The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.”


I’m sorry, but it’s not a WordPress theme and you need install it separately.

Hello, counter don´t start in iPad, help!

What´s solution?


Love it! Is there anyway to have the images change by themselves every 30 seconds without having to refresh?

hi i have just installed, however can’t see the countdown on my mobile (tried android and iPhone)

could you please advise what should I do? thanks


I just purchased and installed the theme. Any chance you can send me the social icon for Google+?

Thank you!

Hey mate, can the timer be removed, hidden or replaced with text?

Hello, love the theme. i cant get the count down timer to work.

Dammm, your Live preview doesn´t even work… That is a bad sign… Disappointed with Envato by lack of quality.

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