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Is there a simple way to remove the top nav (not main nav)? or do I need to dive into the header.php file?

Hello, yes it’s easy, can tell me your email?


Hello, am thinking of buying this and had a simple question…if I don’t want the ratings on the thumb images, is that okay? Seems like this theme is mainly for reviews but I am not doing only doing reviews. If I do not rate something with the icon just not be displayed?

Hello, yes, this is not necessarily, don’t worry ;)

It supports WooCommerce? Or plan to add this?

Hello, no support WooCommerce)

sixty shortcodes not working on wordpress 3.5.1, please let us know how to solve, because we can not enter anything in the system, because it appears the images on our site.

already started the installation and they still do not work. esatmos seriously thinking about buying another system, since it is defective.

do not include php shortcode, error google adsense

i sent on email!

Error > Fatal error: Theme CSS could not load after 20 sec. Please download the latest theme at http://galleria.io/customer/

Please send correct shortcodes. Most of the ones provided doesnt work. Thank you.

Hello, i sent on email!

You purchased my theme? i not see label!

no, i didn’t purchase. I think the webmaster i hired purchased and sold this theme to me and gave me this link to ask questions. I am a simple end user.

Error > Fatal error: Theme CSS could not load after 20 sec. Please download the latest theme at http://galleria.io/customer/

Where you see this error? write on email, it’s will be faster!

i got my web developer to use this theme on my site and he bought it n installed everything buti updated wordpress and now none of the shortcodes work properly they scramble the image for me can you send me working shortcodes?

the problem is in the movies section you see the post is all over the place , the bests songs ssection only works because i took the shortcode from the sample pages

you insert code of shortcodes in pre tags, need select Text tab and delete unnecessary pre tags!

awesome it worked thanks :). awesome theme by the way nice and flexible


I do not have a theme attachment.php file. Attachment.php file is added to show the pictures if you will buy the theme.

I created this way on my picture gallery in all matters. Therefore, I click on the images on a page, such as images attachment.php want to open a large size. There are currently used in the theme, for example take a look at the link below. http://www.e-yazar.net/gezi-parki-direnisi-duvar-yazilari/ Click on any picture in picture gallery in this area. The opening page, with the opening theme in the attachment.php file. However, you do not have your theme for this file. How to add attachment file in your theme? I’m sorry my English is bad.
Do you watch the video I took to explain my problem, please? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qQhanqF_OlQ

Yes in this theme not this file, you can create this file manually, please find docs like this: http://www.wpbeginner.com/wp-themes/how-to-create-a-custom-single-attachments-template-in-wordpress/ and create this file from single.php file!

I’m Trying to edit the way this theme looks in responsive mode. Which file(s) should I look through?

You want delete responsive in theme? tell me your email!

No I want to change some of the spacing and change how some of the widgets look when it goes into responsive. But I don’t want to delete responsive. thanks. cactusmacabre(at)gmail.com

my client has purchased this theme and asked me to customize. But the shortcodes don’t work. Can you please provide the shortcodes?

Theme is compatible with WordPress 3.8?

hi, i have problem upload image not complete,

image: http://upic.me/i/67/w7rm1.jpg <

how to update?

upload overwrite file?

yes update only theme files, better manually via ftp

Hi !, Help me plzz

i’m update to v.2.1 done.

i just setting homepage as full page it error, how to fix?

image >> http://upic.me/i/t4/ybeo1.png

Hello, you can’t use Homepage full width! Select template for Homepage)

can i translate the Themes any language

i get it Theme Options

General settings
Single post
Single page
Ads & Social

Template yes, but not admin panel)

I have bought superchanger 5 minutes ago and hope to get help from you.

Possible or not, if I change the bg .swf. ?

How to Home Royal slider category ?

Please write me on email: royalwpthemes@gmail.com, 1. you want to change background on swf player? try use plugin for this. 2. In Featured tab of Option panel you find this option

Hello, Just purchased your theme. I am getting this error message below. I have already done the suggestions found on the envato support page. What is my next step? Unpacking the package…

Installing Theme from uploaded file: themeforest-3841097-superchanger-responsive-wordpress-theme.zip

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.

Strange but i receive message what: Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently. Ok, i write you here: if you install theme in auto mode you need upload only zip file not folder! just create zip with folder with the theme and select for install. For mannually install just upload this folder on your server it’s more clearly way ;)

Good day. I am still enjoying this theme. I am trying to make changes. I am looking in the file. What is the name of the folder the instructions are in? You can email ME sogawk@gmail.com

Hello, download all files & documentation on ThemeForest: https://themeforest.net/downloads

Open the Superchanger Package and you will find the documentation folder, open index.html file in a your browser.

Hi there

I purchased this theme a while back and am only getting around to using it now. On the home page though, whenever I turn on the feature area, the side bar sections seems to push my category pages down further, leaving a huge gap… is there any way that this can be altered?

Here is a sample to my page… http://chickswhomakeflicks.com/ You can see the gap between the featured area and the Best Games section… I’m just setting it up at the moment so it still has the sample package posts. My email is: macdonald.hj@gmail.com Thanks :-)

Hello, your template – superchanger. Very difficult to set up, could you send me the exact demo theme. As here – http://royalwpthemes.com/superchanger/ That is, fully customized. maximus_xx <@> rocketmail . com

Hello, you have in package XML data folder!