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Hi @Jaynesh,

I really loved this html layout. I was wondering does it come with PSD too? Also is it possible to integrate this template with other scripts then WP? Thanks!


Unfortunately the HTML layout doesn’t come with a PSD version. If you have knowledge of other scripts and are capable of implementing it then yes it can be possible.

I noticed folks asked for search bar @ the header what happen? I wish you make html template like this

Do you have the codes for header search bar? thanks


If I wanted to remove the slider/filter javascript, as well as the javascript that causes the loader icon on page load and just serve the html and css from my server, what would be the best route of doing this?



Are you looking to show a full page of the grid without the menu and filters?

Basically I want to display my homepage as the portfolio card span4 size where each one takes you to the portfolio detail page. However I noticed the html structure of the portfolio page is different than the starter page, so when my server renders a view with just the portfolio detail page, the html is broken and nothing displays.

Also for some reason now, after successfully getting the home page set up with the span4 portfolio cards, the responsiveness is broken and when the viewport is approx mobile size in chrome, the other photos from the slider bleed out to the right and the card is somewhat stretched.

What would be nice to know is the following:

What’s the minimum javascript I need to maintain the responsiveness?

I want to get rid of the nav filtering animations, slider stuff, and lightbox.

Thanks a lot for your assistance.

I’m having issues where the templates responsiveness breaks when I resize my browser window to mobile size and there are no errors in Chrome dev tools console.

Why could this be?

The responsiveness seems to work up until the Chrome window is minimum width and then it breaks.


Can you email me from the contact form on my profile with your site url so I can take a look at this.


Unfortunately I don’t have a publicly hosted version of the site yet.

before I buy I want to know if in SUPER GRID | Grid Based HTML Portfolio, Can I direct the images, like to open a webpage instead of a larger picture of the images. I want to use the grid to be an index to game pages. I have dreamweaver. Sorry I don’t trust wordpress.

Like in my site, also any tips on adding google ads?

Hi Jaynesh.

Does menu itens using URL links need to be double-clicked? I’ve tried to add new itens to the menu using a URL (to a post, for exemple) and I always have to double-click it in order to access it.


The theme is filter based so if you are using it for direct links without filters then you would need to double click.

The solution for this would be to add a javascript based link to the link. That should make it go directly to the page without double click.

You could add this attribute:

<a onclick="location.href='index.html'"> LINK </a>

please fix the demo page , it says “Account Suspended This Account has been suspended. Contact your hosting provider for more information.”