Superior Osaka - Builder Responsive WPTheme

Superior Osaka - Builder Responsive WPTheme

Current version: 1.3.1
For more details about update please scroll down – go to the bottom of item description.

We are proud to present you a completely fresh WordPress experience –
a Superior Osaka premium theme with enormous customization and editing possibilities. This is a complete package of great features and small options that will make the process of creating your site easy as never before. Page building and editing solutions included in this theme are one of the biggest innovations – in Osaka this part is powered by unique Content Builder tool which gives you total freedom of choice and unlimited content layout combinations. And thanks to new fast and optimized rendering engine you will show your stuff in the best way possible.

Creating a great site is not a challenge anymore. Superior Osaka is a powerful WordPress theme designed for flexibility, clean sharp look and simple use. For a first glimpse of advanced theme features like Content Builder or Pro Menu System view our presentation video right below and check our live preview demo site. Enjoy!

The Superiority of Osaka WordPress theme lies in the power of its tools and features. Take a look on this overview list to find more about the full package:

• Content Builder – professional page layout creator with drag and drop functionality. Simple to use and very powerful tool with total of 37 different page elements. Special editing options for each segment allow to resize, hide, duplicate blocks, or even additionally use advanced float or clear options… All segments have also individual settings to insert content or control display mode and look of the item. Now you can build, edit and customize your pages with ease!

• Pro Menu System – advanced and easy to use main navigation system. In Osaka you can choose different submenu displays – below each main item you can have a standard nested menu or create a special custom width mega menu. Available options allow you to change submenu width, add notes, create spaces, titles, text tags, organize items or even add submenu bottom image… and much more!

• Contact Form Generator – build your own forms in theme CMS. Create completely customized multiple contact forms with an optional spam protection field, or just choose a default contact form with one click.

• Lightbulb Shortcodes Generator – useful shortcodes at hand in your editor. Thanks to Content Builder you can now use shortcodes only for special tasks, but you can still generate them quickly and directly in edit page/post mode. More about shortcode you will find in the Live Preview demo site under Features.

• SEO Settings – Use built-in SEO settings to increase the volume of traffic that your website receives from search engines. You can configure global and individual post / page SEO options (with different title, keywords, description or some other meta tag). You can also decide about heading tags size for each segment – this could also be very beneficial for your site, as the heading structure of your pages is one of the very important aspects of on-page SEO. In Post and Page settings alternate text for main image can be also added.

• Font Manager – select fonts and update font list. You can choose font for headings and use for this one of four methods: standard browser font, Cufon, Google Fonts or Font Face (woff fonts). Body font can be also changed. Use simple Font Manager to add more fonts and build your own font list!

• This theme is Fully Responsive – optimal viewing experience across a wide range of devices (ready for different device resolutions). In CMS you will find also option to turn off responsive CSS if needed.

Use optional High Resolution Responsive Mode for a wider perspective! – you can choose between 960px grid or 1152px grid.

• Sidebar Composer – create and combine multiple sidebars. You can select sidebar for different site areas in global options (category, archive, search and 404 pages), select default sidebars for all layouts and set individual sidebars for pages and posts in page options. Use Sidebar Composer to create combined sidebars without any limits (can be used for example to create master sidebars with master widgets). It is possible even to change the order of sidebar registration or assign sidebars individually to each blog post category.

• Page and Post Page Layout Control – choose individually between 4 layouts for all pages and posts: full width, sidebar right, sidebar left, both sidebars. Additional layout options for category, archive, search and 404 pages.

• Complete Background Settings – you can assign global background for your site, configure it and force to display on all pages with just a few clicks. Post and Page individual background options are also included. You can not only have a different background on each page, but set completely different background settings individually if needed.

• Responsive Board Slider – display post and pages in various slider modes. Highly configurable and easy to setup slider available in Content Builder as a segment. Can be used multiple times with different settings. Options available for this slider include: category and ID selector, various color and description modes, up to 6 rows of thumbnails, optional sliding pagination, items order settings.

• Basic Image Slider – simple and easy to setup slider with fading / sliding effect. Works as a Content Builder segment and can be used in different sizes. Optional descriptions and control icons. You can also setup in simple way other slider working parameters like transition speed or headings size or type. Drag and drop functionality for slides list.

