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Is there a way to remove the arrow from appearing on homepage? It has been turned but still displays in the homepage? Thanks!

I’m going to update the theme, but for now you can edit ‘section-header.php’ file

<button id="btn-arrow" class="btn btn-arrow btn-arrowb icon-arrow">
<span><?php echo iwebtheme_smof_data('head_btn_txt'); ?></span>

Change with:

<?php if(iwebtheme_smof_data('sw_headbtn') !=0) { ?>    
<button id="btn-arrow" class="btn btn-arrow btn-arrowb icon-arrow">
<span><?php echo iwebtheme_smof_data('head_btn_txt'); ?></span>
<?php } ?>

How do you direct the arrow to another section on the site?

You can go to Theme options—> Header section then on ‘Header arrow button’ you can enter header button link url destination, you can insert any page URL or target to specific section ID

I’m also having trouble getting the arrow to navigate to anywhere away from the homepage slider, When i tried updating the section-header.php file with the code you posted above, it ruined the layout of the site. Any advice? I just want it to scroll down to about!

Brilliant, thank you! The other thing was, in the “clients” section- is there anyway to link the logos to an external site? at the moment when they are clicked it takes you back to the top of the page

Just put your external site URL on ‘link’ of client shortcode
e.g external link to http://themeforest.net

[client name=”Your client name” img=”your_imagefile_url” link=”http://themeforest.net”]

OK fantastic! I have one final question I’m hoping you could help with. My logo looks pixelated even though i’m saving as a png for web, any advice?

I love the simplicity of your theme. We do need a little help the images are not pulling up in responsive version as you scroll done. Can you please advise to a solution? Thanks much! Appreciate it!

I sent you the page via the url. Is there any update?

I’ve replied your email

thanks do you know if there will be an update on responsive images or if there is something we can do to make changes ourselves.

The theme is great, but you might prefer to wait until the update, that has been promised since January, actually appears. There’s the issue with the arrow on the front page and I was not able to add a menu item linking to an external Page. The author promised both problems would be fixed in the update. But if you only need a one page site, then version 1.0 is fine!

updated version still in queue for approval

It has appeared, thank you! Unfortunately, the Header Section button problem has not been solved: the section-header.php still contains the faulty code. I have resorted to manually changing it…

Hi, This theme is great! I have some questions

1. Is it possible to add a footer menu or some links for Privacity, Terms of use…

2. The theme includes some features or short codes to add other content like Price table, Accordions, Buttons…?

1. Possible with some modification 2. Available shortcodes : Row, Columns, divider, Service box, Client, Team and Contact widget


Such a beautiful theme! Thank you for updating to a new version :-).

Hey just a quick question is there a way to increase the space between sections in desktop version without modifying responsive version?

Thank you!

You can edit padding value of ‘section.home-section’ selector (in style.css)

section.home-section { padding-top: 90px; padding-bottom: 72px; display:block; position:relative; z-index:120; }

I like this theme a lot. Still figuring out how to use it. How do I expose a Portfolio as a homepage section? I chose Section Type -> Portfolio Section, I also created a Portfolio, I just do not see how I would point that section to the Portfolio I want. Thanks!

How can I expose a homepage section with Blog Posts?

Unfortunately, there’s no feature to show blog posts on homepage section

I am very curious on what I will receive with the purchase. I love the begging front photo, and everything the website has to contain.

I be simply notified with what I will receive.

you’ll get Superb theme package contains: Super WP theme itself, XML sample data, Documentation file, PSD source file

Could it be that the latest WP 3.9.2 release somehow prevents the shortcode buttons from working? I have tried in Chrome, Firefox and IE to add shortcodes to home page sections but nothing happens when pushing the shortcode buttons.

The standard menu buttons work just fine. So it really looks like a template thing.

Please send me your wp-admin access via http://themeforest.net/user/iWebStudio#contact I’ll check your shortcode issue from admin

I am doing some work for a friend who have purchased your theme and im having difficulties getting the site to have the one page with all content on the ubillboard instead the billboard exists separate for the other pages and information

also in the admin panel i dont have the homepage sections option. U understand this is probably down to a mistake on my part any ideas?


seems the site doesn’t use my ‘superb’ theme

Hi is it possible to use a static image with variable height instead of a slider on the home page?

cheers CK

Yes it’s possible but you’ll need to modify some theme source codes

Hi there, the hero image is extremely warped when I look at the site on my phone and the animated titles are listed as bullet points rather than an animation. Have you any advice on how to fix this?

What’s your site URL? btw I’ve replied your email

Hi, I’d like to know if there would be a way to create a separate page with only a portfolio section on it?

Thanks in advance for the help

Hello, I have problems with the responsive part of it. I am attaching the link to my site so you can see it and maybe advise me of that happening.

For now I advance that I have not changed the template code.

Thank you


Just wanted to let you know that this theme is maintained and supported. The fastest way to get a support is by emailing us directly via our profile page

Demo link not working !