Discussion on Suono - Music, Radio and Events HTML Template

Discussion on Suono - Music, Radio and Events HTML Template

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Greetings, this template is very interesting and I would like to acquire it but first I would like to know if it is compatible with Blogger.com ie if it brings the compatible files that are: (.xml) and if it does not bring them I can sell them separately, Thank you.

Wordpress version?

Right now its only available in HTML

Hi, nice job here. Good luck with sales. I’m interested by this template for my web radio. Please, can I change the color (green) with the “radio version”, I would like to work it with color of my logo. Thanks for your feedback, Regards,

Yes you can if you need any help you can contact us here.

Hi I purchased the theme but when we are on localhost single click does not open the link. what i am missing . please help

please make sure your code is valid or please upload to your test server and share URL so I can test.

Hi, Sorry for delay can you please send me a screenshot and highlight the link which is not working

Hi . i friend purchased the theme but when we are on localhost single click does not open the link. what i am missing . please help

Hi, you have not purchased tag in your comment. Please check if you have proper hyper link in you code. Or inspect it may be because of z-index issue

Hi, Where can I change the color of the menu when the mouse is over? I want to change the background color or the text color.

How can I do that? I download this through Envato Elements subscription

To customize template you need to know basic CSS/HTML. I can guide you if you can be more specific what you want to achieve though Elements subscription does not include support services.

If you can tell me where in the .CSS would be great

Hi, For the mobile view the text is close to the edge. How can I add padding on the mobile view? See my test here. http://www.kdna.org/test/

can u make it for wp

Yes, If you need freelancing services kindly contact us using our profile or email us at xvelopers@outlook.com

Is there a way to use this in WP?

how much?

please post your email

hello I can not get my Suono Theme – Music, Radio and Events HTML Template

Please check your downloads area. its always there

I like refund… thaanks

i find missing part code :

... u need check yours templates where u upload for download in envato market…. i think may be a lot missing some part code .... this why dont woking

is not ..and how many days u need answer .. now u answer because I looking refund …

Have I not replied to your emails? Have we not had a chat on FB ? If you need help be respectful. And contact on a proper channel. Which is not comments or emails but facebook page. And I have told you that more then once. Its your fault you dont get replies in time. If you need help please contact on facebook.

you was contacted and you refuse answer .. and you owe me money

I fresh re download and template radio inside index html u have radio player on top jaz music .... : <button class=”sound-control pc-volume jp-mute”></button> <button class=”sound-control pc-mute jp-unmute”></button>

radio jaz station working but don’t show name ...

by this code : <section id=”audio-player-radio” class=”jp-radioPlayer” data-radio-url=”http://kapital3.org:8000/stream.mp3” data-title=”Streaming Radio Techno Zagreb”> <button class=”sound-control pc-volume jp-mute”></button> <button class=”sound-control pc-mute jp-unmute”></button>


working !

now what is wrong , what code is ok…

If you read there is data-attribute in this html tag data-title=”Streaming Radio Techno Zagreb” This is where you put your Title.

yea .. I know test page do not show name title name station… missing :

in player after show name… I do not change “construction” template I just add my images and music but in test when u go from index.html home page to album or contact ... like in contact.html under form show me albums from first page …... if I type F5 page come what need be ... I do not have time me or to find some one inspect yours templates where is bag/ missing ... sorry …

before I ask refund u need answer ...

No offense but its hard to understand what you are saying. Put your website live somewhere and then send me a link mentioning the issue. And please use FB page for QA. Its not easy to keep track of comments and there could be a delay in support as well.

how fix change color setting do not working / no show

I remember I explain in our chat where to put css code, and I also recommended that you should hire a developer as it seems you are not familiar with HTML/CSS .

I can hire some to fix or if need rebuild .. this mean templates be my ? I can sale? !! OR Do you mean I can ask you for this job? Because u know what missing…

No you cant sale, I am not sure where you are taking this. Please read support policy by themeforest. There is code missing. I have checked it. Code is exactly as demo’s.

I find .. how…thanks

I send u PM for help

Hi, I have not received PM for some reason, I did get message from envato support though, can you please send me PM once again ? Better if you could contact via FB http://facebook.com/xvelopers/

Hi there, how do I disable the autoplay stream in the “radio” version?

Hi, You need to comment out a line 887 in main.js file ( assets/js/main.js) line is as follows: $(this).jPlayer("setMedia", stream).jPlayer("play");


I’ve just purchased a copy of this project and I can see there’s no PSD in the solution which I can live with. But in the original PSD file (https://themeforest.net/item/suono-music-template/7759149) theres a signout(login), which you also show in your screenshots for the product and I was wondering why the signout(login) is not included in the solution?

I would say that this is false advertisement unless I’ve gotten something wrong here..

Hi, I don’t see if we showed any login/logout page in the screenshots. In one of the screenshot there is a menu saying login/logout. Which is not a false advertisement. you can make similar menu without any problem. I hope you did see demo before buy which is why its made. As long as its about PSD; We never said it will be inside the template. If we are done with pointing fingers, Please let me know how I can help rather then saying we did false advertisement

My intention haven’t at any point been to point fingers at you, I have simply tried to point out that the screenshot preview you use to show the product is not correlating with the demo or the solution file, which is in my point of view, a problem.

I am completely aware of my possibilities in what I can make with the solution, I am simply wondering why you are showing a screenshot preview which doesn’t correlate to the product I have bought regardless of the demo? Also I found out that the signout bar is not the only thing that is not correlating in the preview with the demo, are the “Listen rating news gigs store” menu is also not listed at any point.

You still haven’t answered that directly on my question why this is so. I feel a bit tricked here cause I expected that the screenshot was the same as the solution even though i can’t see it in the demo. I was hoping you could answer me why this is so without you getting upset about my question.

If I knew this before buying the product I would simply have bought the psd file instead and code the whole thing myself. I was hoping your solution could save me time so I wouldn’t have to do this myself.

I would like in case you are willing to, refund my purchase since it was not the product I expected. Sorry for the inconvenience. https://themeforest.net/page/customer_refund_policy#not-as-described

hi, Is it possible to add several radios in the player

Only one radio is supported in a player, however you can configure player to handle more then one radios. You should check docs of jplayer http://jplayer.org/latest/developer-guide/


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