Discussion on Superio - Job Board HTML Template

Discussion on Superio - Job Board HTML Template

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I need to know if this is what I need to buy to import Home layout 10 on Laravel version of Superio

hi, Sorry, such a thing is not possible. Contact the author you purchased from. So you can ask it to update. thank you

So this does not contain JSON files?

when using the dropdown list with long list of items, can’t scroll down. If mouse cursor is moved will scroll up automatically. noticed that using “chosen” for dropdownlist but that library is Deprecated. Could you advice for that issue?

hi, we fixed the problem and sent you an email. Please check


Tyfone Purchased

Thanks for the quick response and provided fix. The issue is solved and working fine.

your welcome :)

Hello does the html template come with functionalty for the site to import or receive jobs from indeed? or this just with the wordpress theme?


everything is static as this template is just HTML. So you can’t import jobs. But in wordpress version I guess you can do that. please contact wordpress author.



nodejs or react js version available?

Greetings in the index, could you first present the horizontal menu and when you see it on a table or mobile, see the menu for mobile, I see that it is upside down, can you solve that?

please send us a screenshot = creativelayers088@gmail.com

I already sent you the email thank you very much

I have realized that when loading the template the default menu is the mobile menu, not the horizontal one, could you give me a solution? so that it loads the horizontal menu first. since it only loads when the browser’s zoom is lowered to 90% and it doesn’t seem right to me

good day we bought the template today however when loading each index you only see the hamburger menu on the right side seeing the html I don’t see the horizontal menu defined as they put it in the demo happily I bought the regular license I want the templates with the horizontal menu and not only for mobile


this plugin is used for modal https://jquerymodal.com/

make sure to attach this file <script src=”js/jquery.modal.min.js”></script> and if not working then please share the link


what I need is to be able to have the horizontal menu for the desktop but it only works when I zoom down to 90% of the browser. I wanted to buy the extended license but happily I bought the regular one, can you solve that problem?

Re-buy the extended license, request a refund for the regular license and that’s it. please contact for more information = creativelayers088@gmail.com

good day we bought the template today however when loading each index you only see the hamburger menu on the right side seeing the html I don’t see the horizontal menu defined as they put it in the demo happily I bought the regular license I want the templates with the horizontal menu and not only for mobile

sorry i didn’t understand you. Could you please share more details? like the screenshot

Hello, i would like to enhance the modal interactions ? i found the with “call-modal” line into the script.js file but none modification is taken in account. Any help ?

I’m using the modal (from the login form) to display infos in a page with pagination. I used the class “call-modal” for that. It works for the 1st page content, but the modal window will not open after paginating retrieved data from the database. Any idea how to resolve this. Is the modal only set from the script.js file ?

up ?

You can make all settings with modal from here. “script.js”

is there language traslation for this theme and plugin for japanese version of the site

sorry there is no such plugin

Hi, questions since I have the WP version

1. How do i handle the field manager in this version. (Add, adjust and remove fields)

2. How do i administrate the users? Candidates and Employers? I mean approve them or manage them later on?

we only support HTML. Please contact the wordpress author

Hello, I have purchased yesterday this template. I actually though its going to work as a template at wix or wordpress but after I paid I am able only to download these blank pages. What am I supposed to do with this now?

Hi, sorry our template is HTML only. does not work with wix or wordpress Thanks

Hi, I have a few questions about this theme. I have it in WP version but I am interested in the HTML version as well.

1. Is this HTML version mobile friendly 100%?

2. Can you send the login for this version so I can look at the backend?

3. Can I hide photos or the footer for example in the mobile version but still have them visible in the Wordpress version with elementor? or can a developer do that?

4. Do this version have admin backend where I can approve users and jobs?


here is the answer to your problems

1- Evert mobile is 100% compatible

2- No login required for login. please check the html version https://creativelayers.net/themes/superio/dashboard.html

3- We only support html. You should contact your developer for this.

4- You can control the design in this admin panel. https://creativelayers.net/themes/superio/candidate-dashboard.html https://creativelayers.net/themes/superio/dashboard.html please check in detail. You can see all the pages here. https://creativelayers.net/themes/superio/index.html



Can you add few more pages, “forgot password step, error page 404, 500”


Sorry we don’t have time to do this. Thank you for your understanding


Can you add menu multi layer on the candidates dashboard, please help support it. we using this templates for our website

I can’t checkout buy master card.

What are my payment options? To purchase your items you can use:

Your bank account or credit/debit card via PayPal. Skrill (available for non US customers only) Your Visa, Mastercard or American Express. Envato credit (existing credit only, no further purchases of credits are available).

for more information

Still any query get in touch with Envato Market Help Center

They would like to assist you.

I use master card, and check via paypal (without use paypal account)

Hello, I have purchased this HTML design and have one question. I’m using the SCSS files but the layout is not taking effect for smalling screen. After my analysis, the responsive.scss file seems to be missing…?? Can ou please check?


Krellion Author Team

Hey there,

You’re right, sorry for this issue, responsive.scss will be added in next update.

Thank you!


Awesome, thx :)


I purchased Superio plugin to build a job board. I changed the Supeio default logo to mine but it only took effect on the desktop and tablet views. For mobile view, the Superio logo remains in the header and in the footer when viewed on a mobile phone. In preview mode though it shows my logo.

Moreover, the footer menu appears fit for mobile view when previewed in elementor but is cramped up trying to mimick desktop view on mobile. Please advise.


This is a HTML Template not a php plugin or Elementor based WP item you have to contact with this item

PHP Laravel Plugin version author BookingCore https://codecanyon.net/item/superio-laravel-job-board-system/33973038 Or If you purchase WordPress version then Apustheme https://themeforest.net/item/superio-job-board-wordpress-theme/32180231

May be he can helped!

hi, We do not have such support. but if you know HTML you can do it easily. thanks

Hi, I just purchased this template and did not saw any example of Popup window or model window….. and when i tried to add bootstrap popup then it was not working…. may be conflicted…. can you please provide me solution.

But in the downloaded package, non of the index page have this popup….. Can you please check !

I told you this. please try to see the package you downloaded on localhost or your server.

i can’t use modal login

how to use login popup? i can’t use it

please review the Login/register button on the homepage.

Login / Register. So you can do it by looking at the example here.

Please note that the modal only works on localhost or your server.

Hi kkokjun98,

This is HTML template you can’t use it as dynamic purpose!

You have to make it dynamic like wordpress, Joomla, Drupal etc..

if you want to purchase this item WordPress version then you can purchase it from here https://1.envato.market/MXKd4N

Hope you understand.


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