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Hi, I am not sure how to get an image of the map to show up on the contact page. Are there instructions posted anywhere online that explains this process?

Also..I don’t understand what the ‘skills’ is for.

Everything else is working well and the template works great!


To display the map, you will need to have a Google Maps API. You can get one for free from http://developers.google.com

The skills section are basically categories. You can store portfolio items under different skills (categories). You can then have these categories in the menu as sub-menus.

Let me know if there is anything else.


I followed the instructions on google… got the key and updated the section, but the map still does not display in the page. Is there an alternate method for just inserting an image of a map? tks


I am currently looking into this. Will email you when I have found the problem.



Got this theme, installed it on a fresh WP install, imported the auto-setup xml and then checked the site expecting to see something like what you have on themeforest, but there is nothing. I see posts in WP but on my site there is no header, no nav, no posts. What do I need to do?

Thanks, Scott


I don’t have your email address… can you please send to me at scottowensva@gmail.com?

Hi, you can email me by going to my profile and sending an email through the contact form on the bottom right side.


Awesome, thanks for the help Jaynesh!

Hi Jaynesh, first: thank you for your nice theme. i’ve a problem… i want to show the menu on every site (like in your demo) but in my installation is no menu on top, there ist a cross to close (exit button). What i have to do? Thank you :)

here there. i found another bug. i have to click 2 times on menu to go to a page :(

i think it’s an old version, could it be?


I have setup everything up correctly and fixed the bug :) Let me know if there is anything else.


thank you!!!! :)

I see the theme was updated 26th of March (today) so I purchased it, but now I see the update log and demo version is not showing anything new.

Before I install it on my server I wish to know if this the major update I was waiting for (widgets integration + possibililty to add thumbnail for videos) or is this still being worked on?


Unfortunately, this wasn’t a major update. The update is still in progress and there are still a few other features that are currently being tested.

I will speak to my colleague and he may be able to get the features you require in a custom installation.

Please send me your email and I will provide you with more information on this.


Thanks a lot but if the main update is coming within a reasonable amount of time (one week?) I would be ok to wait for it :)

Hi. Great theme. Somehow I can’t get the social icons to show in the posts or in the footer. I can see placeholders if I view my site on my phone but no images. I checked the path and the folders and the images are on the server. My site is www.ziekehond.nl Thanks for letting me know. Paul

Hello, I checked the your blog and the images are getting a 403 Forbidden error.


This is usually a problem with one of your .htaccess files or file permissions.

I would talk to your host and tell them that you are receiving this error. They should be able to fix it for you.


Hey there,

I’m not having a lot of luck… both the supergrid-install.zip and the XML import failed. The .zip file was no surprise though. However in the manuall Install I’m confused.

1) Go into your dashboard->Options and click Save There is no options and there is no save

2) Go into Settings -> Reading and change Blog pages show at most to -1 but I get an error stating must be greater than 0


Hi, please email me your wordpress details and I will take a closer look.


That’s pretty impressive – a response and actual support with 15 minutes. Thanks and well done!

Very nice Template , but is it possible to use it JUST for a Gaming Blog? Not Portfolio Showcase. Possible?

Hello, yes it is possible to use this as a regular blog and remove the portfolio button from the navigation. Let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks

Dear Jaynesh: I bought your awesome Template today, but I’m having issues. I’ve been working on it for hours and can’t get it to upload to my Wordpress blog. I’m not sure what info you need to see to be able to help me. Every time I go to “Install Themes” I find the supergrid_install.zip and it starts, hit’ 100% and gives me a blank white page with this text: “Are you sure you want to do this? Please try again.”

I’ve tried in Chrome, Safari and FireFox. I even tried setting up a new server space and new domain to test it with a completely fresh WordPress install. There it was either no luck, timed out, or it said the file exceeded the limits for uploading themes. The file is just over 14mb.

Please help. I emailed you earlier through this themeforest tool, now I’m trying chat. Thanks!


Hello, I’ve replied to your email.


Hello Jaynesh, This is a great theme. I really like it. I just had one question. I saw in some other posts that you would be adding some features and I wanted to know if one of those features would be search? If you are not going to I would try on my own. Otherwise I will wait. Thank you.


Yes my colleague as been working on an update. He is very close to completing it and he looking to release this week.

Let me know if there is anything else.


Hi there, I am facing some trouble with the wordpress theme. I have managed to upload the xml file, but I can’t seem to show any post/blog or portfolio.

Any advice on how to get the content to show? Its a Wordpress 3.5.1 on a fresh install.

Hi, if you are receiving the spinning wheel of death please ensure that you go into Appearance -> Options and click save. This will register all the settings.

