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Hi! Are the backgrounds included?

Privet Roman! Shablon super! Like! Good luck with sales! ;)

Horoshiy shablon! No IE8 ne pooderzhivaet?

Spasibo! Podderzhka IE8 uzhe v planah.

Shablon obnovlen. Dobavlena podderzhka IE8

This is awesome, if you can provide fixes for IE8 version I will purchase. It’s a bummer to have to support these old browsers, I know!

Excellent work though !

Thank you very much!

I’ll try to do this as soon as possible.

I’ve added support IE8. Thanks again.

Great job!
Two questions – is it possible to

1. disable responsive design?

2. show day values with only 2 digits if less than 100 days left?

Thanks for your fast and awesome support – I just purchased!
If you don’t mind me bothering you again I’d like to know how to
-set a single static background that doesn’t change
-have the timer labels (days/hours/seconds) always displayed

cheers in4fun

1. set a single static background that doesn’t change
– You can find it in documentation. Paragraph “3. How to turn off random background?”

2. have the timer labels (days/hours/seconds) always displayed

Note! This replacement must be in style ”#countdown > div > div > p.label”

– In the file “css/main.css” find the next code (on 112-113 lines):

opacity: 0;
-ms-filter: "progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.Alpha(Opacity=0)";

and replace it to this code:

opacity: 1;
-ms-filter: "progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.Alpha(Opacity=100)";

you fast response is once again very much appreciated

thank you so much!


congratulations to this great template. I was wondering if you could help me to do/adjust the following and answer the following questions.

1. How can I adjust the script in such a way that from the moment on the countdown expires/reached 0, a different html webpage will be displayed?

2. Does the time coordinate with the server time?

3. How can I change the css layout in such a way that I can use a picture for the background of the bar ( the grey background bar) and the icon showing the percentage of the progress? Additionally, how can I use an image at the same location to replace the header text ” Sunrise…”

I would really appreciate your help.

Kind regards, cyberduck3

1. To move the labels (days, hours, etc.) you can increase or decrease the “margin-top” in the ”/css/main.css” in block ”#countdown > div > div > p.label” (on 100 line).

2. To change color you need to add the “color: #000000” where ”#000000” is hex color. (Example:

3. It use the time of the computer from the visitor of the website, because JavaScript is client-side.

Oh, sorry. I forgot to attach a second part of solution.

You need to insert the next code in the ”/js/custom.js” to the place which you can see on screenshot

Screenshot: (Numbers of lines can be different)

var e = true;
$.each(time, function(k, v){ 
    if(time.length-1 != k)
        if(v != 0) e = false;

if((time[time.length-1] == 1) && e) {
    setTimeout(function() {

        location.href= "";    

    }, 2000)

I apologize for my carelessness

I can’t thank you enough for the great support! Thank you so much for making the buying of your template such a great investment.

Thanks again!


I just purchased this. How can I make the countdown section shorter? Thank you in advance.

When viewed on a 1920×1080 monitor the countdown bar is only about 100px tall. When viewed on a 1280×1024 monitor the countdown bar looks to be around 300px tall.

It requires a lot of code changes.

Can you give me your email? (or write something to me – I will send you special version of theme for you.

That’s ok. I appreciate the support. I’ll only need the page up for a few days. Not a huge deal. Thank you though!

HY.I have 1 question,it is possible somehow to hide the days,months,hours and minutes if less then zero?

Yes, of course.

1. You need to add the next code to the place which you can see on screenshot (”/js/custom.js” after 22 line): Screenshot:

if (new Date() - new Date(end) > 0) { $('#countdown p.label').hide() }

And this code (”/js/custom.js” after 124 line): Screenshot:

if (new Date() - new Date(end) > 0) { $('#countdown p.label').fadeOut(200) }

That’s all.

Hy thank you for your reply,i did what you said but is not working for me,i don’t no why

Try to clean the cache of your browser and reload the page (or just open your site in another browser).

Is there anyway I can keep the timer centered instead of being responsive and moving to the right? I like to keep it centered below the social media links at all times.

Hello, I’ve sent the answer to your email.

Hi, I have a question about this item.

The random background seems to work great on most browsers. However when I try it out on an iPad2 I’m having some issues.

The background will not fill the screen until the second time I refresh, or if I rotate the ipad 90 degrees. The problem is intermittent but occurs on several iPads we have tried.

You can check out my page here – dpa2(dot)com

Thanks in advance.


In the ”/js/custom.js” replace the next code (on 23 line):


on this code:


It must solve the problem.

Hi Roman,

I still have problems with the template under IE8. The screen is somehow flickering when the seconds change. I’ve also noted that even in the demo version the template has this problem too. Anything to do in order to have it working with IE8? Thanks


I’ve just checked the theme on different computers in different OS ( Windows XP, 7 and 8 ) and I haven’t note this problem. It’s very strange. And I really don’t know why is this problem happens.

Sorry for a long response.

Strange! I have this problem on 2 different laptops with OS. Practically, almost every second the page refreshes and I see the gray background for a fraction of a second (that’s why I said that it’s flickering). All of this happens with the demo version and Internet Explorer 8.

I don’t know if it helps: every time the seconds change, I see in the status bar of IE8 this – “Downloading Immage"

I think the background image gets reloaded every second and that’s why I see the flickering.

This doesn’t work on an iPhone (the timer doesn’t show up) and the progress bar just shows as a % on the bottom left of the screen on all devices.

Hi, The timer must not shows on iPhone (you can see the example on the page of theme). It’s a part of design

I see where the display is set to none in the devices.css. I think I can fix the css to display properly, but I need to make the days 2 digits instead of 3. How do I do this in custom.js?

Seems, I don’t understand you. Can you say me contains of yours param “end_date” in ”/js/custom.js”?

When trying to install, I get this error…

The package could not be installed. The style.css stylesheet doesn’t contain a valid theme header.



It’s not WordPress theme. You need to install the theme separately from WordPress.

hello there is problem with “we’ll back soon” in chrome with resolution 1366 X 768. it is hiden under black transparent box. Amazing design mate ;)

I can’t get the subscribe feature to work at all please see

still didn’t work pointed it he target?

fixed its not compatible with businesscatalyst changed to another server and away it went

Now on it works correctly. If you want to move the design on the other server just change “” on another address to the “subscribe.php”.


we’ve bought your lovely item but one thing is just driving me crazy… What have I to do subscribe customization in the “subscribe.php”. I’m a novice but I did well every other things.

Could you please help me ?

By the way, how is it possible to let this “coming soon page” running on letting me building my website ?

Thanks a lot and go on with your talent.

It’s me again :)

just to be sure, my problem is in the “subscribe.php”, Email settings (line 15 to 17). I think the problem is on line 17 ”$from” form.

Could you please help me ?



How can i change the height of the bar with the countdown and everything?On 1920×1080 it is displayed ok.But i want the same height when loaded on 1280×1024.

Can you help me with this?



Height is changed in the ”/css/devices.css”. Styles for resolution 1280×1024 are in the next block:

@media (max-width: 1439px), (max-device-width: 1439px)

Hi Roman,

I would like to buy this template but I have question. Is it possible to bring to front the subscribe button and e-mail text box instead of clicking “stay in touch” link? If yes I will buy this template immediately.

Hi Roman,

I ve one more question am I able to use this in my wordpress site?



It’s not WordPress theme and you need to install the theme separately from WordPress.