• Export/Import options (for theme CMS and Pro Menu System settings) – another very beneficial and simple to use feature. With one / two click you can simple export your full theme setup (Osaka CMS settings) into a file and load it for another WP installation or use it as a storage copy. This can be used to move your theme settings to another server, or to a server from localhost WP installation. You will still need to make a few small tweaks on the final site because the ID numbers for pages and categories will be different, but these options can save you a lot of time if this operation is needed.

• Global Blog Options – full control from CMS over information displayed in predefined post layout – on blog content block and post single pages.

• Customizable Comments Area – total control on comments elements display.

• Header Icons Manager – special section for header icons with full control over top icons. Drag and drop functionality for icons list to quickly change the order to your needs.

• Multiple Twitter Segments and Widgets – thanks to special twitter settings you can create multiple twitter block on your site – on sidebar and via Content Builder. Segment in Content Builder allow you to display tweets in two different layout modes.

• 16 Custom Widgets – twitter, recent posts, post and page boxes, headings with subtitle and description, sidebar image, members (team), video… and more!

• Spam Protection – protect your comments forms and contact forms from spam by our tested spam protection solution included in the theme.

• Portfolio – projects Content Builder segment plus project posts – portfolio layout with various display options. Project posts with own layout and information labels.

• Members (Team) and Services – two different Content Builder segments plus Members (Team) and Services posts for easy configuration – team and services layout with various display options

• Color options – change color for headings, headings subtitle and anchor color.

100% configurable breadcrumb navigation

Tracking code options

Optional WordPress menu use as main theme navigation

Translation ready

Google Maps segment with full setup options for location, display and colors.

Theme Emoticons Replacement Tool (Extras)

Use post and pages custom primary images or use native WP post thumbnails

• Highly Customizable Footer – create your own footer style from 5 different elements: widget area (7 different predefined layouts), footer logo, copyright text, bottom and top custom content areas. For each page you can define individually what footer sections will be displayed.

• Announcement Bar – advanced bottom bar settings – optional area displayed with fixed position. Useful for special announcements, additional navigation elements or just for adding some decoration.

• More simple and advanced options – tons of other useful options are included in the theme, like for example various page and post individual settings, image automatic grayscale options, top and bottom space size, display order for posts … and more!

Authors of photography used in the Live Preview:
· A Guy Taking Pictures
· Keith Allison
· Allie Caulfield
· Cliff1066tm
· Thomas Cuelho
· Chris Gladis
· Vanessa Hutd
· Randy Le’Moine
· Josh Liba
· Neal
· Yuri Samoilov
· Joshua Singh
· Mah Padilha
· pasukaru76
· Ferran Pestana
· Prosto Photos
· Tambako the Jaguar
· Tim Wang
· Tom Wolf
· Robert Young
Additional Notes:
· Some features of this theme use free NextGEN Gallery plugin by Photocrati Media (created by Alex Rabe) and you will have to install it to use these features. These features are DC NGG Recent Image widget and 4 Content Builder segments: NGG Recent Slider, Gallery, NGG Thumbs, NGG Thumbs Slider. Thanks to this features and NGG functionality you can easily create multiple galleries with different image sets and display them on the site with a full control.

NOTE: Recommended NextGEN Gallery plugin version to use with the theme is 1.9.13 – this older version can be downloaded here. It is also possible to use NGG version 2.0+, but if version 2.0+ is used, the latest compatible version for this moment is NGG version

Update list

NOTE: To make an update you need to get the latest version of our theme (you can download again purchased theme in Downloads section in your Theme Forest profile at any time) and update all files listed in newer version list located below. You can check your current theme version in WordPress admin panel – in Appearance > Themes > Theme Details. If you made any changes in the files (own modifications in the code) you need to update the files more carefully.

Version v1.3.1

VERSION 1.3.1 (date: 16.10.2014)

- 1 file in osaka/cms/js/

- 2 files in osaka/cms/php/

- 2 files in osaka/


01. FIX: for option "Display only content, without default formatting" in standard posts.
        This option - located in Post Settings > Miscellaneous - was not working 
        properly when selected. Now it is possible to completely clear the layout 
        for standard Blog post.