By default the homepage will be set to Portfolio. If you create a portfolio post it should display on the homepage. You can change this in Options.

If you are still having trouble, please email me your wordpress details and I will take a closer look.

Thanks :)

Hi there, How do I make the logo a homepage link? Also is there a way to wither turn off the ‘Active’ colour status of this link or change it so it differs from ‘Portfolio’, ‘Contact’ etc… so that it is remains the same colour as the background?

Thank you

Hi Jaynesh, Do you mean send you my log in details? Do you have an email address I can forward this onto you? I would like the logo to have no ‘Active’ or ‘hover’ colour change but just to work as a homepage link if possible. Thanks


You can email me through my profile. There is a contact form on the bottom right.


Ok thanks, just sent you a message from there.


Firstly really like your theme. Very nice.

I’m looking to buy this but wanted to know how I would put a logo on the site with a homelink etc. Where would it go and how easy would it be to do. It would be a png or gif graphic logo.


Ok Great. Also, where you have the featured image on the preview page currently the guy in blue holding something, is there anyway of keeping the same featured post there, so it doesn’t move when you add more posts etc. Thanks

I also noticed when you click into a post for more info the ‘supergrid’ logo button doesn’t take you back to the home page.

You can create Sticky posts which always remain at the top. Currently looking into the logo bug.

The next update is adding widget support, audio images and fixing a few bugs.

Also, are there any plans to put a ‘Top’ button on the bottom of the page so it scolls nice back to the top when your quite far down on the page?


Great, just waiting for the update to be released then I’ll be purchasing it.


Yes the update is live.


Hi, Got the theme all setup and added the images. Few problems/questions though:

1. loadtime is really long – 21 seconds for a first visit :( – will the update fix this (pagination/load more)?

2. I can’t get Google Maps to work. I have a working API key but the map doesn’t show.

3. I can’t find the dark background among the options. I tried everyone in there but I the dark ones featured on your demopage aren’t in there. I check the textures folder and I can see a huge amount of textures which can’t be selected in Wordpress. How do I select one of those?

4. The post page has the size I set on the grid for the main page. In a comment you mention you can set a different size for the post page for each post. How do I do that? I now have grid size 3 and images in the post are now under the comment section.

5. Is it possible to have the lightbox on the main page with a previous and next button to jump to the next image?

Thanks and keep up the good work.



1.) Yes, a load more feature is currently being planned. 2.) Ensure that the Lat/Long only contains numeric values. e.g 12.323 3.) Which dark background are you trying to set? You can find the names in the texture folder. 4.) The post size will be the same for both the grid and the single post. You can set a size 8 for the larger size. 5.) At the moment it isn’t possible for the Lightbox to have next/prev but I will look into this and see if it is possible.

If you have any more problems, please email me your Wordpress url and I will take a closer look.


Hi, how can I add sub-menus using the pages on the header navigation like you do on http://www.yinkle.com/themes/supergrid/ ... Actually, are we able to do this in wordpress version of this theme?

If not, can we do this via skills (categories) ?


Yes this is possible in the wordpress version. You can do this by adding the menu item underneath.

e.g : http://imgur.com/Rvoh1BL

Thank you… Solutions is so simple and sorry, I didn’t try the simple one :)

I just want to say how great your theme is. Very interesting and beautiful!

Thank you :)

Hi, I uploaded the theme and imported the XML but nothing shows? I can’t set the blog reading to -1 etc.

Please help. Josh


Please ensure that you have gone into Options and clicked save. This will register all the default settings. If you are still having problems please email me your Wordpress url and I will take a closer look.


Got it working! Thank you! You rock. Is there a way to link a portfolio item to a category? Thanks

Hi Jaynesh, I’ve made my menu tabs in appearance> menu but 2 of them take 2 clicks to get into and instead a nice transition it loads a new page and puts an X in the top right to go back. I know these two tabs are made from categories but is there a way to get around the problems.



The form isn’t editable through the Options panel. You would need to edit the code using the Editor to modify the form.

Let me know if you require more details on how to do this.


I see the editing options but when i click the green arrow to submit a form nothing happens. Is that something I have to change in the Editor?


The only thing required is an email address which is set in default Wordpress settings.

If you are still having problems, please email me your wordpress details and I will take a look.


hello, I wonder if there’s like when you are inside a post, it gets great because it is currently very small, even by increasing the size of the column, would put the comments at the bottom instead of putting on the side?



I am not sure what you mean. Are you wanting to have the comments on the bottom. Can you send me a link so I have better understanding of the problem.


if you set the column size to 8, you should have a large post with the comments on the side.

Let me know if this helps.