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Great theme GLWS :)

nice theme, good luck for sale

Clean work! Good luck :)

< Hey, you choose a right name for this super theme!


Congrats and wish you super sales, Jaynesh..

Awesome work!

super grid and nice theme. Congrats :)

Can’t set ‘Show at most’ to -1 in Reading settings page on latest Wordpress.


What error are receiving when you try changing it?

Value must be higher than 0

Hi Jaynesh,

Awesome wordpress theme :) Btw, after clicking individual posts in the Wordpress version, the single post page does not display the same way as the html version. Eg:

html version: http://www.yinkle.com/themes/supergrid/blog-single.html

Wordpress version: http://www.yinkle.com/demos/supergrid/?p=26

Is the Wordpress version intended to be displayed this way?


Yes, this was our intention. All comments are now displayed on the side.

The size of the actuall content box can be set individually on the settings when creating/editing your post, so you can still have the larger posts which are displayed in the HTML version.

thanks Jaynesh :) will try it out

Also, doesn’t display image posts correctly http://sarahmorris.terrordesigns.com/


In the post type setting makesure you “Images” selected from the list of options. Let me know if you still have trouble with this.


Yep, post is set to image, tried setting image in body, adding media, adding featured image and adding image to the list of options set from the theme in the create post page. None of which seem to make a difference.


Can you email me your login details for your wordpress so I can take a closer look at this.

You can email me via my profile page.


Hi Jaynesh,

Thanks for posting the WP version. That said, it doesn’t seem to include the same features and functionality. Just to point out a few items missing and/or inconsistencies, I provide a list below

(1) Team Profiles does not appear. The HTML version provides the following Team Profile Page http://www.yinkle.com/themes/supergrid/#filter=.page-team (2) Contact form does not function the same way as the HTML versions does. Can we adjust for this in the CMS? (3) The Blog Page is NOT structure in the same manner as the HTML version. (4) Unable to locate the Team or about page structures within the CMS (5) The WP version also doesn’t support widgets.

We are also unable to launch published pages from the CMS into the live site. You can view the template we launched this morning at: http://creative.madisonwall.info/

Please let us know if we’re missing something or how we can account for the elements we’re looking for.



Thanks for the quick response Jaynesh, it helped! But the widget issue is not addressed it. What should I do if I want to install widget in this theme? In addition. it seems like the custom page is a portfolio page as well, what’s the difference between these two? Lastly, my page is not loading content, can you take a look at my site and help me spot what the problem is? : http://creative.madisonwall.info

Thanks in advance. i await your response.


The widgets are currently not supported. I’m currently experimenting on the best way of implementing them. I hope to update the theme with widgets by next week, providing that I find a viable solution. The custom page allows you to create the same type of posts except under a different menu name. So for e.g you might want to create a “Team” or “About” page. These post items will all be on the grid. This is how it is was in the HTML version as well.

Can you email me your login details for the Wordpress so I can take a closer look at why the content is not loading.


Just emailed it to you. Thank you so much!

Beautiful work… Can items in the grid with more than one photo be set to advance every couple of seconds on their own? Thanks.


Yes, in the options panel you can set it so the slider changes the image automatically. You can set the time, speed and animation (slide, fade).


OK… done deal… just bought!...

Looks great. I will probably buy it. However I noticed on your demo site that when you open a portfolio post and click on the tag link below you get a PHP error.

For example I go to


And then I click on the “modern” tag which goes to the following page


Then I see the error notice: Trying to get property of non-object in /home/yinkleco/public_html/demos/supergrid/wp-content/themes/supergrid/acf/core/api.php on line 102”

Is this a bug?


There was a problem with the demo configuration. It should be fixed now :)


yup works great now :)

Can’t set ‘Show at most’ to -1 in Reading settings page on latest Wordpress.

msg is – value must be greater than or equal to .1


What version of wordpress are you using? If possible, can you email me your wordpress login details so I can take a look.

If not, the alternative is to set it at a high number such as ‘100’.


Hey Jaynesh,

Would love to check out the theme, but the server is not responding. I get a timeout. Can you check that out?


Server is currently experiencing downtime, I’m looking into getting it back online as soon as possible.

Excellent, thanks!


The server should be online now :)

Awesome work :-)

Do the posts on the homepages show all the text? Or just excerpts? I only ask as the posts once clicked through don’t seem to have any further text on them.


Hello, when creating the post you can choose whether you would like to display the full text or excerpt.

Also what happened to the featured post from the HTML version this was a really nice feature having a large feature on the homepage?


Sorry also forgot to ask is the logo on the site changeable through WP admin?

Infact it doesn’t really appear to be a logo? Nor does it do anything when you click on it?

Hi, the logo can can be set to be either text or an image. The demo is using text.

Very impressed with the support for this theme, and looks amazing.

Thanks for your help Jaynesh