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Welcome to the Forest! :)
Wish you good luck with your authoring journey…

Thanks Bedros! We appreciate your comment.

First of all—Really nice design/layout! Any thoughts to adding a gallery or small “portfolio” section to am upcoming update? I think that would be a great addition!

We have added gallery in v1.1, check updated live preview.

Thanks jmbyerly! We will consider your addition in future update. Let’s see what others have to add for this first version, and we will update files.

really slick!

+1 for a simple gallery, with basic lightbox

also would like to see a simple contact form or modal contact box

perhaps a kitchen sink showing the available styles and elements?

Hi dantehicks, thanks! Gallery will definitely be included in update. Contact form will be considered but only as modal, keeping it simple :) Template is built with twitter bootstrap, there is a long list of styles and elements. Check here, if you need any help with using bootstrap elements in template we are glad to help.

Thanks for the fast reply! I’m going to pull the trigger on this right away, it’s perfect for a side project I’m working on.

Is there any chance you could provide some code for the gallery, so I can build it out asap before the next update?

Sure, we will start working on gallery in a hour or two. Send us a message via contact form on profile page to have you in contacts.

Done and done! Thanks so much

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freakin beautiful man. love, love love it. creative spaciously simple, gorgeous. keep up the good work.

Thanks jppv! We will 8-)

awesome design man! I am your 16th customer :)

Thanks! Yes you are :)

Don’t forget to rate if you like it!

Awrest, I will definitely rate it 5 stars, but can I ask a quick favour? When i try and remove the “about” section, the backstretch background doesn’t load anymore. Am I missing some reason why it would do this?

Thanks Adam! Disable google maps in custom.js file, or use ‘div id map_canvas’ somewhere on site. Rating is appreciated 8-)

Thanks bluemooon! 8-)

Awesome awerest!! Really nice!

Thanks Stevanga! 8-)

Thanks mikecp3! 8-)

hello, I had a quick question. Is it possible to put the nav menu at the top? Would that be difficult to do?

Hi catchmikey. We could do that for you via our support here.

Hello! Amazing theme, but question: do you include iphone in hand template for customizing screen in it?

Hi del_lier, yes, both iPhone and iPad are included as large PNG images with transparent screen for your design.

Thanks! One more Q: does it support russian symbols? Font that you used display correctly?

We used Google webfont “quicksand”, you can check characters here. You will need to change it, we can help with that if you provide font with cyrillic letters.

Hello! I just bought your theme Superawesome on and I’m wondering how can I change the background image, I mean, I know it’s called bg.jpg on the img folder but, what if I wanna change the image of folder? I took a look on the css but I couldn’t find the background-image, neither in the index.html Thanks in advance! Bernat.

Hello, thanks for purchasing! Background image name is defined in custom.js file on line 47:
$(function() {

Nice work :)

However i need some help. When I try to remove google map suddenly my background image disappears. What am I doing wrong?

Thank You!

Thanks webhostingdoo! Remove google maps code in custom.js file, or use div id=”map_canvas” somewhere on site. Pozdrav ;)

Awerest – Loving the theme!

I just have a question about what is the easiest way to make sure all my thumbails are the same size. Some are taller than others and what not…definitely not aligned.

my site is if you would like to take a look! Thanks,


Thanks Taylor, send us a message via contact form in bottom of page. We noticed that you made some changes in codes that have better solution :)

really awesome work! there’s one thingie tho, what’s with the visible-phone and hidden-phone? Has that to do with the responsiveness?

Could you explain a little please?

Hi adfac, thanks for purchasing! In this case it orders div’s how to show up on desktop/tablet and phones, because on smaller screens div’s are on top of each other (from left to right). On desktop/tablet first goes phone graphic then logo, tagline and button. On Phone version logo, tagline and button are shown first on left side and phone graphic on right, like I sad div’s are on top of each other on small screens so phone graphic is now below logo, tagline and button. All this because we didn’t want you to see phone graphic on your phone on first look at page. Hope this helps, feel free to post any question if I was not clear enough. You can read more about framework responsiveness here – link

Hey Guys great theme!

Quick question, how do you achieve the blur on the background image?


Hi ackerchez, thanks for purchasing! Blur is made with Photoshop. If you don’t have it we can do it for you. Contact us via contact form on our profile or use form on bottom of page to get in touch.

Thanks so much for the offer! After googling a little I found out how to do it!. Figured I would save you the trouble :)

:) Nice to hear that!

Awesome and beautiful theme.

It would be great to have a sample stylished form and table that matched the rest of the theme.


Hi, thanks for purchasing! There is a code for form and table, just wanted to keep this template simple in preview and didn’t update files. Send us a message via contact form on our profile or use form on bottom of page to get in touch.