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Very very nice work mate. Best of luck!

Thank you!

Nice template gud luck

Thank you!


Amazing Work, Good Luck With Sale :grin:


Nice work GLWS :)


Amazing theme! GLWS


Congratulations! Good Luck With Sale :grin:


Congrats!! Amazing Work, GLWS :)

Thank you!

Nice theme! Good Luck With Sale :)

Thank you!

Its Possible this theme use for wordpress?

Hello, thanks for writing in. Nope, sorry. It’s and HTML version which is not compatible with WordPress.


xmxm Purchased

Hello, is there any datepicker ready?

Nothing comes up when you click check in or out date fields.

Hello, I’ve just checked the demo site, everything works fine. Am I missing something here?


xmxm Purchased

Well please see no any calendar comes up to select dates when you click Check in/out date field.

Anyway i did my own here

Hm, that’s pretty weird. It works fine for me. What browser do you use?

Congratulations! Amazing Work, GLWS :)

Thank you!

do you have this theme in wordpress?

Hello and thanks for writing in. Unfortunately it’s not ready yet, we’re currently working on it. Follow us to the get the product updates.

Hello CreativeWS, I really like your work, but I don’t see any pagination in hotels or blog pages. Is it included, but not shown in demo or there is no pagination in theme? Thanks in advance!

Ah sorry. I found it :)

Hello and thanks for writing in. Yep, I’m glad you’ve found it. Have a nice day!


Solution was sent via email

thanks to creative ws for your support. such a beautifull templete “sun tour ” please design a

packers and movers templete taxi service and logistics service templete

Ok, Thanks

Nice template. Could you check the hotels-details.html page? It seems to be any error on picture carousel when I use Explorer 11. I cannot see arrow and the position problem. Please check this problem. Thank you.

Hello and thanks for writing in. We don’t face this issue with Edge browser. Unfortunately we cannot check it with IE 11 since we don’t have this browser. Can you please share a screenshot?

Please see this link. I think a lot of people using the explorer 11.

Thanks. According to the statistics, not many people are using MS browsers. It’s hard to find a machine with IE11 installed.

Hi, Could you check up for explorer 11? This is link for you.

Hi, I installed the template and see in dev console these missing files. Where are these files?

Hello there, are you using https? Please share the url of the faulty page.

Hi, no I’m using http. I only downloaded the template zip file and copied the SunTour folder to my webserver. In index.html there are references to js and css files in the “tuner” folder which does not exists in the template zip file.

for example in index.html these files do not exist in the template zip file:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="tuner/css/colorpicker.css"> <link rel="stylesheet" href="tuner/css/styles.css"> <script type="text/javascript" src="tuner/js/colorpicker.js"></script> <script type="text/javascript" src="tuner/js/scripts.js"></script>

I looked at the live demo site and I think these files are used for selecting the css skin colors.

Please remove those lines which require missing files. The tuner is the side panel which demonstrates themes’ possibilities. You don’t need that option in your live site.

hello , I download this template (sun tour ) but i copy file to my web server , my web site no responsive and no slider . thanks

Hello and thanks for writing in. Please send us your FTP url, login and password to check.

Quisiera consultar como puedo hacer para cambiar el video es decir para ponerle otro video donde debo cambiar por favor

Hello and thanks for writing in. Where would you like change the video? Please share the url to the page.