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Does it come with a blog layout also or is it just the landing page?

Hi avsa, only landing page is included, we want to keep template style as single page.

Hello, when do you think you will be launching the wordpress version? is it still in the works?

Hi bperd, our developer had to postpone work on WP version because of health problems, rest of our team is focused on a new theme so the WP theme is on the ice for now.

Hi, I have been having trouble with the “active” class on the nav. I have set the class on a few of the navs and the active class moves to another level, it is VERY weird and I have no idea why it is doing that.

For example, if I have the menu showing up three times with three menu items in it, i will see the menu show up with the first menu item active when in the html i set the third one to be active.

You can see what I am talking about here

Hi ackerchez, in navbar_trainer change href’s – #navbar_trainer to #trainers / #features to #navbar_feat / #contact to #navbar_contact. We have some suggestions for you, contact us via our profile, we will customize few things for you.

Just to let you know, I changed the links like you suggested and it does not seem to have worked, the highlights are different but not correct.

We received email and you will get customized files in day or two. New template is in approval process, we were busy today. Sorry.

This is one of the most valuble things I ever seen on envato. Clarity of showcase is much better than +40$ templates. But wtf why thare is no X (close) for images?

Thanks MoR! We appreciate your comment. Close (X) can be easily added, we could update item.

Hi, can you tell me if I can add a vimeo video to the lightbox effect to play the video in the lightbox? If so how do I do that?

Hi, thanks for purchasing, for customization send us a message via contact form on our profile.

Hi, really great theme! I have it downloaded and set up, however I’m trying to replace the large phone image with a image of a video that will trigger a Lightbox effect. The video will then play from vimeo/youtube in the Lightbox. Is this possible? I have tried some jQuery plugins but I think the other actions you have override the Lightbox. Can you help me achieve this?

I’d really appreciate any help.

Thanks, Mark.

Hi, for customization and support send us a message via contact form. Thanks.

This theme includes Android Phone Images? so i can use it for android app. Reply,

Hi, this template is different then other one where you asked us the same question. Images for this one doesn’t come with download. Thanks

Hi, coupe of questions: -If I have a cross platform app (iOS + Android), How would you recommend to use Click & Play to present it? - Do you support dual download buttons (google play & app store) on the same page?

Hi, all you have to do is to use two buttons and link them to download pages on Google Play and App Store.

How can I change the purple download button?

Hi, in style.css find .btn and .btn:hover and change background colors.

Hi, some input: 1. The layout breaks in iPad landscape (showing horizontal scrollbar), can you please fix it? 2. The index finger in is too dark/orange-ish, making it too standout and distracting the main picture (i.e. app screenshot), can you please make it less standout (make it brighter?).

Other than that, great design! :) I’ll definitely purchase it after you fix those 2 issues (or just let me know how).

Hi, please send us a email via contact from on our profile describing second issue. For first one, we will take a look. Thanks

Does the design support iPhone 5 graphics?

Hi, images and there mock-ups are not included in the download. Please send us a message via contact form on our profile, we could suggest few mock-ups. Thanks

Great theme! I was wondering if there was a way of implementing a form; first name, email address, and submit button. If so, how can I do this? Thanks in advance!

Hi lifeseven, we already had customization request with form, send us a message via contact form on our profile here on ThemeForest so we can send files. Thanks for comment!

Hello awerest … Thanks for offering to send me the files. i sent a request via your contact form but still haven’t heard anything. Just wanted to drop in and follow up in case you didn’t receive it. Cheers!

Hi, we replied on your mail yesterday and again few minutes ago. Please check spam folder too. Thanks

Wow awesome website, almost finished in 2 hours! Am looking forward to the close image functionality, for now I delete this part to don’t bug my customers.

Important question: when I delete the contact/maps part above the footer (in the html), the whole background image is gone. Tried a lot, but with no effect. How can I delete the contact part and have 3×3item rows?

Thanks! Looking forward to finish my theme!

Thanks that’s very kind!

Hi it’s almost ready. Most work is in the images. Your theme is so super easy! Looked on different devices and so fast and clean!

I’m curious about your point of view and maybe suggestions:

P.s. how can I shorten the space between the images beneath: “Wat krijg je voor jouw investering?”

Hi, send us a message via contact form on our profile, you need to fix few things and we can help. Thanks for sharing your site!

This is a beautiful template and it was very easy to adapt! Good value for money!

Thanks maesk, we appreciate your comment! 8-)

Hello, I cant install this theme to my WP blog (“Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.”). Can you help me? Thank you

Hi, this is site template, not WordPress theme. It doesn’t require any CMS to run.

Ohhh…i thought it’s a WP theme. Is there any way to use it as WP theme?

There is no way to use it as WP theme and for now we have no plan to convert it, but template is very easy to use and customize. Support is free, you can send us a message via contact form on our profile and we will assist.

Template is fine. Great job. My question – what software did you use to make these sample iPhone photos in angle? Thanks in advance.

Hi, thanks! All sample images are made in Photoshop using various mock-ups that we found on web. You can contact us via form on our profile if you need links.

Removing the About section and especially the map component removes the main background image and changes the page flow.

Can you please check and recommend a fix? Try removing and you will see what I mean

Hi, edit custom.js in JS folder and remove complete Google map part of code if you don’t want to use map anywhere on site.

Hi, This is a pre-purchase question. If I purchase and wanted you to add a form to the template, will that cost me anything?

Hi, thank you for your interest in our template. That would be for free.


I recently purchased the Superawesome – Retina Bootstrap App Landing Page and I love it. I would like to make it a tad more than just a Landing page and I would like to hire your services to do it for me. Here’s what I would like to add:

1. The ability to accept a name and email address that would link to MailChimp via their API. I would like to place the name/email fields on the main page just below the “Download the app” button.

2. Add the ability to incorporate a video, say via Vimeo or YouTube would be fine, in place of any one of the Feature images.

3. I would like to add more pages that I can link to from the navigation bar… for example, I would like to create a page for “About Us” or “Our Team”. It would be a clean and minimalist look following the same design pattern as the landing page.

Please let me know if you can take on this modification project and how much it will cost. I would like to move on this quickly. I appreciate your timely response.

Again, great work on the design… love it!



Hi, thanks for purchasing! For all modifications and upgrades on template please send us a message via contact form on our profile. Thanks again!

The theme is very eye pleasing. Do you have any updates on the modal contact form? I was thinking of attempting it myself so that when a user clicks on “download app” button the modal dialogue appears. Can I just cut and paste portions of the code used for the “privacy” modal lightbox and instead fill it in with contact form code?

I’m not sure if that is even possible, but could you recommend which snippets to use if it is? I’m assuming there is more than front end changes since it is accepting user info/email.

any update?

: ( Do you recommend anyone else that may be able to help?

Hi, we replied to your email two days ago. Let us check and resend. Thanks.