Discussion on Superlens | Photography Theme for WordPress

Discussion on Superlens | Photography Theme for WordPress

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hi is it possible to have a gallery with video (vimeo or yt) ?

Hi, you can use Elementor with video embeds to create a gallery.

Could you check https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4G3YjWnQE-o



ilmarty Purchased

Hello, there is a little bug when you show quote left and right on your testimonial quote carousel. Quotes from fontawesome not works. Look at your preview too https://preview.themeforest.net/item/superlens-photography-theme-for-wordpress/full_screen_preview/32985528

Hi I’m interesst in your theme. I have tow quastions: 1. It’s also mp4 or gif files supportet by the featured images? 2. The theme have a event post typ. Have the theme also a solution to insert and display in posts and sites the events in an upcoming event table?


1. Sorry, the fullscreen slideshow doesn’t support videos but you can add a slide made with Revolution slider plugin with video and image mixed, and set it as fullscreen post. This way you can have it as a homepage as well.

2. Sorry we don’t have event tables but we do have grid layout for it.


This theme alive? on demo website portfolio, galleries column don’t show correctly. then I press 4 column I see only 3. Then press 5 column I see only 4

Hi, It’s working fine for us. We don’t see this issue and it has not been reported either.


Is there any way that the images are not blurred in a photostory when I activate the titles and descriptions? Thank you.

Hi, Please contact support to check why this is happening so that we can help. You can contact us via https://themeforest.net/user/imaginem


It’s done. Thank you for your reactivity.

Sales Question. I purchased your BlackSilver Theme last year and its great. However I noticed you have since then rolled out Arcmos and Superlens themes that seem to have identical features. Outside of the slight layout changes on some pages, is there any major differences or advantage of moving from the BlackSilver theme to this Superlens theme? Do you have side by side table breakdown of the differences outlined anywhere?


Arcmos is a portfolio theme and doesn’t have photography features such as Proofing posts.

Superlens will have the additional Infobox on Fullscreen posts as you can see from demo. Blacksilver theme doesn’t have this feature.

We don’t comparison list among the themes. Best if you check the demo to see if the theme has all the features you require.



Before purchasing SuperLens, I wanted to confirm if there are any functions that require Elementor Pro or is Elementor Free good enough? I’m looking to use the Fullscreen HTML5 video feature.



You’ll get all the features of the theme without the need to purchase anything else. So Elementor Free is the one used in the theme. You can however use Elementor Pro with it as well to get extra features.


May I ask something before for purchasing? in proofing system , when I click photos I can see size big photo but there is not marking way. In Thumbnail page only I can mark the photo.

is there any way to pick photos in click size?


Okay i think we got confused. Do you mean to ask if there’s a way to mark the image for proofing within lightbox? Yes we do.

When you open a lightbox from the proofing setup you can see the mark below the image. Here’s screenshot https://d.pr/i/8iKGzZ

Here’s proofing gallery you can check https://imaginem.io/superlens/proofing/proofing-ii/


yes! but there is a big problem here. in mobile i doesn’t work. I mean inlightbox from the proofing ‘heart’ is not working help me pelase~!


That’s working for us. Please send a mail to our profile for support to get in touch to find out what’s happening for you.

https://themeforest.net/user/imaginem You can mail us via our profile.



For the full screen homepage slideshow I would like to know how I can make links added to the footer, next to the copyright, change color when the slideshow changes? For example, the text transitions to an opposite contrasting color when a dark/light image is presented in the slideshow so you can read the text. When I am customizing the footer, I see I can change the color of the text, but that only works when you navigate to a different page, not the homepage slider. Is there a special shortcode or something I can add to the anchor tags so that it transitions like the regular text? Thanks in advance!

Thank you for the reply. I understand that part, but what I’m having an issue with is when I add a text link next to the copyright in the footer with Customizer, the links do not transition to dark/bright like the rest of the text (copyright & slide title/description) and the menu…the added text links in the footer stay a dark gray color.

Hi, Please send a mail via our profile for support to help on this. You can mail us via https://themeforest.net/user/imaginem

You can include description of the issue along with a link to your site.


Hello: I did send a support ticket on your forum.

Access Denied – Sucuri Website Firewall… =/ I think you should give us “humans” some more space to check the live preview sites.

Hi, Sorry for the inconvenience. There are no regional locks of any kind. If the firewall blocked the visit then it could be a hiccup. Could you try again.


HI there any way to have search under the shop page so the customer can search the products or have a search with different brands products?


You can set the shop page as sidebar supported and use the WooCommerce widgets to add product search.

a. Here’s where you can see the Shop page sidebar support option in Customizer https://d.pr/i/Y8MI1T

b. Add the WooCommerce search widget to WooCommerce sidebar Here’s the widget https://d.pr/i/YXC1yJ

WooCommerce sidebar https://d.pr/i/TX6Fn1

Send us a mail via our profile if there’s any problem. https://themeforest.net/user/imaginem


Hello guys, one suggestion, in the next update you can please add the target “_blank” for Static Button Link in particles full pages? Thank you in advance!

Sorry guys again me, just one information/suggestion. I could not find the “pagination” option for gallery. It’s available? If not it would be useful in the future.


WordPress only generates pagination for post types. So pagination is present in portfolio galleries as they are made of portfolio posts. For Thumbnail galleries where you are supplying selected images, pagination data are not present, so pagination isn’t there for them.

