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What is the font type in the Logo?

Hi, it’s NeoTech.

Awesome job Awerest! Cannot find a way to change background color though. Is it possible?

Hi, see style.css line 197 (section 4) change two background properties below. Thanks

Would buy if you had a price list.! Thanks

Hi, no problem – we can add one for you. Thanks

Hi. This is really awesome landing page.

I have a problem. Using Safari,”feature” section images are messed up. They don’t show up as they supposed to. When I scroll, “feature” images are appearing, disappearing and teleporting on top of “feature” container text. This works well on other browsers tho.

Hi, open ticket at or contact us via form on our profile. We will need your site URL or files to check. Thanks

How do i install it? Do i need wordpress only?

Hi, Superawesome is site template, it doesn’t require any CMS to run. If you think that it will be hard for you to customize it, we have converted Superawesome in MODX CMS, see latest item in our portfolio to find out more. Thanks

How can I replace the floating cell header image with a video? Do you have a forum or instructions for this in any documentation?

Hi, it’s a 5 minute customisation that we can do for you. After purchase contact us via form on our profile or open ticket at support forum. Thanks

Quick pre purchase question if i may. Can I switch off the paralax and image animations?

Hi, of course. Animation feature can be turned off. Thanks

Hey, great looking template!

One pre-buy question: I’d like to remove iphone image from your preview and replace it with a form. Is it possible with moderate knowledge of HTML/CSS?

Hi, it easy, but if you need help – small customization is free. For example, you can just paste code from MailChimp if you use it. Thanks

Please I will like to know what is the difference between this and Superawesome multi-purpose onepage MODX theme. thank you

Hi, MODX is CMS, you can see admin screenshots here – link. Hope this helps

Thanks. I will check it out

Congratulations, great job!

Just a few questions. Do you plan a Wordpress version? And more sections to choose, like pricing tables?


We can add pricing tables for you in site template version.

Thanks, I have already added.

Just to notify, the theme (including the original preview) is broken in Firefox 29/Ubuntu 14.04.

I just don’t know where exactly is the problem, since many parts doesn’t work as expected.

Thanks again!

Hi, send us a message via contact form on our profile, we will ask for some screenshots and fix it right away. Thanks

Dear i thought it’s a WP theme?and I dont know hot to make site template,can you tell me?

Hi, follow documentation, our items are easy to customise especially Superawesome. Visit if you need any help.

Hello is there a menu out of the box ? It would be perfect

Hi, you can add default Bootstrap menu in a minute – link. Thank you for your interest in our template.

Great theme, but there is a bug on Safari when scrolling. Please, fix this and I buy today. Look:

I just removed the translate() method from images and is working fine.

Hi, fix would be to add setTimeout(function(){...},1000); in custom.js file for the code where we run animation script. Other solution is to use imagesloaded.js, if you need help contact us via form on our profile here on ThemeForest. Thanks

Hey awerest, I just receive a complainte about an asset you use! Seriously… Can you contact me about this?


Hi, we used that copyrighted image before accidentally in our template and we were asked to remove it. Please remove image from your site. Thank you for your understanding.

I think this is very unprofessional! Too bad because your work was good…

Hi I have a problem, locally all works but when transferring to the server problems. Please see

Hi, we have a fix for this, contact us via form on our profile. Thanks

Out of interest, where did the design come from for the admin dashboard advertised on the landing page?

Hi, you can find both dashboard source files here – Design one and design two. Thanks