02. FIX: for AddMedia option located above the content editor

03. FIX: for default values in post meta options for recent post stream segment

Version v1.3

VERSION 1.3 (date: 20.09.2014)

- 1 file in osaka/cms/css/

- 1 file in osaka/cms/js/

- 6 files in osaka/cms/php/

- 4 files in osaka/css/

- 5 files in osaka/


01. FIX: Lightbulb fix for WordPress 3.9+
02. FIX: head meta fix for hi-resolution-fixed css mode
03. FIX: small CSS fix for Highlight Code
04. FIX: name fix for excerpt options in Recent Post Stream
05. FIX: DC Archives fix for option limiting number of displayed archives
06. FIX: custom CSS moved lower so it can be used also for plugins
07. FIX: lightbox group code fix for Gallery segment
08. FIX: CSS adjustments for widgets CMS options (+ other theme sections)
09. FIX: category links display on project post single page
10. FIX: use of more tag added for Recent Post Stream segment
        - now excerpt is not obligatory for this segment 
        to display excerpts

11. NEW: new option in General > Theme Core > WordPress thumbnails
            - option "Do not use Featured Image on post single page" 
        allows to disable featured image on posts single page and
        use both image options combined (Main and Featured image) 
        for each blog post

12. NEW: image loader changed to new version 
        - for all "Load Image" buttons in CMS

Version v1.2.1

VERSION 1.2.1 (date: 29.11.2013)

- 1 file in osaka/cms/php/

- 2 files in osaka/


01. FIX: Pagination fix for features located on front page

Version v1.2

VERSION 1.2 (date: 28.11.2013)

- 5 files in osaka/css/
common_hires_fixed.css (new!)

- 1 files in: osaka/js/

- 9 files in osaka/cms/php/

- 1 file in osaka/cms/css/

- 1 file in osaka/cms/js/

- 1 file in osaka/cms/lib/twitteroauth/

- 1 file in osaka/cms/lib/twitteroauth/

- 1 file in osaka/cms/shortcodes/

- 16 files in osaka/


01. FIX: Lightbox version updated and fixed display problems in WP 3.6+
02. FIX: Archive page error fixed - full year archive display
03. FIX: Image Segment functionality fixed
            - "Viewport" mode (custom size) and "Display image in original size" 
04. FIX: dcs_column shortcode margin parameters fix
05. FIX: pagination fix for pages: 
            - search.php, date.php, tag.php, category.php, author.php
06. FIX: function strstr wrong parameter count fixed for missing post excerpts 
            (PHP 5.2 warning fix)
07. FIX: Announcement bar close button fix
08. FIX: Header Icons empty description fields are allowed
09. FIX: Twitter API version to 1.1 in twitteroauth.php file changed
10. FIX: Cufon option functionality fixed
11. FIX: In comments form "required" for website was removed
12. FIX: Services (classic mode) display problem fixed for service with no image
13. FIX: CSS max-width fix for content images bigger than container size 
            (in posts, pages and sidebars)
14. FIX: alt text from Media Library for Featured Image option is used 
            (when Featured Image option is used and enabled for Posts or Pages)

15. NEW: Pagination option for Recent Post Stream segment is now available
16. NEW: Post option added - hide image or video on post single page only
17. NEW: Custom CSS option added in Osaka > General > Miscellaneous
18. NEW: option for alt text for DC Image widget
19. NEW: option for alt text for dcs_image shortcode
20. NEW: option for alt text for Image segment in Content Builder
21. NEW: Two options for export settings option 
            - it is possible now to exclude twitter i tracking settings data
22. NEW: Search functionality for custom posts (services, members and projects)
            - new options in section Osaka > General > Miscellaneous
23. NEW: Translation ready upgrade 
            - translation added for "Image" "of" in lightbox window
24. NEW: Changes in breadcrumbs engine 
            - parent category display on posts pages and hierarchy added
25. NEW: Options for Apple icons in different sizes 
            - section Osaka > General > Miscellaneous
26. NEW: Hight Resolution Fixed mode (new CSS no responsive mode)

+ some additional small changes (typo bugs fixes, performance and code improvements and upgraded PDF documentation file)

Version v1.1

VERSION 1.1 (date: 22.12.2012)

- 4 files in: css/

- 5 files in: cms/php/

1. REMOVED: Useless, wrapper select list, from sidebar segment.
2. FIXED: Problem with loading style.css file.
3. FIXED: Main logo display change, from css backgrund to nested img object.
4. NEW: Board slider can display images of posts with selected hidden image option.
5. NEW: Sample content files in download folder.