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I have used this theme for a while and really enjoy it. However, I just had to do a fresh install of Wordpress and install the latest version of Osaka on it. When I did, the entire site stopped working, and it was just a blank screen no matter where I went on it, whether it be the backend, front end, etc. Any reason why that would happen? I had nothing else installed (no plugins or anything). It was a fresh install of Wordpress and the site was working normally until I uploaded the theme.


Do you see any error information in the browser console? You can for example open Console in Google Chrome by clicking the right mouse button, select Inspect Element, end then click on the Console tab. Maybe there is some error line that will explain us something.

Because you see the white screen, I think the most common thing that might be causing this is the twitter oauth.php file error, but you should see the error information about this. If this is the case, maybe there is something else on your server declaring that class already and this causes the problem. You should be able to get around the problem by commenting the declaration out of OAuth.php file. In this case, if you will see error related to twitteroauth.php file, in functions.php inside the theme you can delete or comment this line and this should help:

require_once(CMS_TEMPLATEPATH . '/cms/lib/twitteroauth/twitteroauth.php');

Maybe also you need to update PHP version or something else is missing on your new installation. I think there should be some error information in the console with some more details.


how to turn off (make invisible) icon and comments counter visible under each post excerpt (DC Recent Post on small sidebar)?

I try to add pages to the menu, but when I save I get a 404-page. What to do?


Sorry for late response. Do you see any error in the console when you save the menu? Maybe it is related to some server settings. Did the menu worked properly before and you have this problem just from some time or you can’t add any item to the menu? How many items in the menu you have currently?

Hi DC,

Please help me with one thing

In Osaka theme use freshizer script etc to make resized pictures

Can you help where found code or setting in freshizer to change the quality of resized pictures

Problem consist from this :

1 – you take picture for the post 2 – you optimize picture for future web use and upload in media * use standart wordpress tool 3 – after that we have original optimized picture for post in media gallery and some others resized in freshsizer folder

so after making posts such ways i checks post use pagespeed insight or other service it say that all resized pictures need to be optimized .. original optimized picture is ok

i tried download all resized pictures from freshizer folder then optimized them all and tried upload back on server via ftp replace old but no luck

no rights to change any foto in this folder i tried changes permission for one picture also no posibble Pls say it must be or its problem on my side ( server ) so ask hosting ?

So hope you got it my question about help so maybe exist setting about quality of resized picture in freshizer or it could be realized i said above so download on pc – optimize – reupload with replace ?

Thank you so much for support ! Alex

Hi, When the Osaka theme is supposed to be updated? Thanks