You can send us a message via our profile page for support to have a look at the the page with issue if this isn’t the case..

You can mail us via our profile https://themeforest.net/user/imaginem


All clear! Thank you guys for your feedback!


I am interested in the Theme and I want to know, if the Pages do have individual links, because in the demo preview they do not have individual links.

Thank you, Sebastian

Hi Sebastian,

They will have individual links

For example following is the main page. This can be the main domain as well.

And here is the About me page url.

Every page in the site will have an individual link.


Perfekt, thank you very much.

Best regards

Hello guys it seem that the latest update of kirki create a conflict with elementor in your theme. You can check it please?

Hello guys, in the next release you can improve this? https://ibb.co/SyS5WPR When you use cards for posts, description show the title too. It’s possible exclude the title in the description, in order to not repeat it?


When using pagebuilders the excerpt text is taken from the pagebuilder generated contents.

If you want to control the excerpt then you can do so by entering the excerpt for each post separately.

Here’s how https://d.pr/i/56Fg28

This will give controlled excerpts without WordPress generating them automatically.

Could you try this.

Please send us an email via our profile so that support can assist directly. Item comments are for pre-purchase questions. https://themeforest.net/user/imaginem


Ok guys super thank you!

after updating the plugins Swiper Slides is gone and a big image comes whats the issue?


Could you update the theme to latest to correct it. This is due to the latest changes in Elementor which also requires changes to the theme.

You can use Envato Market plugin to make updates easily. ( option 3 in link )

After updating the theme do update all the plugins in notice which you can see in dashboard as well as in: wp-admin > Appearance > Install Plugins ( Important )

If it still doesn’t solve then send us a mail via our profile for support to check https://themeforest.net/user/imaginem


SuperLens Version: 1.1.1 thats the version i have done it?

Yes, SuperLens 1.1.1 is the latest version. Send us a mail via our profile if you see any issues.


Hello guys, there is a problem with translation (actually wpml not installed), seem that strings changed with the theme customizer not change for the blog module (next, prev, continue reading) and comments strings too like leave a comment, post comment etc..

Also this settings seem not work.. https://snipboard.io/0sSCEW.jpg


The Continue reading for Elementor blog widget is in the widget itself. Here’s screenshot https://d.pr/i/VTVK5B

The one which is in Customizer is applied for the blog archive Readmore text.

For others could you update the theme to latest to correct them. You can use Envato Market plugin to make updates easily. ( option 3 in link )

We have just made the update, so if you don’t see it available now do check after a little while.

After updating the theme do update all the plugins in notice which you can see in dashboard as well as in: wp-admin > Appearance > Install Plugins ( Important )

Send us a mail via our profile if there’s any problem. You can mail us via https://themeforest.net/user/imaginem


Awesome guys! Excellent support!

Hello. I have set my home page to the Fullscreen Carousel. But for some reason, the Carousel will not scroll. I also noticed that if I select Slider Swipes, it will not scroll either. I am using the demo content which loads just fine. Any idea how I can fix this?

I have also noticed that the “dots” that should be visible as the carousel is scrolling are not visible.

Hi, Sorry to hear about the trouble.

Could you send us an email via our profile with the site url for us to check the homepage to see why this is happening. Our support will help.

You can send us an email via https://themeforest.net/user/imaginem


Hello, for html5 video homepage, what you mean with “Autoplay with audio will be determined by browser”. There is no way to autoplay with audio? Seem missing this option… Thanks in advance!

Hi, We have sent the request to our developers. Thank you

Thank you guys, by using Fotorama for photostories video are allowed too https://fotorama.io/docs/4/video/

Hi, Fotorama video doesn’t work well with latest browser policies. We can’t promise you on this feature as its not one which is in any of our photography themes yet. A feature such as this will need lots of testing before it can be officially in for long term stability. If it’s a widely requested feature then we can prioritize it. We have sent it as a feature request for our developers.


Hi, when will the theme be PHP 8.0 Ready?


Superlens will work with PHP 8.0

Could you get in touch with our support if there’s any problems.

You can Register to support forum then create a New Support Thread here

Or you can email us via our profile page https://themeforest.net/user/imaginem

Do provide us direct url to the page with issue along with a brief note on it.


Demo isnt working properly please check ur support thanks!

[WARNING] Failed to import product_visibility exclude-from-catalog [WARNING] Failed to import product_visibility exclude-from-search [WARNING] Failed to import product_type external [WARNING] Failed to import product_visibility featured [WARNING] Failed to import product_type grouped [WARNING] Failed to import product_visibility outofstock [WARNING] Failed to import product_cat Photograph [WARNING] Failed to import product_visibility rated-1 [WARNING] Failed to import product_visibility rated-2 [WARNING] Failed to import product_visibility rated-3 [WARNING] Failed to import product_visibility rated-4 [WARNING] Failed to import product_visibility rated-5 [WARNING] Failed to import product_type simple [WARNING] Failed to import product_cat Uncategorized [WARNING] Failed to import product_type variable

Hi, That will happen if you import without WooCommerce plugin. You can ignore it if you don’t need the WooCommerce Products. Otherwise you can activate WooCommerce plugin and import to get the product types.

We’re checking on your email and replying.


Hi, We have replied to your email. Could you reply back to it if there’s anything wrong.



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