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Sorry keep spotting little things, you def need a dynamic back to top script on this template as well :-)

Thank you for such a beautiful and unique theme! I have been waiting for something like this forever! If you keep updating and fixing this theme will be perfect. Is there any way you can add social share buttons to posts? Also is theme responsive even down to blackberry 9700 screen? Also do you think widget is necessary? I love how the theme is very clean and minimal. Easy to use and navigate. Keep it that way! I will surely buy your theme!

You do what you think is best but remember to keep it clean and minimal. That is what makes the theme very unique. Do not add too much clutter. I like how the comment form is on the side now and different from html version. If you can add widget without problems then I think you should. I will purchase if these things can be done!

Hello, I am currently working on implementing widgets and will be sending out a new update some time next week. I will look into the why the pause button isn’t working and will be looking to fix that in the next update as well.

At the moment, the theme allows you to add social icons to your post. I will look into adding share buttons in the next update.

I haven’t tested the responsiveness on the Blackberry devices but I’ve tried to make to make it responsive on as many devices as possible. If you own a Blackberry 9700, test it out and let me know if there are any issues and will I fix it asap.

Let me know if you have any other questions or if I’ve missed anything.


Also on iphone or mobile, pause button doesnt work for html video?

Thank you for great support and help. It is really appreciate it. I will follow you now. I am excited about update. I will definitely purchase. I will continue to look through demo and see if there are any other little bugs or anything I can recommend also. Thanks

Also when I click on super grid logo in demo it does not go back to home page like it should. Is that the way you want it? Just an observation.


I’ve fixed this, an update should be coming out this week. Let me know if there is anything else :)


Great support… loving theme!

hey, cool theme! is there a pricing table with this??

Hi, sorry it doesn’t come with a pricing table. I might consider adding one in the future.

Hello , Can I add image to audio posts?

Yes but I mean can I add like a featured image above the audio player to accompany the song etc? And also how do we see your update logs to know what you have changed and fixed in theme?

Hi, I will be adding an update log in the item description shortly. An update log is also available in the Themes page. When a new version is released you can view the update log and also update the theme through your dashboard. At the moment you cant add images to the audio, I will consider adding this in the future update.

Ok my friend great! Also you should consider adding a site map page template for seo purposes? and maybe testimonials widget? Sorry to be a bother but these are few little things that you can add to really make the theme sell more. And also try to increase google page speed from 82/100 to maybe in 90s and also mobile google speed page is only 66/100 Try getting those faster and it will be perfect!

Hello I have 2 questions: Is it possible to add a thumbnail or featured image for the video posts? For my personal purpose I want to add a featured video post to explain visitors what my site is about but it’s essential for me that this video post already has an (uploaded) image prior to visitors clicking to start the video. If the theme has this I will definitely buy it.

On your demo site I noticed the image is floating on top of the video but that’s not really what I want.

My second question, The “all” filter I assume displays all posts and portfolio items but the logo does nothing (except being clickable). Wouldn’t it be more logical for the logo to have the function to display “all” and to remove the other “all” function? People have the tendency to click on a site’s logo to go to the homepage and see “all”.

Hello, I’m working on an update that will allow you to have an image on the video before clicking on it and also making the logo go back to the homepage. You will receive an update notification and an option to update through your dashboard when the update is available. The “All’ button is part of the menu can be added or removed as per your needs.

I’ve never installed a custom theme before. I’m a print designer looking for an easy way to put my portfolio online. How ‘easy’ is this to install on my wordpress?

Hello, here are the steps involved in installing this theme.

1.) Unzip the main file
2.) Go into your dashboard Appearance->Themes and upload the file called supergrid_install.php (This will install theme)
3.) Go into your dashboard Tools->Import and import the XML file provided. This will set up the navigation and basic pages. All you have to do now is add your content by simply creating posts.

Doesn’t sound too bad. I’m definitely interested! Thanks for the quick reply.

Great !

Hi there – Great looking theme.

I have a few questions please:

(1) How many images can you show on the home page without performance suffering/degrading?

(2) Is pagination and/or infinite scroll possible for the homepage?

(3) Does the theme load all content at once? I ask because the transition from the home page to, for example, the contact page, seems very smooth and fast, as if the contact page info had already been loaded. This is an important question for me as I’m considering the theme for a content heavy website.

Many thanks Richard


This theme isn’t recommended for content heavy websites, it was originally intended to be just used as a personal portfolio to showcase work.

Infinite scroll will be added in the next update which would mean that the theme will be able to display a large amount of images without the any performance issues.

Yes, the theme loads all the content at once. It is filter based, so it will load all the content and filter the content to display the ones you want to see.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Can I embed youtube videos and sound cloud etc?

Hi, at the moment the theme doesn’t support youtube and sound cloud, but this would be easy to add in the next update.

It would be really awesome if you can add them in the next update. And also add feature image for audio post and make it optional.

And also can you make the content area a little bit wider? especially on mobile smartphones? The space seems so narrow. I would like to have blog posts with maybe some images? So just a little bit wider? I am waiting to see how new update will be. Thanks

Actually you can leave it as is. I just realized what you did. You made it responsive based on the device. I do not think you should change that. Leave it how it is now. I was going to wait until update to purchase because the things I need in update I really need for a big project coming up.

How soon will the next update be out?

Hi can you email me a full list of your requirements, so I am able to cover everything. You can email me via my user page.

I would also like to know when the next update will come out… am eager to buy :)

I’ll notify you when the update is out :)

Will purchase when you add infinite scroll or pagination. Beautiful theme though.

I am unable to get a Vimeo video to play in a video post. I am currently running Wordpress 3.5.1. Please help. Thank you.

Hi can you please email me the url to your wordpress site along with the login details so I can take a closer look.


I just installed your great theme! I imported the xml file. But, it doesn’t show anything in the preview and on the site itself. It keeps on loading. Can you please help. Thank you.

Hello, can you email me your wordpress url and login details so I can take a closer look.